Alison Braun at Firefly Cafe & Creperie

WSAW Thursday June 13th, 6-9pm

Firefly Cafe & Creperie presents Alison Braun!

Artist Statement:
Music has always been a part of my life. In 1976 I attended a Kiss concert and watched as the photographers worked in front of the stage. I was only 10 when I realized that I wanted to do the same. Initially I was inspired to photograph landscapes, but
eventually was drawn to photographing people. For me shooting bands was a great way to not only contribute as a fan, but to also document an emerging music scene. 
I began taking pictures as a young teenager with a Pentax K100 that my father had given me. He was a serious amateur photographer and after a trip to Yosemite together, I was certain that I wanted to become a landscape photographer. This goal quickly changed when, at fourteen, I began using my camera as a way to gain free admittance to music clubs on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. In exchange for a spot on the band’s guest list I traded copies of the photos I shot of the bands that played there.

I spent the next several years frequenting the Whisky, Roxy, and Starwood. My photography portfolio continued to grow while I spent time at a Hollywood recording studio and out-of-town shows. After developing the film and printing the photos in my home darkroom, I would meet the band to deliver the pictures. My parents became reluctant hosts to various musicians who often came to our house. Eventually, I began contributing to punk rock fanzines locally and internationally.

This show represents a small selection of a body of work that is comprised of thousands of images amassed over an 11 year time period.
– Alison Braun

Firefly will be sharing samples from our brand new organic juice & smoothie bar as well as some fabulous baked treats!

Firefly Cafe & Creperie is located at 4160 California Ave SW.

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