Summer Fest Eve Art Walk (July)

Welcome to the Summer Fest Eve edition of the West Seattle Art WalkThursday, July 12th 5pm to late (hours vary by location; see below).

We’ll be closing down the street for live music, buskers, a community mural project, chalk art by local artists, and a visit from Bubbleman – all this in addition to our regular Art Walk programming. Our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants are excited to welcome the community to stop by and join in celebrating our vibrant art scene. See the listing below for all businesses hosting art in July. For restaurant specials, click here.

(featured image by Debbie Bianchi)

Summer 2018 Walking Map (July 12th, August 9, September 13th)


Congratulations to Lorrie Brogan, whose painting is featured in our Q3 print materials. She will have a solo show at Windermere in September.

Pick up a hard copy of our printed postcards at any of our participating Art Walk businesses or click here to view the Google map.

In the Junction:

John L Scott Real Estate: Troy Sass, 5-9pm

4445 California Ave SW

From the artist: “Art, in any medium, is a crapshoot, isn’t it? You like it or you don’t. Subjective. Does it make you think? Of course it does.

That’s why people create, and anyone that creates deserves the good and bad, that we as people, offer. Opinions. My Father told me many years ago, if you can’t handle what people have to say about what you create, STOP.

Don’t even try and proceed past the square on the Monopoly board called GO.

People create for a reaction, good or bad, and either way, you have proceeded along the board of Monopoly. Think about it.

I decided to hit that GO square running many years ago, and I have not looked back.”

Troy Sass
Troy Sass at John L. Scott

(New Art Walk Business) Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Sponsor): artwork by Sarah Ghanooni and music by Gretchen Yanover, 5:30-7:30pm

4505 California Ave SW

Join Verity Credit Union in welcoming local artist Sarah Ghanooni and local musician Gretchen Yanover to West Seattle’s new Verity location! Sarah is a Seattle-area artist specializing in Seattle-area cityscapes. Her custom artwork and murals feature broad brushstrokes and vibrant colors. Gretchen Yanover is a cellist, specializing in both classical and contemporary music. She has been playing the cello since age 10 and has released three albums.


Capers: Christine Olson, 5-9pm

4525 California Ave SW
Christine Olson at CAPERS

Wild Rose’s: Michele Holter, 5:30-8:30pm

4529 California Av SW

Born in Washington state, Michele has lived in West Seattle since 1970. She was always considered artistic but it wasn’t until 2009 that she sought a formal art education through Seattle’s Gage Academy of Art. Michele works primarily in oil and is influenced by the natural world in the spectacular Pacific Northwest. Inspiration for her landscapes stems from exploring the myriad parks and forests around us. The focus of this show is trees – and the emotions they elicit.


Virago Gallery: “Reflections” by Heather Marie Scholl, 5-8pm

4537 California Ave SW

Reflections – July 9th – August 6th

Reception For The Artist – Sat, July 28th, 6 to 9pm

“Reflections” by Brooklyn Artist Heather Marie Scholl showcases selections from her two major bodies of work; Whitework and The Self Portraits. Both explore social justice issues through personal emotional investigation. Whitework examines white women’s roles in the establishment and maintenance of white supremacy through whitework embroidery and other white on white techniques. By focusing on garments and home items, each piece reflects the personal yet invisible nature of white supremacy for white women, including herself.

The Self Portrait series works to highlight the complex emotional world of being a woman through framed embroidered illustrations. Playing with universal issues like trauma, identity, depression, femininity and belonging through her own image and experience. These works together manifest to tell a story of intimacy, conflict, and ultimately accountability.

This exhibit will be presented in conjunction with a Confront White Womanhood workshop, which gained national reputation after Cosmopolitan named it “the most popular workshop at the Women’s Convention” ….. Presented at Theater Puget Sound on July 21st 1-4pm.

About the Artist: Heather Marie Scholl is a Brooklyn, NY based artist and activist, discovering the ways to bring a productive emotionality to social justice topics.

“I spend a lot of time thinking about how we’re born into fantasies of the way life should be and the ways that comes crashing down around us. For me this means connecting personal experiences with contemporary and historical systems of power. I explore the emotionality of these topics and the personal ways they are enacted. By examining issues of racism/white supremacy, sexuality, gender, and sexual trauma through a personal lens I give space for others to feel the intimate nature of these large issues. Primarily I bring the physical craft of my work back to the body through the use of embroidery arts and garment pieces. My pieces are removed from time, weaving different eras of aesthetics together to create a new tale that lives in a place that is past, present and future.”

Heather Marie Scholl at Virago Gallery


4400 SW Alaska St

Artswest Playhouse and Gallery: “The Here and After” by Robin Jones, 6-7:30pm

4711 California Ave SW

ARTIST STATEMENT: Drawing from my love of figurative painting and of animals and the natural world, my most recent work focuses on specific animals that are endangered, accompanied by the next generation of humans. As we humans continue to expand our presence on the planet, we are displacing, endangering, and threatening other species with extinction. They are endangered due to habitat loss, trophy hunting, palm oil deforestation, climate change – the planet we will hand to future generations could be vastly different from the one we now know, devoid of many of the animals that currently make up the Endangered Species List. Most of these works I would categorize as ‘activist art’. Some I have chosen to gild with gold or silver leaf, which adds dimension and a dynamic shifting of light and shadow. Other figurative pieces are inspired by my many years working as a professional actor in the theatre – these are characters from plays and actors in the process of working. And several are of, or based upon, women I admire. As both painter and actor, I’m drawn to female characters who are warriors, leaders, rebels, misfits, and eccentrics, some of whom are represented here. With all of my paintings, I strive to capture spirit- whether animal or human – inner life, emotion, the soul of the being that I’m painting. This, to me, is perhaps the most important thing of all.

*Note there is no reception for the artist, however, the gallery will be open to Art Walk visitors.


(New Art Walk Business) West Seattle Art Nest: “Divine Connections” with artists Mariah Ordonez and Maggie Sharar

4138 California Ave SW

About Mariah. The work of Mariah Ordonez features bright colors, simplified forms, and a celebration of Pacific Northwest life. Interested in the role of art as a tool for the interpretation of existence, her work demonstrates bold brushstrokes and a thoughtful merging of figurative and abstract imagery. As an art educator, Mariah has explored various media and content from a vast cultural heritage. She predominantly creates in a combination of watercolor, acrylics, and ink that reflect her joy in the creative process.

Octopus Arm
Mariah Ordonez at West Seattle Art Nest

About Maggie. A channel to the divine. A mother. A healer. A witch. A creator. This is Maggie Sharar. Her watercolor paintings illustrate lost and found souls. They invite you into a healing journey. A woman’s truth. Her feminine portraits and forms embody sovereignty and the juicy experience of being human. Each piece holds the energy of trauma, love, sex, magic, healing, sisterhood, and connection. But most of all Maggie’s work is a kinetic way to release energy. To feel the god particle and hold it in her hands.


Windermere Real Estate Hosted by Kim Tingley: Cameron Oliva, 6-9pm

4526 California Ave SW

Cameron Oliva’s abstract photographic work will be displayed on dye sublimated aluminum and wrapped, stretched framed canvases. Extraordinary colors permeate a sense of order originating from a disordered subject. Thoughtful, questioning and always original.


Click! Design That Fits: Watercolor Artist Group Show featuring Brigida Swanson, Elizabeth Person, and Jenna Howell, 5-9pm

4540 California Ave SW

Click! will launch a Watercolor Artist group show featuring Elizabeth Person, Brigida Swanson, and Jenna Howell for the months of June and July. Read more about all the artists on Click’s blog.


Cupcake Royale:

4556 California Ave SW

Katie Davis is a painter and designer from Seattle, Washington. She is best known for her work as an interior designer and has been featured in publications such as Wired, Fast Company, and Architectural Record. Oil painting is a personal pastime where she experiments with form, color, and light. She is interested in people, how they interact with their environment, and aims to create with simplicity and meaning. Growing up in Idaho, the daughter of art teachers, she discovered her love for visual arts at an early age and pursued a degree from the University of Idaho graduating in 2003 with a BFA in Interior Architecture with an emphasis on Art and Architecture in her studies. In this current collection Color Study, she explores color paired with simple objects.

For more information or to purchase you can contact Katie at

Katie Davis at Cupcake Royale

Our Secret Garden (CLOSED TONIGHT)

4723 42nd Ave SW, Suite 128

Wallflower Custom Framing: BethAnn Lawson, 5-8pm

4735 42nd Ave SW

Taking much inspiration from a life-long career as a graphic designer and illustrator, these bold paintings from BethAnn Lawson explore the fine edge between abstraction and realism. In her modern-impressionist style, she’s creating striking and unexpected portraits of people, architecture and nature, presenting engaging looks at daily life.

BethAnn Lawson at Wallflower Custom Framing

Graystone Mortgage: Astrid Daley, 5-7:30pm

4726 42nd Ave SW (in Jefferson Square)

Astrid Daley is a West Seattle artist exploring realms of the surreal. A seeker from a young age, she remembers early daydreams of the universe being powered by a bearded man in a bubble peddling a bicycle. Her favorite medium is collage, both traditional and digital, and she enjoys transforming her original photography and those from found sources, into imaginative pieces that reflect what inspires her. She finds the most inspiration in the intersections between nighttime dreams and waking reality, the candy-colored world of 1960s pop art, and the mirroring she notices in her life and within the greater world. A graduate of law school, Astrid decided to follow a different path, instead creating two art and accessory businesses that allow her to be employed full-time as an artist and designer. FringePop is a forum for quirky, whimsical, pop-culture influenced works. Thoughtopian showcases more surreal and imaginative works. After growing up in a tiny Minnesota town of 370 people, she lived in Atlanta for eight years before moving to Seattle almost two years ago. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the PNW, volunteering with a domestic violence non-profit, spending time with friends in the ecstatic dance community, and taking workshops on everything from authentic communication to Jungian psychology.


In Greater West Seattle:

QSpace Gallery & Studio: Michael Jardine, 12noon to 9pm

3800 California Ave SW Unit B

Stop by to check out our exhibit, our new book, AND get a cup of Vietnamese Ice Coffee, cà phê sữa đá!

Michael Jardine at QSpace

(New Art Walk Business) Glow Natural Health Center: works by Fine Artist, Jen Brown and artist, Eli Berman, 5-9pm

5001 California Ave SW STE 111

Glow at the Junction is thrilled to be a participant the West Seattle Art Walk Thursday, July 12th from 5-9 PM. We will also be hosting in August and September on the second Thursday.

Artist Jen Brown of Portland will be showing her work including some beautiful saris fabric studies. From the artist, “I work with archetypal narratives and ideals such as Beauty, Truth, or Goodness, so that we may learn something of ourselves and ultimately, become better people.”

Artist Eli Berman will also be showing his abstract watercolors. Eli is 8 1/2 and loves art. His work is currently on display at Glow at the Junction. We look forward to seeing some friendly faces and kids are welcome.

Stop by and see the new space, meet the practitioners and have a snack or a glass of wine. We’d love to see you!!


Canna West Seattle (NO ARTIST IN JULY)

5435 California Ave SW

VISCON CELLARS: Debbie Bianchi, 6-9pm


From the artist: “I am proud to say I was born and raised in West Seattle and now have the opportunity to share my perspective of what is beautiful with my fellow lovers of art and creativity. Free birds dance across the canvas among fanciful, fairy tale inspired blossoms, trees and landscapes. Freedom of motion speaks to me and I try to capture this sense of magic and indulgence in my work. These creations grow from acrylic paint, paper, charcoal and pastel.”

Debbie will also be showcasing her latest adventure: art on women’s fashion accessories,  specifically, finely crafted silk scarves.

Remember, tasting fees are waived for Art Walk visitors on Art Walk night.


(New Art Walk Business) Renee Walden – Edward Jones: S.R. Lane, 5-8pm

6017 California Ave SW

S.R. Lane was born and raised in the greater Seattle area. She graduated from WWU with her degree in Performing Arts. Since then she has traveled the globe capturing photos and honing her love of art. Her art was last seen at the Art Walk Edmonds. She will also be showing her work at the Phinney Community Center this August.

S.R. Lane at Renee Walden – Edward Jones

Office of Rebecca Mitsui (NO ARTIST IN JULY)

6021B California Ave SW

Inner Alchemy, Treasures & Transformations: FREEDOM Group Show, 6-9pm

7354 35th Ave SW

During the month of July, the Inner Alchemy Artist Collective is celebrating the theme of FREEDOM. We will be featuring six local artists who have created unique pieces of art to express their interpretation of what FREEDOM means to them. Join us from 6-9pm to meet artists Tami Bensen, Costinel Anciu, Alexis LaFlamme, Astrid Daley, Alysa Wilson and Elyssa Cichy and explore many definitions and interpretations of FREEDOM.

Sips and Nibbles….always!

New this Art Walk is a ‘Hempening Happy Hour’ with the opportunity to learn about a nano-enhanced hemp oil that offers freedom from pain.


(New Art Walk Business) The Kenney: Linda Israel and Greg Byrge, 5-7:30pm

7125 Fauntleroy Way SW

It all started with… Linda’s passion and love for animals. Inspired to bring their souls alive on canvas, Linda paints animals up close with bold strokes and bright colors from a soulful place within herself. As a reminder to honor her free spirit and wild sense of color, she often recalls one of her favorite quotes, “Art is not a photo of life, but a feeling of life!”

Greg Byrge will be here as well showing some of his colorful acrylic pour paintings as well.

The Kenney will provide free drinks and appetizers. Come join us.


This post will be updated as we receive more artist details. Check back again. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as those pages get updated more frequently.