Sara Ketner Hunter at West Seattle Wine Cellars

December 13 WSAW, 2012

Artist reflections:
As I grew up living in the Tacoma-Seattle area, I was inspired to capture my thoughts and experiences, always using a sketch book or journal. It wasn’t until I was in design school that I discovered painting as a more complete expression of my inner self. My immediate love was the ability to mix colors in the medium of acrylics and I took advantage of what I could do with a paint brush on canvas.
I use the acrylics to create layers with which to tell my story, using the paint to lead you to the depth where the mind’s eye dwells. Since 2000 I’ve been trying to express myself through my art and define who I am on canvas — abstract, daring but still beautifully interesting. I recreate the visions of my mind with my own brew of colors and textures, inviting my audience to communicate with me and express what they see.

Wine Cellar reflections:This month’s Art Walk just happens to fall on the night of one of our most popular tastings of the year: Port. Nothing warms the soul on long, dark, winter nights like a good Port, and we’ll be pouring a beautiful selection of tawnies and rubies for all to sample. It’s a great opportunity to taste, learn, and pick up a few bottles, whether for gifts or to keep you and your friends toasty and happy over the holidays.

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