WS Bridge T-Shirts :: Order Yours Here!

Do you know how someone might wear their heart on their sleeve? Well, now you can wear your Attitude/Wistfulness/Annoyance/Dark-sense-of-humor about the West Seattle Bridge situation proudly as – The new T-shirts are ready for pre-order! More than 6,800 friends and defenders of West Seattle voted on their favorite designs, from among 63 entries, and the top three designs are now ready to go into production.

Congratulations to the three winners!

Noah Bell-Cruz

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 11.31.40 AM


Greetings from Accidental Island – $29 100% ringspun cotton/pre-shrunk

“Great Neighbors, Terrible Bridges: For those of us on the westside, Accidental Island is the mandatory staycation destination of 2020. Pull up your beach chair and dust off your Castaway VHS, baby, ’cuz we’re all in this together… and this is one marooning we’ll never forget!” Available in mens and womens sizes. See more views and the size charts here. Ready to order? Click the green button.

Order here

Mike Shaughnessy / Bradi Jones

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 11.53.45 AM

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap – $29 100% ringspun cotton/pre-shrunk

“With a nod to the Brit catchphrase, this design was originally conceived as a limited-run sticker design of 100, just for personal fun. Friends convinced me to enter it into the T-shirt design contest.” Available in mens, womens and youth sizes. See more views and the size charts here. Ready to order? Click the green button.

Order here

Rebecca Dahlin

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 11.31.03 AM

Close Yet so Far

So Close Yet So Far – $29 100% ringspun cotton/pre-shrunk

“My brother lives downtown and by crow, we’re only 2.5 miles apart and what was usually only a 10 minute drive is now 25 without traffic. So close yet so far. But it’s okay – the peninsula has plenty to do here so we don’t really notice so much. My husband and I moved here three years ago this spring. I designed this reflecting on the luck we’ve had to live and find community in West Seattle just by random chance. I’m originally from rural Minnesota and my husband is from East Dallas and we met while living in Chicago. We knew we wanted to move west and West Seattle is the place we share together, home for both of us (and our two pups). We can find tacos as good as he grew up on in Texas, and the water and nature all around fills me with a sense of home (but even better). I could go on and on but I actually prefer keeping how great it is a secret so no one else comes here. Even though I know we are people who came here. Thank you to everyone who has made West Seattle feel like home.” Available in mens, womens and youth sizes. See more views and the size charts here. Ready to order? Click the green button.

Order here

What we at the Art Walk love about these designs is how they reflect the broad range of emotions we are all feeling about the Bridge, each with its own graphic twist. Order the one that best matches where you are! See more views and the size charts here.

How can I get my own T-shirt?

You can pre-order a T-shirt now through this link or buy it in early September at select West Seattle retailers:

  • Easy Street, 4559 California Ave SW
  • Wild Roses, 4529 California Ave SW
  • West 5, 4539 California Ave SW
  • Capers, 4525 California Ave SW

Check back for more retailers that are signing up daily!

Please note: if you are looking for specific sizes or styles, or specific quantities, pre-order is your best bet to ensure availability. Not every retailer will have every size, but with pre-order you will get exactly what you request.

How much do they cost for pre-order?

$29 for all sizes (youth available for “Mind the Gap” and “So Close Yet So Far”). All pre-orders will be mailed, and prices includes tax and shipping.

Questions? or 206-935-0904


How much do they cost at a retail store?

The cost is $26 at a retail store, plus tax.

How do I know what size I need?

See more views and the size charts here.

Please note: the Women’s style sizes tend to run small, so order a size up as needed.

Will there be additional print runs?

We expect to have additional runs through the end of the year to meet demand – but don’t wait! We are hoping to see as many of these shirts out and about as possible!

Who benefits from the T-shirt sales?

Pre-orders support the West Seattle Junction Association (a nonprofit 501c3), that organizes year-round community events, flower baskets, street safety and cleaning.

All proceeds of the T-shirt sales will go toward the merchants who will be selling the t-shirts at their stores.

Thank you for your support of the Arts, Artists and West Seattle! We couldn’t do this without you.

Your West Seattle Art Walk Team


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