Julia Garrels and Karen Danielson at Nature Consortium

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Join Nature Consortium for a fun filled evening of art, music and socializing with light refreshments! Live music 7-8pm with local band Modern Relics, modernrelicsmusic.com

Julia Garrels/Metalwingstudios
Bio:  I have been working in metal for over 14 years now.  I studied in Michigan, then made my way West, first working out of studios in Chicago, then to Portland, next to Seattle where I have resided for almost 10 years.  My inspiration comes from the nature that surrounds us.  I have worked mainly in enamel for the last 6 years.  Enamel is the fusion of glass to metal, an ancient process that involves heating the glass and metal together at a very high temperature.  I fell in love with the medium/process because it really speaks to me and helps bring my visions to life.  Much of my focus is on the birds of the Northwest.

Karen Danielson/Sky and Earth Healing Arts
Bio:  The inspiration for my work comes from nature, the elements, indigenous cultures, creation, stories, and myth.  I want to remind people of the natural world all around us and the miracle of creation.  The various materials I use in my pieces include clay, cloth material, paint, inks, feathers, wood, bones, horse hair, deer hide, beads, and metals.  Each piece is one of a kind and comes with a story.

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