December Holiday Art Walk

Welcome to the December edition of the West Seattle Art WalkThursday, December 13th, 5pm to late (hours vary by location; see below).

It’s the Holiday Art Walk with extra festive events happening! Experience the sounds of The Silver Belles chorus group in the Junction from 6 PM to 8 PM. See Santa! He’ll be visiting shops handing out holiday cheer and candy canes. Select merchants will have some jingle for you too. See what’s shaking.

Our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants are excited to welcome the community to stop by and join in celebrating our vibrant art scene. See the listing below for all businesses hosting art in December. For restaurant specials, click here.

This post will be updated as we receive more artist details. Check back again. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as those pages get updated more frequently.

(featured image by Terry Smith who will be showing at Inner Alchemy Treasures and Transformations). Join them in appreciating Terry’s beautiful art while celebrating the season with their community party. There will be wonderful gift opportunities, complimentary sessions with the Practitioners and sips and nibbles – always!

Fall/Winter 2018 Walking Map (October 11, November 8, December 13)

Congratulations to Frances Smersh, whose painting is featured in our Q4 print materials. You can find her new work at Click! Design That Fits through the rest of the year.

Pick up a hard copy of our printed postcards at any of our participating Art Walk businesses or click here to view the Google map.

In the Junction:

John L Scott Real Estate

4445 California Ave SW

Ivo Janeba, 5-9pm

About Ivo

Already in early childhood, Ivo had enjoyed arts, especially drawing, painting and ceramics. However, he rediscovered arts with a different intensity and passion in his early thirties. What started as relaxing and enjoyable activity in his free time became a necessity for Ivo’s self-realization. Growing up and living in the Czech Republic, Ivo was surrounded by a wide spectrum of art his entire life which influenced his artistic development.

Today, Ivo feels his art is a process which allows him to express his inner feelings evoked when observing the World around him. On his canvas, Ivo captures the moments seen through his eyes in colors and textures he sees and feels in his mind. The final composition of his art pieces contains a special lightness and beauty which coexist in harmony. Occasionally, elements of contradiction and conflict can be found in Ivo’s art pieces.

The artist’s goal, even in these seemingly contradictory paintings, is to bring out a feeling of satisfaction and pleasant inspiration in those viewing his art. Ivo’s favorite media is oil and acrylic and in recent years he has been using water colors for more and more of his sketches. He most often selects nature scenes, city streets, compositions and people as his objects for expression but he does not shy away from abstracts and nudes.

During his artistic career Ivo experimented with many different techniques and styles. He is a great admirer of impressionism and paints mostly with a pallet knife. Ivo has held a number of exhibitions in the Czech Republic over the years. The Czech Premier, Mirek Topolanek opened his Vernisaz exhibition in 2009 and selected a painting for his personal art collection. In the same year, during the pope Benedict XVI visit in the Czech Republic, one of Ivo Janeba’s local scene pieces was gifted to the Pope by one of his entourage members. Besides many art collectors in the Czech Republic and Europe, Ivo Janeba’s paintings can be found in personal collections of art lovers in South Africa, United States, Canada and Australia.

Currently, Ivo Janeba resides in Seattle with his wife where he is preparing his first US exhibition.



Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Partner)

4505 California Ave SW


4525 California Ave SW

2nd Annual Abstract Invitational, 5pm to 8pm.

CAPERS of West Seattle hosts the second annual Abstract Invitational and Artist Reception on Thursday, December 13th.

This months’ Art Walk invitational will feature abstract paintings and photographs from eight local artists: Genna Draper, Christine Olson, Magdalena Cooney, Mary Parkes, Cathy Woo, Todd Kowalski, Diana Grant, and Jason Astorquia. These original art pieces will be available for purchase at the event.

CAPERS, the home entertaining and gift shop in the West Seattle Junction, features locally sourced, eco-friendly and fairly-traded products to make your house a home. Owner Lisa Myers and staff dedicate both time and resources to help those in the neighborhood that are less fortunate.

abstract_invitational_2 (1)
Genna Draper, Christine Olson, Magdalena Cooney, Mary Parkes, Cathy Woo, Todd Kowalski, Diana Grant, and Jason Astorquia at Capers

Wild Rose’s

4529 California Av SW

Linda McClamrock, Janet Ramble, Ellen Zrimsek, 5pm-8:30pm

Linda McClamrock at Wild Roses
wild roses_1
Ellen Zrimsek at Wild Roses
wild roses_2
Janet Ramble at Wild Roses

Virago Gallery

4537 California Ave SW

Wayward: In From the Wild – A group exhibit, guest-curated by Sarra Scherb for Virago Gallery, 5-8pm

Artist Party: December 15th, 1-4pm

Wayward: wild, unruly, defiant, rebellious.

“Wayward” brings to mind something impossible to control, difficult to stamp out, and—whether describing a person, creature, place, or thing—truly wild.

This winter, the wild invades Virago Gallery in the form of works by artists who have participated in the generative creativity and connection of the Wayward Retreat.

The Wayward Retreat on Quadra Island, British Columbia provides a creative outlet and safe harbor for women, nonbinary and trans artists from around North America to deepen their practice, nurture relationships between peers, and find solace in the wilds of coastal British Columbia.

Organized by Los Angeles artists Leslie Levings, Lauren Ludwig and Shing Yin Khor, and Quadra Island artist Lauren Miller, the retreat brings visual artists, writers, directors, and performers to isolated Quadra Island for a chance to create without urban distractions or obligations. On Quadra they are immersed in a world swathed in shades of emerald and cobalt; in densely dripping fern-fringed forest; in the void of a black lake beneath a vault of stars.

For the first time, works by Wayward creators from all years of the retreat will be exhibited together, combining their many styles and practices in one place. The show is a testament to the powerful need for womxn creators to have places of professional encouragement, safety, and experimentation. Works will range from sculpture to illustration, photography to comics, and a publication of selected works by the retreat’s writers.

Participants: Leslie Levings (LA), Shing Yin Khor (LA), Lyla Warren (Oakland), Pam Wishbow (Seattle), Camille Chew (NY), Kelsey Liggett (TX), Eva Funderburgh (Seattle), Lauren Wong (Seattle), Tailor Lee (NY), Stasia Burrington (Seattle), Angelina Villalobos (Seattle), and Emma SanCartier (Seattle), Lauren Miller (Quadra), Melissa Johnson (CA), Lauren Ludwig (LA), Nell Rutledge-Leverenz (LA), Monica Miklas (LA), Sarra Scherb (Seattle), Katherine DiSavino (LA), Erika Schmidt (Oakland), and Elizabeth Prestel (CA).

“Forgotten Language” by Emma SanCartier, “Bittersweet Anamnesis” by Lauren Wong; “River” by Camille Chew; “Night Swim” by Stasia Burrington; “Lyla & Shing” by Eva Funderburgh, “Marie Celeste” by Eva Funderburgh; “Wild” by Emma SanCartier; “Lady Pearl” by Angelina Villalobos/179; “Wolf” by Lyla Warren.


RE/Max Junction

4400 SW Alaska St

Jay McClure Samuelson, 5pm-9pm

Former jazz sax musician and aspiring vocalist who takes pride in his ability to make life come alive through a lens. Partial to symmetry and architecture but can be known to throw landscapes and portraits together during PNW road trips in the 4Runner all year round. West Seattle born and raised. Midwest state of mind. Learn to live.

Come see Jay’s amazing artwork and meet RE/MAX Junction top broker Candice Oftebro. Enter our raffle to win $50 to THE WESTY, the event sponsor, and enjoy cheese and crackers, homemade holiday cookies, wine, beer and 10% off coupons to the Westy for every visitor who swings through.

Learn more about Jay’s work at his website.

Jay McClure Samuelson at RE/MAX

Artswest Playhouse and Gallery

4711 California Ave SW

Jolyn Wells-Moran

Seeking the Spirit of Nature, 6pm-7pm

Jolyn Wells-Moran uses her sense of nature (the art) and medium (impasto oils) to paint what she considers, “the spirit of nature.” She explains that she aims for a spontaneous, textural and emotionally expressive translation in paint.

You can see more of Jolyn’s work at her website.

West Seattle Art Nest

4138 California Ave SW

Maggie Sharar, 5pm to late

Divine Bodies

A channel to the divine. A mother. A healer. A witch. A creator. This is Maggie Sharar. Her watercolor paintings illustrate lost and found souls. They invite you into a healing journey. A woman’s truth. Her feminine portraits and forms embody sovereignty and the juicy experience of being human. Each piece holds the energy of trauma, love, sex, magic, healing, sisterhood, and connection. But most of all Maggie’s work is a kinetic way to release energy. To feel the god particle and hold it in her hands.

You can view more of Maggie’s work on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Windermere Real Estate Hosted by Kim Tingley & Jacey Frangos

4526 California Ave SW

Susan Cole, 5pm-8pm

House Holds

House Holds is a series of photographic images of the things we have in our homes, and the values they represent.

Susan Cole at West Seattle Windermere

Click! Design That Fits

4540 California Ave SW

color / texture / form – a jewelry invitational, 5pm-9pm

Seven West Coast handmade jewelry artists are featured at Click! for this two-month show running through the end of December. For the December Holiday Art Walk this Thursday night, Erica Gordon and Ann Chikahisa will be on hand showcasing more of their works.

Preview some of the featured artists’ work on Instagram: Grace Matsumoto, Adia Bobo, Jennifer Graves, Karen Konzuk, and Vanessa Gade.

click collage_1
Jewelry Invitational at Click! Design That Fits


Wallflower Custom Framing

4735 42nd Ave SW

Patrick Woods, 5-8pm

“I have been an artist for 40 years. I create in many mediums, but the main body of my work is acrylic paint on canvas. I am self taught. I term my work transmographicational surrealism. Images derived from the layering of Phi ratio based designs into (usually landscape formatted) paintings of realistic depth and light.”


Graystone Mortgage – CANCELLED THIS MONTH

4726 42nd Ave SW (in Jefferson Square)

In Greater West Seattle:

QSpace Gallery & Studio

3800 California Ave SW Unit B

Michael Jardine, 3pm-9pm

Washington Ferries

Who hasn’t taken a ferry? Washington State has the largest ferry system in the country. This exhibit celebrates our favorite and most adventurous form of transport – including the ferries of West Seattle!

In addition to the Gallery, we will be selling Post Cards and Art Cards with Envelopes featuring photos from the exhibit. This is our fourth exhibit following “Our Afghanistan,” “China Kodachrome,” and “Saigon Streets.”

Michael Jardine at QSpace Gallery & Studio
Michael Jardine at QSpace Gallery & Studio
Michael Jardine at QSpace Gallery & Studio

Canna West Seattle  (Art Walk Partner)

5435 California Ave SW

Chris Kelleher, 11am-7pm at Canna West Seattle Culture Shop

Artist Statement:
“Creating mostly through improvisation, I set out to build a relationship between marks focusing on movement, form and light. Though predominately abstract, the landscape of the Pacific Northwest has had a profound influence on my work. Whether I am painting at a live music performance or I am in my studio, music is an important part of the process. I allow music to directly translate into my work by accessing its poetry, melody, and above all else, rhythm. I try to allow each piece to flow from the brush with the same dynamic tendencies as water itself. I consider my work to be both spiritual and playful.”

You can see more of Chris’ work on his Facebook page.

Chris Kelleher at Canna West Seattle Culture Shop

Viscon Cellars


Megan Simmons, 5-9pm

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been making or creating something with my hands. I went to art camps as a kid — was a designer on the yearbook staff — learned how to sew clothing, quilts and home décor — became a graphic designer — and even learned to build furniture in woodworking school. I would be lost without my tools, fabric and a wide range of art supplies. Most recently, my tools of choice are paint brushes, water soluble crayons and lots of acrylic paint.

I get lost in the layers of paint, while mixing colors and creating texture. I’m inspired by bold statements, raw textures, street art, nature, and the spaces between objects. Painting on paper gives me the freedom to make mistakes and explore more freely. I find relaxation in the chaos of scribbling, doodling and mark making… covering up layer after layer until I discover areas that I don’t want disturbed.

Megan Simmons at Viscon Cellars

Renee Walden – Edward Jones

6017 California Ave SW

Tom Costantini, 5-9pm

Tom Costantini is an interior designer who has been drawing and sketching his whole life. He began painting with watercolors in 2017, and uses them to illustrate favorite subjects including vintage cars and trucks, landscapes and local historic buildings and boats. In addition to the watercolor originals, high-quality giclee prints of his paintings are also available.

Tom has lived in West Seattle for 11 years. When not painting he can be found working on his 1940s home and in the garden, and walking along the beach at Alki.

View more of Tom’s artwork at


West Seattle Skincare (NEW ART WALK BUSINESS)


6021A California Ave SW

Office of Rebecca Mitsui (Art Walk Partner)

6021B California Ave SW

Stacey Vaeth, 5-8pm

I started this little company in Washington, D.C. in 2008, specializing in commercial and family photography, and since have been named as DC’s Favorite Family Photographer. As a fourth-generation photographer from Rochester, NY, capturing the essence of a person, a moment, or a place through photography has been ingrained in me since as long as I can remember. My childhood summers were spent with my parents driving to and staying in Sequoia National Park (CA) and Rocky Mountain National Park (CO) for months at a time. My father was a Kodak photographer, and these national park trips were part of their educational series. I would rise early and walk with him as he taught park visitors about light, f-stops, composition and telling a story through their photographs. The seeds were well planted and watered in those summers for both photography and for travel.

In 2013, I began a personal journey of travel and discovery. A 30-day solo cross-country camping trip in the summer of 2013 kicked off several more cross country trips and many more drives through our nations’ incredible landscapes, as well as a month long sailing trip through the Inside Passage. Meeting the lady at the country store or the fellow wandering camper, and eventually moving to Seattle to build a bi-coastal photography business have filled my days, months and years.

My partner and I now live part time on a 42-foot ketch-rigged sailboat when in the Pacific Northwest, and travel via boat or car wherever we can to gather mushrooms, fish, blackberries, stories, friends and endless adventures.

This series of photos and products were mainly shot in the western United States on my travels. Each image was taken in a moment of harmony, silence and balance as I breathed in and out the sacred peace of our great lands.

More work can be seen and purchased at Venue Studios in Ballard, WA, and online at


Inner Alchemy, Treasures & Transformations

7354 35th Ave SW

Terry Smith, 6-9pm

Generosity – an artist’s reflection

Too often when I think of generosity, my ideas are limited to thinking of money. But being generous is really living the “old fashioned” values I learned from my parents….being big hearted, fair, helpful, hospitable, thoughtful, even nice. It’s all about being kind and sharing. Perhaps being generous with my time, as a parent and a friend, is more valuable than being generous with my money. The paintings in this show come from an open heart and inquisitive mind. I share this work to celebrate and invite you to be part of my life. I hope that through sharing my art, you can experience and realize my joy of creativity, my love for the environment in which I live, and my deep connection the friends and family who enrich my life. May we each take a moment to savor the ability to share life’s pleasures, big and small. My financial generosity: 10% of all sales during the Inner Alchemy show will go to Washington Women in Need, which helps local low-income women with funding for education and healthcare. Join us in appreciating Terry’s beautiful art while celebrating the season with our community party. There will be wonderful gift opportunities, complimentary session with our Practitioners and sips and nibbles, always!

Inner Alchemy’s Art Walk and Community Party includes time with the artist, local unique retail, complimentary tarot card readings, reiki and hypnosis sessions and sips and nibbles, always!

Easy Street Records

4559 California Ave SW

Karen Mason Blair, from 4-8pm on Dec 13 for signings

Loud Love: A Northwest Photography Exhibit featuring the work of Karen Mason Blair

Karen Mason Blair was unique as a female photographer of the Grunge era, capturing in her work the essence of bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. She had unparalleled access to the biggest names of Seattle’s music scene in the 1990s, and a way with her subjects that made them relax in front of her camera for more authentic images.

This exhibit opened at Easy Street on December 1, but this is your chance to meet Karen Mason Blair in person!

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