April Showers Art Walk

Welcome to the April edition of the West Seattle Art WalkThursday, April 12th 5pm to late. The forecast of rain may be dreary, but the featured art this month is sure to lift your spirits!

Spend the evening exploring multiple venues in West Seattle, each hosting unique local art and music. Our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants are excited to welcome the community to stop by and join in celebrating our vibrant art scene. Get out there and enjoy art walk, have a glass of wine, enjoy extended happy hours and Art Walk only dining and experience local art direct from the source!

Spring (April/May/June) 2018 Walking Map



This free art event encourages you to visit venues across greater West Seattle, both in The Junction and beyond. Many venues will be hosting receptions for their featured artist(s) to meet the public and answer questions. The following businesses, organizations, and artists will be participating:


John L. Scott: Brittany Hunt 5pm-late

4445 California Ave SW

Brittany is a West Seattleite who loves to paint nature-inspired abstract art. This month, her show theme is TREES. Each abstract tree painting will represent a different emotion.

Brittany Hunt 1


Capers: Amy Stone 5-8pm

4525 California Ave SW

Amy’s canvases are creations of balance of color, balance of texture, balance of movement, and balance of energy. Beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.




Windermere Real Estate: Cynthia Turner 5pm-late

4526 California Ave SW

“Rethinking the Ordinary”
Cynthia is passionate about finding beauty in ordinary objects, including those often sent into the waste stream. She believes her art is successful when it helps others see the beauty in these things.

Cynthia Turner 1Cynthia Turner 3Cynthia Turner 2


Wild Rose’s: Steve Kennedy 5-8pm

4529 California Ave SW

Check out Steve Kennedy’s vintage-themed wall shelves. “Having been a collector of all things vintage for many years, Blue Earth Decor came together as a business in 2016. Combined with a life-long arts and crafts and wood-working background, the idea was born to create functional wall decor that integrated vintage images and recycled materials.”

Steve Kennedy 1Steve Kennedy 2

Click! Design that Fits: Salyna Gracie 5-8pm

4540 California Ave SW

“Deadly Beauty” by Salyna Gracie

“My recent collection of poisonous botanical paintings are created with layers of encaustic, charcoal illustrations, pigments and paints on birch panel. They provide a view into the universe as a unified living organism endlessly created anew from a generative and regenerative source.”

Salyna Gracie 3 PeyoteSalyna Gracie 2 Amanita MuscariaSalyna Gracie 1


Re/Max Junction: Shaun Lawrence 5pm-late

4400 SW Alaska St

From the artist: “I have always loved creating linoleum block prints. There is a joy to drawing the image on the block, carving the impression, and then printing it. New for me is coloring the images with wash. I originally did this series to raise money for Standing Rock, inspired by the message, “Water Is Life”. These are all variations on water themes.”


ArtsWest: *no artist this month*

4711 California Ave SW

An Octoroon, April 19-May 13, 2018


Our Secret Garden: Alonzo Fernandez of Our Secret Garden

4723 42nd Ave SW, Suite 128

“Fantasy Gardens”



Virago Gallery: Uyen Tran Gjerde 6p – 9p

4537 California Ave SW *new location*

Uyen Tran-Gjerde is a figurative painter who has always held a fascination for abstract art. She uses both color and shape to convey a sense of dimension, depth and meaning. Her primary focus continues to be the figure as she is most interested in the human condition — the psyche, what’s hidden beneath the surface. She creates a world where dream and reality converge. Her art expresses a sense of joy, tranquility, and mystery.



Wallflower Custom Framing: Kelly Rae Cunningham 5p – 8p

4735 42nd Ave SW

“Across the Sky” Kelly Rae Cunningham, Artist

“My paintings began with ceramics as slabs of clay, ceramic glazes, and the same tools that I use today to apply, layer, and scrape away paint. Late in college, I fell in love with mixing colors and the smell of oil paint and turpentine, so I turned from clay to canvas. I am mostly a self-taught painter, and my work is a lot of experimentation and exploration.”

Kelly Rae Cunningham 1


Graystone Mortgage: *no artist this month*

4726 42nd Ave SW



Cupcake Royale: Quinn Fitzgerald, 5pm-late

4556 California Ave SW

My name is Quinn Fitzgerald, I’m a photographer based in Seattle. Over the past few years I’ve had my work displayed in shows (both my own, and collective ones), galleries, and even magazines. I’ve placed in top spots within several photography competitions, one of which was at a national level. Although, I admit that the only reason that I’ve had any success at all, is due to my fascination with the city of Seattle. Seattle is a fantastic city that seems seldom photographed. For this reason, I’ve spent thousands of hours photographing Seattle, in hopes of not only providing more photographs of the city, but improving my own work in the process. Sadly, this will be my last year photographing Seattle so thoroughly, as later this year I’ll be attending the Chicago Art Institute as a freshman, in hopes of furthering my career as a photographer.

Quinn Fitzgerald 1Quinn Fitzgerald 2



Viscon Cellars: Jessie Summa Russo 5-9pm

5910 California Ave SW

We are featuring the mixed media art of West Seattleite Jesse Summa Russo. Meet the artist, taste our wines. Art and wines are available for purchase. Wine tasting fees will be waived for Art Walk participants during Art Walk.

Jesse Summa Russo 2Jesse Summa Russo 3Jesse Summa Russo 1


Q Space: CHINA KODACHROME – Snapshots of Vintage China by Michael Jardine

3800B California Ave SW

Stop by and pick up a free postcard of vintage China. Or buy a pack.


unnamed (1)


Canna West Seattle: Machel Spence, 4p – late

“My love for the woodland environment and coastal regions is reflected in every photograph I take, I want people to feel they are getting a view of the forest floor as they have never seen it before. I want people to love and to acquire a passion for the conservation of our magical forests and its wild inhabitants.”

Inner Alchemy, Treasures and Transformation: Annelle Hollingsworth 6-9pm

7354 35th Ave SW

“Live in FULL Bloom!” Photographs by Annelle Hollingsworth

Annelle Hollingsworth is a photographer whose passion is capturing moments of inspiration and beauty as a celebration of life. Her focus is recording garden and natural earth wonders in a way that allows viewers an emotional connection with nature through visual imaginary.

Annelle Hollingsworth 3Annelle Hollingsworth 1Annelle Hollingsworth 2

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