Stasia Burrington and Ricky Gene Powell at Nature Consortium

March 14, WSAW, 2013

Join Nature Consortium for a single night Art Show for Art Walk!
We will be hosting the art of Stasia Burrington and will be bringing Rickey Gene back for his amazing music, plus a sneak peek into Earth Month in the West Duwamish Greenbelt!
Stasia Burrington (born Stasia Kato) makes her home in Bellevue, WA and is a freelance illustrator, sequential and fine artist. She attended Cornish College of the Arts and graduated from the University of Idaho with her BFA in 2010. She creates personal, intimate and sensitive pencil, charcoal and  ink drawings, often collaging over them with flowers cut from quilt fabric. Stasia believes in surrounding ourselves with finely crafted, thoughtful, beautiful things that also kick some butt!
Live Music 7-8pm
Musical guest! Ricky Gene Powell is a Cultural Creative who specializes in Celebration Art and as a multi-instrumentalist, performs versatile music that is uplifting, inspirational and very groovy!
He regularly supplies entertainment for all sorts of local cool events including the Nature Consortium work parties. He will be appearing on Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo and Vocals.
Get your nature vibe on, come out to the West Seattle Art Walk and  check out the tunes.
Nature Consortium is looking for Art Walk artists if interested please email

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