March Art Walk

The Art Walk is happening, no matter what!!! Spring is in the air and the sun sets later which makes Art Walk strolling even more delightful. We invite all who would like a diversion from current events to join us this Thursday, March 12, for an evening of mindful mingling, art appreciation and support of our West Seattle businesses.

Don’t forget: Admiral Junction is our newest district of businesses exhibiting art and offering food and drink specials, with the Admiral Neighborhood Association as Art Walk coordination partners.

Our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants invite the community to stop by and join in celebrating our vibrant art scene. See the listing below for all businesses hosting art in January. For restaurant specials, click here and be sure to ask about “the Art Walk Special” at participating bars and restaurants. Make an evening of it!

Check back again as this post will be updated as we receive more artist details. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as those pages get updated more frequently.

(featured image by Janet Manuta)

Winter 2020 Walking Map: January 9, February 13, March 12

Art Walk Brochure (Front_Back) Q1 2020 v2

Congratulations to Marianne Maksirisombat, whose painting, “Paeonia Lactiflora (Deconstructed Peony)¨ is our featured art for Q1. Her work will be on display, and for sale, at Verity Credit Union West Seattle in March, 2020.


Pick up a hard copy of our printed walking maps at any of our participating Art Walk businesses or click here to view the Google map.


Brought to you by the Admiral Neighborhood Association

West Seattle Grounds

2141 California Ave SW

Oscar Mwaba, 5-8pm

I’m the creative behind the camera!

In a nutshell, I enjoy capturing that real and raw moments with the intent of creating the most beautiful and meaningful images for you. I look forward to connecting at West Seattle Grounds!

Learn more about Oscar’s work at his Instagram and Facebook pages and website.

A note from West Seattle Grounds: We are going to also be hosting live music featuring a local up and coming musician, Cippy at SEA. Our featured artist for the Art Walk will also be creating a photo booth for everyone who stops by to get a picture of them at our event.

Happy Hour as usual with select $5 wine and $4 beers.

We are so excited to be a part of the Art Walk!

Oscar Mwaba at West Seattle Grounds
Oscar Mwaba at West Seattle Grounds

Zelda Zonk

2210 California Ave SW

Heather Allen, 5-8pm

AllenmoreWorks ✨Mama✨Wife✨Nurse✨
Right brain flexing is my restorative action
Always experimenting

Learn more about Heather’s work at her Instagram and website.

Heather Allen at Zelda Zonk
Heather Allen at Zelda Zonk
Heather Allen at Zelda Zonk

Admiral Pub

2306 California Ave SW

Check back in April for a new artist!

Menchie’s Admiral

2620 California Ave SW

Check back in April for a new artist!


Brought to you by the West Seattle Junction Association

West Seattle Art Nest

4138 California Ave SW

Art Nest Community Artists, 5-8pm

Join us Thursday the 12th to view our community splatter art, tour the studio, and splatter some paint as well!

We will be providing works of art from our splatter art community. We have splatter panels that have been created over the years by artists of all ages and abilities that have graced our studio. We invite Art Walk goers to join in some splattering of their own as they view the pieces. We are huge supporters of process art, and hope that many of you will join us in adding even more beautiful art mess to our beloved splatter room.

Learn more about West Seattle Art Nest at their website.

West Seattle Art Nest Splatter Room!
West Seattle Art Nest Splatter Room!
West Seattle Art Nest Splatter Room!

John L. Scott West Seattle
(Art Walk Partner)

4445 California Ave SW

Lori Vonderhorst, 5-8pm

I grew up in a house of stone in rural New Jersey. I landed in the Pacific Northwest in 1979 and was immediately drawn to the the Northwest’s mystic landscape, with its lush forests and stormy tides. Although influenced by my surroundings, my drawings and paintings focus in on the immediate and intimate: feathers, stones and nests; narrative compositions that invite the viewer to imagine the before and after; the moment a feather falls, a stone tumbles or a flower turns to seed.

I also draw inspiration from childhood memories—a pet baby blue jay found by my grandfather; roaming the woods and watershed that surrounded my home; or closely examining the delicate bleeding hearts, lily of the valley and mountain laurel in my grandmother’s garden. Bringing the past into the present, each work is an observation on life’s fleeting moments and the passage of time.

A self-taught artist, most of my life has been spent working as a graphic designer and raising my two sons. As I migrate from graphic design to full-time fine artist, I look forward to approaching each new day with creative intention, observation, and a studio filled with paper, paint and ink.

Learn more about Lori’s work at her Instagram page and website.

Lori Vonderhorst at John L. Scott

Hotwire Online Coffee

4410 California Ave SW
Arielle and Sasha
Arielle and Sasha are sisters native to Indiana. Although their hometown holds a special place in their hearts, they are avid travelers with a thirst for adventure – and an eye out for stunning scenery. Through the lens of their cameras, these sisters hope to not only share the thrill of adventures, but also to capture the bountiful beauty of our “pale blue dot” Earth.
Artist Statement: We hope that these photos bring you a taste of the diversity of life, color, and climate that can be found across the globe. Maybe they stir your wanderlust, and you will go on your own adventure in search of beauty. Perhaps they simply inspire you to stop, smell the flowers, and soak in the sunshine on a warm Spring day.
Whatever you feel when you see these scenes, we hope they bring beauty even in the tiniest details; in the bumblebees in our own backyard, the maple leaves browning in the crisp Autumn morning. As for us, we are happy to be able to share the experience, a snapshot of these moments in time.

Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Partner)

4505 California Ave SW

PLEASE NOTE: Verity only open until 6pm on Art Walk / Marianne Maksirisombat will not be able to attend.

Verity is hosting the art walk’s Q1 featured artist Marianne Maksirisombat during March. You’ll be able to see her large format acrylic on canvas with large-scale embroidery paintings that you have seen on the posters and marketing materials for the West Seattle art walk.

Learn more about Marianne’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages and her website.
Marianne Maksirisombat at Verity
Marianne Maksirisombat at Verity


Check back in April for a new artist!


4525 California Ave SW

Genna Draper, 5-8pm

Calming neutrals…Serenity…Emerging light. 

We are among Genna Draper’s biggest, most enthusiastic fans.  She is a CAPERS FAVORITE.  Come see why.

Learn more about Genna’s work at her website.

The show must go on!  Come in for beverage, bites, and elbow bumps…See you Thursday!

Genna Draper at CAPERS

Wild Rose’s

4529 California Av SW

Dale Schlotzhauer, 5-8:30pm

About the Artist: First came spray paint – on vases, lamps, and bottles. But that wasn’t enough. Next came furniture painting with spray paint and Unicorn Spit (a gel stain and paint). But that wasn’t enough either. On to painting vases with Unicorn Spit, and acrylic paint. That was super fun, but there had to be more. So on to canvas and wood with acrylics and Unicorn Spit. In the meantime, painting old fashioned glassware with acrylic and/or Unicorn Spit has started happening. So far I’m holding steady with the canvas, wood, vases and glassware. Whew.

All this painting stared in my garage a few summers ago. When the summer melded into Fall, I moved my spare bedroom furniture out and my painting table and paints inside where it was warm. I think it’s safe to say that my inner artist is not so inner any more.

When I’m not covered in paint, I’m singing in the Seattle Symphony Chorale and the Westside Presbyterian Church choir. I also play a bit of piano, Celtic harp and ukulele. Oh, and somewhere in there I retired.

Learn more about Dale and her works at her website.

Dale Schlotzhauer at Wild Rose’s
Dale Schlotzhauer at Wild Rose’s

RE/Max Junction

4400 SW Alaska St
Check back in April for new artist!



Janet Manuta, 5-8pm

Artist Statement

Janet Manuta is a local artist and art educator in West Seattle.   She has been teaching art for over 40 years, first in the Washington, D.C. area, and then in Upstate New York.  Since relocating to Seattle nearly 5 years ago, Janet has been teaching art at the Hope Lutheran School and exploring the Pacific Northwest.   

She expresses her love of the outdoors with hand-painted cut paper collages, inspired by the artist, Henri Matisse.  She works to create an energetic balance of positive and negative space with organic shapes derived from nature.  Her intention is for each piece to evoke a feeling of rhythm and balance where patterns of color and shapes invite the viewer to experience a personal connection.

Janet has recently been experimenting with tea leaf stained papers in her series of teapots and tea cups. 

Janet earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from the University of Maryland and her Masters in Education from Empire State College.  She created an entire art curriculum for middle school special needs students as her Masters thesis.  Janet emphasizes the opportunity for all students to express themselves in the visual arts and how this translates into success in core curriculum subjects.  Many of her students have gone on to receive recognition at prestigious competitions and have pursued careers in the visual arts.

Janet’s original art appears in the Fogue Studios and Gallery in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle and was featured in an exhibit in Petaluma, CA.

Learn more about Janet’s art at her Instagram page and website.

Janet Manuta at Flying Apron
Janet Manuta at Flying Apron
Janet Manuta at Flying Apron

ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery

4711 California Ave SW

Max Marlett, 5-9pm

Symbols and Archetypes: Modern Reflections of the Past

Marlett is driven to investigate the thread that connects the symbols and archetypes of classic stories to generate a new perspective for his subject matter. By looking at life through a lens outside of time, he can get to the heart of what remains the same throughout human history. Despite the new era of technology we are living in, we are faced with the same desire to live with a life of purpose. Through these juxtapositions, he hopes to express the dominance of nature over human innovation, and remind people of our ephemeral relationship with the natural world.

Learn more about Marlett’s work at his Instagram page and website.

Max Marlett at ArtsWest

Row House West Seattle

4203 SW Oregon Street

Kate Wolf, 5-8pm

Artist Statement

I stumbled into making altered Polaroid pictures in 1999. I had a Polaroid 600 and a pair of scissors. Right after snapping a shot, I cut around the edges of the image, peeled off the top layer and interrupted the development. The final hue and texture of every photo was random, impacted by maritime elements and Polaroid film chemistry.

Through this process, the image continued to develop, but without the trademark Polaroid saturation. It was as if the picture was transported backwards in time: the colors remained muted, crackles appeared, and a fiery seal wrapped the border — the image became roughed up and fixed in the past. Other variables came into play. Some images cracked, others stayed smooth. The peeling could snag in hot humid air, forcing a crop on the spot. Done immediately, the chemical reaction stayed intact, and the fiery seal surrounded a smaller image — even composition, then, had to be flexible.

It was exciting to compose an image but also be able to manipulate it on the spot to accomplish something that really wasn’t within the capabilities of the old Polaroid. Then in 2008, Polaroid folded and stopped making the film. The altered Polaroids literally became sealed in the past. This happened right at the rise of digital filters – which could generate similar effects – and other instant film and cameras which didn’t respond to the guerrilla method with the scissors. It was disappointing, but there was also something poetic about the medium itself becoming something that could not be recreated.

Kate Wolf’s Altered Polaroid artwork is represented by The Michael Birawer Gallery, 1003 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98104.

Adult beverages and tasty bites will be served!

Kate Wolf at Row House West Seattle
Kate Wolf at Row House West Seattle
Kate Wolf at Row House West Seattle


4526 42ND AVE SW

Join Susi Musi & Co at the West Seattle “Up House” for an evening of heartwarming art and inspired conversation.

Artist info to Come!


Windermere Real Estate Hosted by Kim Tingley & Jacey Frangos

4526 California Ave SW

Check back in April for new artist!

Click! Design That Fits

4540 California Ave SW

Rick Moreno, 5-8pm

The 70’s

Rick has channeled his love of color and nostalgic vibes into a collection of original paintings and prints titled “1973” and “The 70’s”.

For 20 years Rick has been painting professionally throughout the greater Seattle area and loving it! Murals and canvases are what he enjoys most. His art is well represented in nearly every city in and around Seattle and Puget Sound. His series “1973” represents Rick’s childhood as a 9 year old kid growing up in Corvallis, Oregon. He was inspired from an old photo he found in an album his mom kept. He was instantly transported into some sort of “Way-Back” time capsule. And, for those of us of a certain age, before computers, cell phones and video games, our childhood looked a little bit different.

Learn more about Rick’s work at his Instagram and Facebook pages.

Rick Moreno at Click! Design That Fits
yellow phone
Rick Moreno at Click! Design That Fits
Rick Moreno at Click! Design That Fits


Canna West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

5435 California Ave SW

Cait Blackinton5-8pm

I am a self-taught artist from Washington state. Hometown Roslyn, WA. I’ve been showing art throughout the state for over 15 years, and now live just north of Bellingham, where I paint from home. My main medium is acrylic paint but I also incorporate many mixed materials such as toilet paper, tissue, clay, cooking ingredients and found objects. I like to paint on repurposed materials such as used fabrics, old doors, and found objects. I make it a point not to buy new materials whenever possible because turning trash into art makes more sense. I think that creating works of art is a form of spell-casting and this is why it can be so powerful.

Learn more about Cait’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Cait Blackinton at Canna West Culture Shop
Cait Blackinton at Canna West Culture Shop
Cait Blackinton at Canna West Culture Shop

Viscon Cellars


Dot Cherch, 5-9pm

No tasting fee for Art Walk participants! This is Dot’s last month at Viscon Cellars so be sure to come see her work!

Artist Statement: I’m a Seattle-area illustrator who focuses on the details of ordinary objects that might otherwise be overlooked. Most of my pieces tell a story, whether from my own life, or from someone else’s; and those stories encourage viewers to make an emotional connection to each piece. My most recent collection does this through stories of food and the key role that food has in life’s every day and significant moments.

I paint with gouache, and love experimenting on all different types of canvases. For my most recent collection, I especially enjoyed rendering on reclaimed Pacific Northwest wood. A wood canvas, with its grains and impurities, cannot help but become part of the art.

I have a degree in performance and scenic design, and a B.A. (Hons.) in Illustration. I live on Vashon, where my work is included regularly in gallery shows. You can reach me at

Learn more about Dot’s work at her Instagram page and her website.

Dot Cherch at Viscon Cellars
Dot Cherch at Viscon Cellars

The Building

4316 SW Othello St

“The Building” is an exciting collective of tenants that practice a wide variety of the creative arts, from architecture to fiber art, encaustics to lighting design. Come visit each month for open studios and artist receptions! Thank you to PRDG Architects for hosting each month.

Featured March Artist: Artist to be announced!


7354 35TH AVE SW

Check back for the April artist!

Brace Point Pottery & Gallery with Alki Arts

4208 SW 100th St

Brace Point Pottery & Gallery is a showcase not only for the beautiful ceramic art of Loren Lukens, long-time West Seattle artist and resident, but other ceramicists, painters, fiber artists, mixed media, musicians and more!

Featured March Artists: Debbie Bianchi, Coco Spadoni, Hayley Reed, Sarah Kaye, 5-8pm

Note from Loren: Along with great art, we will be serving Prosecco and dessert bites and have live music in the background by the talented Rick Fogel. What a night – Please join us!

Hayley Bella Reed I am inspired by architecture, structure, and how we interact with the objects that populate the spaces we occupy. 3D-Printing and slip casting have been the best methods for me to explore the themes of structure, shape, patterns and multiples – the core themes within my ceramic practice. I am drawn to and create forms featuring sharp angles, twisting, layering, and stacking. These elements, when combined, create a sense of movement in a static object.

Coco Spadoni I make ceramic work because it calls for the owner to have a deep intimacy with an art object- needing you to lick, taste off of, wash, and tuck back into your kitchen cabinet over and over. They use a library of abstracted symbols that reference the bodily to embrace dreams, the human experience of embarrassment and our own personal shortcomings, tributes to failed love, and re-imaginings of queerness.

Sarah Kaye I use the nature of the materials I work with as my guide. The natural weight of plaster swells & deepens to shape my forms when I’m making a model. The delectable drips of glaze on the outside of a form are kept as the glaze was applied and the splats, splatters and the drips in my work come from letting go, not directing or dictating the material’s course by painting it on, but playing with different ways of leading the slip to land in the mold. Funny wording perhaps – but I try and let the slip decide.

Debbie Bianchi I am proud to say I was born and raised in West Seattle and now have the opportunity to share my perspective of what is beautiful with my fellow lovers of art and creativity. Free birds dance across the canvas among fanciful, fairy tale inspired blossoms, trees and landscapes. Freedom of motion speaks to me and I try to capture this sense of magic and indulgence in my work. These creations grow from acrylic paint, paper, charcoal and pastel.

As a child my mother and I used to buy old party dresses at thrift stores and make clothes and accessories for stuffed animals, dolls and new clothes for ourselves and loved ones. This was one of the most fond memories that I have, it was truly the flame that lit my desire to create! After creating these outfits, I wanted to become a fashion designer, but life got in the way for a little while. It was truly inspiring to see something old fashioned and obsolete become new and exciting again.

Learn more about Diane Venti, curator, and Alki Arts at her website. Learn more about Brace Point Pottery & Gallery at their Instagram and Facebook pages, and website.

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