WS Black Lives Matter Street Mural Project

Artists Paint the Movement. West Seattle will be the home of our own “Black Lives Matter” street mural to demonstrate our absolute support for the movement and to inspire continued, undiminished action of our neighbors. This important project will be created by selected youth and adult Artists of Color and is led by WS Art for Social Justice, a West Seattle-based non-profit for arts-based social justice initiatives. This group of educators, cultural stewards and small business owners fulfills their mission with the intention of elevating voices through community, collaboration, and art.

The mural project will start this weekend with stenciling on the street in between Easy Street and Cupcake Royale on Sunday, July 19, 10am-2pm, during the Farmer’s Market. The mural will be painted on Sunday, July 26, 9am-1pm. On an island rich with murals, both historic and modern-day, this project is a natural part of our urban fabric and will become part of our heritage.

(Photo credit: West Seattle Blog, Art Walk Media Partner)

How Can I Get Involved?

There are two ways you can help:

  • GoFundMe: As of the time of writing, fundraising for the WS BLM Mural is over $3,000 toward a $5,000 goal. All funds raised will go directly to supplies for the mural and to the artists themselves.
  • The power of your presence: Join the artists and community on the next two Sundays to demonstrate how we value their expression and to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Please wear your mask and follow social distancing.

Creative Vision and Visionaries

The WS Art for Social Justice team is honored to host the creation of the Black Lives Matter mural in the West Seattle Junction in conjunction with BIPOC and LGBTQIA BIPOC youth and adult artists. Learn more about these talented, passionate, beautiful humans at the WS for Social Justice Instagram.

Follow this event, and the organization’s work, on their social media. You can also contact them by email:

#blacklivesmatter #westseattlefarmersmarket #westseattlejunction #blm

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