Jesse Link at Elliott Bay Brewery

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Jesse was born and raised just outside of Pittsburgh in a small city called Weirton. In school he drew when he should have been taking notes and gazed out the window daydreaming when he should have been paying attention.Amazingly, he somehow made it through primary school and into college. He graduated from the Art institute of Pittsburgh with an AA in Industrial Design and studied communications for 4 years at West Liberty University.

After school Jesse lived and worked in Miami doing video production/post-production before joining the Army. After enlisting Jesse was quickly wisked away to the big beach known as Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was in Iraq that Jesse decided to dedicate himself to the tradition of Visual art. Although formally educated in sculpting and rendering Jesse’s painting abilities are primarily self taught. After returning from the war in 2006, Jesse moved to a devastated, post Katrina, New Orleans to help with the rebuilding effort. He formed a small construction company and in his free time began to paint. Soon after he was showing in the French Quarter and in venues around town. In late 2007 he picked up, once again, and moved. This time to a much less hot and humid Seattle, WA, to focus on his career as a visual artist. His first Seattle show was in August 2007 at Bauhaus Books and Coffee on Capitol Hill. He has since become an active member of the Seattle Arts community. His love of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest quickly became apparent in his work. A very prolific artist, he participates in many group and solo exhibitions throughout Seattle and the U.S. ever year. Jesse has been involved with companies such as “Target” and “Art in Hand Cards” and donates work to charities for auctions. Jesse has acquired a loyal following which has been steadily increasing over the years.

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