July Art Walk in Pictures

Last night felt like tiptoeing into the water, being not really sure what it would feel like, but drawn by the memories of last summer’s swim. It was our first in-person Art Walk since March, and a beautiful night for some strolling and art appreciation. We had seven businesses with live shows, and Linda McClamrock, featured artist of Q3, held court at the KeyBank Plaza, as a reverent nod to the postponed Summer Fest Eve.

Admiral’s anchor is West Seattle Grounds, a gorgeous space to exhibit artwork. Casey Watson Howe’s delicate ink and cut-paper creations ‘Stress Fractures’ helped tether us to the moment and practice being more present. WSG has been showing new art every month throughout the Stay Home order, so never lost their stride for exhibiting. We couldn’t have said it better than WSG’s Celia:

“It was so great to see our #community reconnecting through the @WSArtWalk!”

Arbor Height’s Brace Point Pottery and Gallery were out “on the bricks,” enjoying Mimi Miles’ thrown and distended ceramic figures in the lovely evening. Inside, her “Senate Majority” gave visceral representation to the worst of our culture’s leadership.

Alaska Junction’s windows spoke volumes. Echoes of the Black Lives Matter protest are still heard, and businesses were clear on guidelines with communicative posters. We peered in Flying Apron to see new work from Damon Brown aka Creative Lou, and you can see it indoors any day before 3pm. At Click! you can “shop the windows” by QR code, linked to their website, but it’s worth the wait to go inside, three at a time, to feel the energy of Frances Smersh’s newest collection throughout the store space. 50% of all collection sales will go to our local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, and the work is selling fast.

Capers and Wild Rose’s both have indoor exhibits, available all month long, with favorites Magdalena Cooney and Steffanie Lorig, and Janet Ramble and Linda McClamrock, respectively. As does NW Encaustics, in The Building, showcasing Ellen Zrimsek’s forested landscapes. Founder Shaun Dolll is bidding a fond farewell to the artist community, as he closes the school at the end of the month after 10 years of inspiration, mentorship and creativity.

We want to thank all our generous partners for the support they bring the West Seattle Art Walk – Verity Credit Union, Canna West Seattle, Brookdale Senior Living and our media partner West Seattle Blog. Thank you, too, to the all artists, merchants, and restaurants/bars/cafes for making this monthly event happen. To you, art-seeker, thanks for being part of this community.

Here’s a small photo recap of Art Walk night for the month of July by volunteer photographers Todd M., Sofia V. and Reeve W. Most of the artwork featured will be up all month long, so do find time to visit these venues.

Did you take any photos? Tag us on Instagram (wsartwalk) or use our hashtag #westseattleartwalk on your photos. Please like or follow us to stay up to date!

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