October Art Walk

Art Walk is back on Thursday, October 8, 5pm ’til late! (With heartfelt farewells to the Virtual experience that sustained us throughout the Spring and Summer.) More and more businesses are open and showing art, either during business hours or on 2nd Thursday evening. Be sure to note below which is which, and come on out tomorrow night!

New for October: Live broadcasts! Our Beta Team will be in the Alaska Junction, covering the receptions. Join in on our Instagram and Facebook accounts! Check out the social accounts of your favorite exhibiting business – they may be live, too!

Welcome to brand new Morgan Junction business Doll Parts Collective, our newest Art Walk host! See listing below for some words from co-proprietors Alyssa and Becky.

We recognized that not everyone is quite ready for full-on Art Walk, either businesses, artists or Art Lovers. So we will continue to take it slow. Let us know what you think and what was the most comfortable for you. We also want to remind our Art Lovers that this event is powered by our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants. Thank you for all you do to celebrate our vibrant art scene in West Seattle!

Click here to view the Google map for businesses that are open and exhibiting.

(Post image by Kat Honda Whitham)

Fall 2020 Art Walk: October 8, November 12, December 10

Featured Q4 Artist! Congratulations to Glenda Weibel whose watercolor on archival tissue paper “Almond Blossoms¨ is our featured art for Q4. Her work is on display at Flying Apron during business hours throughout the month of October. West Seattle Grounds in November, and Zelda Zonk in December.

About the Artist

Glenda is a watercolor artist who has lived in West Seattle for over 20 years. She loves the immediacy and fluidity of watercolor, but has recently been exploring ways to free watercolor paintings from being framed behind glass. She achieves this by painting directly onto archival tissue paper and mounting them on a canvas, finished with varnish. This technique maintains the freshness of watercolor, yet sets it free from glass. 


Brought to you by the Admiral Neighborhood Association

West Seattle Grounds

2141 California Ave SW

Heather Brincko INDOORS + RECEPTION, 5-9pm

Happy Hour at West Seattle Grounds! $5 WINE  |  $3 CIDER  | $3 AFFOGATOS Always Free Hot Cocoas for kids! Don’t forget to wear your mask!

Heather’s first thought when she walked into West Seattle Grounds was that encaustics (wax over photographs in this case) would look amazing there. The light and airy atmosphere and cozy beverages were also perfect for hunkering down and art journaling. Pre-covid, that’s where she could be found whenever a break from the day-to-day presented itself.

Needless to say, Heather is very excited about this show! On the walls are large encaustic photographs, photo transfers/mixed media pieces, and one of her most recent art journals. Art making brings her so much joy and is a main source of sanity. The primary reason for showing her work is to bring transparency to her process in the hopes that others will be inspired to dabble or rekindle creative flames.

Learn more about Heather’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages and website.

Zelda Zonk

2210 California Ave SW

Brooke Borcherding BUSINESS HOURS ONLY

Brooke is a 33 year old full-time award winning artist working out of Wallingford, Seattle.  Her paintings focus on innovation, aesthetics, perception and place.  With a background in plein air (on site) landscape painting her focus lies in color, dynamic composition and beauty of the every day.  Although she obtained a BFA from the University of Oregon in 2010, she considers herself a self-taught artist when it comes to landscape painting, as most of her experience comes from prolific practice. By looking at nature, and abstaining from any landscape workshops, Brooke has been able to develop her own unique style that is not quite categorizable.  

Humans have an intelligent visual perception, thus, she hopes that her deconstructed style of painting can stimulate these senses.  She analytically breaks up a scene into blocks of color by looking and responding, which hopefully yields an enjoyable image for the audience to get lost in.  People have described her paintings as reminiscent to those of Cezanne’s, the modern version of pointillism, cubism, or blown up computer pixels. 

Over the past 8 years as an exhibiting artist she has most recently been awarded 2nd place at the Mercer Island’s MIVAl miniature show, 3rd place at Shoreline’s 2019 summer at fest,  best oil/acrylic painting at the 2018 Carmel Plein Air Competition, numerous honorable mentions, a best in show, juror’s choice awards, best plein air in Cannon Beach Oregon and 3rd place in Ocean Shores 2017 annual Art exhibit.  She is nationally collected and shows at galleries in Western Washington, Oregon coast and California wine country.

Learn more about Brooke’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages and her website.

Welcome Road Winery

5910 California Ave SW Ste B

Deb McCarroll BUSINESS HOURS ONLY (Permanent collection)

Deb McCarroll’s bold work embodies the Northwest’s regional culture. Patterns are created with Seattle’s ubiquitous falling rain. Paper is integrated into wet paint and then set on fire. Metal leaf is frequently woven into scenes and selectively oxidized with acid to add patinas in glittering greens and browns. Local flora and fauna are painted in startling realism and then pared with raw abstract practices.

Learn more about Deb’s work at her Instagram, Facebook and website.

Deb McCarroll, coordinated by Welcome Road Winery


Brought to you by the West Seattle Junction Association

West Seattle Art Nest

4138 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!

John L. Scott West Seattle

4445 California Ave SW

Andrew Woods (AWD) INDOOR + RECEPTION, 5pm-8:30pm

Artist Statement

Andrew Woods (AWD) is a longtime Seattle-area animator and musician.  Somewhere around 2013, he began drawing and painting more intensively during extended sessions at the dinner table with his daughter Lucy.  Delight in how quickly his drawing was improving inspired him to further practice, including a lucky opportunity for years of weekly figure-drawing study with some incredible teachers — including Ned Mueller, Abigail Platter, and David Longo.  Andrew works in a loosely realistic style, capturing local scenes with a focus on energy and efficiency of gesture.

For purchase or commission inquiries, Andrew can be contacted by email at awd@neonbrown.com. Learn more about his work at his Instagram page and Etsy shop.

Hosted by Rich Puffert, Real Estate Broker/Realtor®.

Hotwire Online Coffee

4410 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!

Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Partner)

4505 California Ave SW

Natalie Millsap INDOORS 6pm-8pm

Natalie Millsap grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She currently resides in Bellingham, Washington, where she specializes in printmaking and painting. She graduated from Western Washington University in 2018 where she earned dual Bachelor degrees in Fine Arts and Studio Arts along with a minor in Art History. She is known for her glitch and dreamlike works of art that are centered around themes of identity, playing with the glitch matrix, and surrealism. Natalie used to regularly vend and live paint at local events and small festivals prior to the pandemic and is now looking forward to new ways of connecting with the public through her art. Her screen-printed clothing has a growing cult following around the U.S., leading to her brand name Cult of Nat. Aside from making art, Natalie works at a massage and floatation tank facility. She holds mental and physical health at an utmost importance, and believes art is a crucial element of well-being.

Find Natalie on Picuki, Facebook and Instagram

Learn more about Natalie’s work at her Instagram.


4517 California Ave SW, unit A

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!


4525 California Ave SW

Group Show INDOORS, open all day until 7pm

Flóra Carlile-Kovács (fiber arts) and Shaun Doll  (encaustic)

Open all day until 7pm and/or by appointment. Please note: Neither artist will be present

Rich colors, rich textures, and rich history. If ever there was a must see show, this is it…

Learn more about Flóra’s work at her Instagram page and website.

Learn more about Shaun’s work at his Instagram page and website.

Flora Car

Wild Roses

4529 California Av SW

Dale Schlotzhauer INDOORS + RECEPTION, 6pm-8pm

About the Artist: First came spray paint – on vases, lamps, and bottles. But that wasn’t enough. Next came furniture painting with spray paint and Unicorn Spit (a gel stain and paint). But that wasn’t enough either. On to painting vases with Unicorn Spit, and acrylic paint. That was super fun, but there had to be more. So on to canvas and wood with acrylics and Unicorn Spit. In the meantime, painting old fashioned glassware with acrylic and/or Unicorn Spit has started happening. So far I’m holding steady with the canvas, wood, vases and glassware. Whew.

All this painting stared in my garage a few summers ago. When the summer melded into Fall, I moved my spare bedroom furniture out and my painting table and paints inside where it was warm. I think it’s safe to say that my inner artist is not so inner any more.

When I’m not covered in paint, I’m singing in the Seattle Symphony Chorale and the Westside Presbyterian Church choir. I also play a bit of piano, Celtic harp and ukulele. Oh, and somewhere in there I retired.

Learn more about Dale and her works at her website.

RE/Max Junction

4400 SW Alaska St

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!




Visit Flying Apron to see Glenda’s work live during business hours 9:30am to 3:00pm!

Featured Q4 Artist! Congratulations to Glenda Weibel whose watercolor on archival tissue paper “Almond Blossoms¨ is our featured art for Q4. Her work is on display at Flying Apron during business hours throughout the month of October. West Seattle Grounds in November, and Zelda Zonk in December.

About the Artist

Glenda is a watercolor artist who has lived in West Seattle for over 20 years. She loves the immediacy and fluidity of watercolor, but has recently been exploring ways to free watercolor paintings from being framed behind glass. She achieves this by painting directly onto archival tissue paper and mounting them on a canvas, finished with varnish. This technique maintains the freshness of watercolor, yet sets it free from glass. 

ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery

4711 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!

Bakery Nouveau

4737 California Ave SW


Sheila Lengle is a West Seattle artist whose work you may recognize as it has been chosen for the West Seattle Garden Tour poster art in 2012 and 2018. She finds peace and contentment during these challenging times by cuddling her three kitties (Jake cozies with the artist under his portrait), keeping her yard in rural beauty, and is helping build a carport to replace the one she lost during the snows of 2018.

With tongue-in-cheek she describes her graphically whimsical style as being informed by coloring book and paint by number art. Her September show is hung on the high walls of Bakery Nouveau.

Learn more about Sheila’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also read about the 2018 West Seattle Garden Tour and Sheila’s winning piece at the Art Walk Business Spotlight post.

Row House West Seattle

4203 SW Oregon Street

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!

Windermere Real Estate Hosted by Kim Tingley & Jacey Frangos

4526 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!

Click! Design That Fits

4540 California Ave SW

Click! Collective Show and 16th Anniversary INDOORS + RECEPTION, 5-6pm

We are so grateful for the people who make up the Click! team and we’re delighted to have the chance to feature some of their work and show the community a little more of who we are. Four of our employees have work to show, and having a painter, photographer, jeweler, and woodworker on the team means there’s a great mix and variety of pieces.

Learn more about the event at the Click! website.

Learn more about Geena Rae, Alanna Quinn Jones, Adia Bobo and Elyssa Cichy at their Instagrams. Come by the store during business hours, or tonight between 5pm and 6pm!

Brookdale West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

4611 35th Ave SW

Click to see a short clip about this show!

Betty J. Davis, Artist in Residence VIRTUAL ONLY

Watercolorist – Papercrafter – Mixed Media Artist

Betty Davis has lived at Brookdale West Seattle for over 3 years.

“My background in the visual arts include Art History Classes, numerous Watercolor Workshops and College Art Classes in Drawing, Painting and Design. First and foremost, most of my art explodes with color. I am attracted to bright, contrasting colors and flowing organic shapes whether representational or abstract. My art pieces tend to be intense, passionate and often celebratory.”

FUN FACT! Betty and her daughter Janelle Lee both participated in our Community Wooden Quilt Project earlier this year.


Brought to you by the Morgan Community Association

Canna West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

5435 California Ave SW

Brigitte Halpin INDOOR + RECEPTION, 5 ’til late

Meditations on Exploitation

Brigitte is a pediatric nurse by day and fluid artist by night. She uses alcohol inks, acrylics, resin and a hint of glitter to create dynamic pieces sure to brighten your space and bring a smile to your face. 

Learn more about Brigitte’s work at her Instagram and website.

Doll Parts Collective

6016 California Ave SW, Suite C

Kat Honda Whitham INDOOR + RECEPTION, 5-9pm

Women of Resiliance

As a self-taught artist who spent many years using only a pencil to sketch, Kat recently discovered a passion for painting whimsical figures, portraits, landscapes and florals in vibrant colors. She hasn’t yet settled on any one style as she is currently exploring—with great enthusiasm—many art mediums and motifs. Her favorite iconic artists are Masayuki Miyata and Georgia O’Keefe. Inspiration for her drawings and paintings comes from her Asian-American culture, love of books and travel, and the Pacific Northwest horizons. Earlier this year, Kat’s work was shown at the SSC Art Gallery and The Old World Tasting Room. She works and lives in West Seattle with her family. 

Learn more about Kat’s work at her Instagram page.

We welcome Doll Parts Collective, a new member of the Morgan Junction neighborhood, to Art Walk! Learn more about them in the words of their co-proprietors, Alyssa and Becky:

“Doll Parts Collective – where creativity and sustainability collide – specializes in vintage clothing and home decor, with a focus on ethical shopping practices and creative concepts! We are excited to be part of the neighborhood and can’t wait to meet the local community! Not comfortable being around strangers yet? We are offering private personal shopping appointments or curbside pickup of our online items as an alternative. To book, folks should check out our website – wearedollparts.com!”

West Seattle Cellars

6026 California Ave SW


Join Us for the Reception! 5:00-7:00pm

Note from Jan: We welcome you to come by any time and take a look. Of course, face coverings are required in the shop, all social distancing rules apply, and we ask that you limit your visit to 20 minutes.

I am an artistic photographer. I make images of pattern, abstraction and detail found in nature.

After 35 years in the Arizona desert, I now call the Pacific Northwest my home. The move was not just a physical relocation; it was a major lifestyle change from frantically busy to peaceful. As a recovering “do-aholic,” my photography reflects the peaceful life I now live.

Each image is an invitation to stop for a moment, to breathe, to see the beauty in the details around us. Focusing on clean subjects and patterns, my intent is to create art through which people feel their connection to the natural world. My work is ideal for places where a serene environment is desired, such as spas, hospitals and medical offices, hotels, as well as homes and offices.

Learn more about Karen’s work at her website.

Please contact Jan at West Seattle Cellars for purchase details.

Viscon Cellars


Check back in 2021 Q1 for Art Walk event details!

A note from Ben Viscon: “I am not open for tastings. Based on the Governor’s mandate, wineries cannot be conducting wine tastings in an inside setting. I have been having folks schedule times to pick up wines only.”

Call Ben to place your order and learn about pick up times! (206) 419-0468

Paper Boat Booksellers

6040 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk event details!

Mailbox West

6523 California Ave SW

Alexis LaFlamme, Meditative Arts BUSINESS HOURS ONLY

NEW! open until 6pm on 2nd Thursday Art Walk!

Alexis LaFlamme is a local abstract artist, mother, and activist. She plays and creates primarily with alcohol inks and acrylic paints. She enjoys the ways inks are moved with breath and brush, as well as the vivid rich colors they provide. She is inspired by the patterns and shades of the natural world.

A special note from John Payne, Mailbox West: Thanks for persevering with promoting local artists and their work despite the difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Learn more about Alexis’ work at her Instagram and Facebook pages and her website.


Caffe Ladro

7011 California Ave SW #1954

Check back in 2021 for more Art Walk Details!

The Building

4316 SW Othello St

“The Building” is an exciting collective of tenants that practice a wide variety of the creative arts, from architecture to fiber art, encaustics to lighting design. Thank you to PRDG Architects for hosting each month.

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk Details!

GREATER WEST SEATTLE: Gatewood & Arbor Heights

Brace Point Pottery & Gallery with Alki Arts

4208 SW 100th St

Group Show + Big Sale! INDOOR + RECEPTION, 5-8pm

Layne Cook, Patri O’Connor, Lezlie Jane

Some of West Seattle’s favorite artists have cleaned out their studios and are allowing us to have a big sale on their work! Great deals to be had! Patri O’Connor,  Layne Cook, and Lezlie Jane artwork at the best prices you will ever see! Come take a look during Artwalk Oct 8th 5-8pm

The studio and gallery are also open every Saturday in Oct 10-5pm

Local Original Art!

Learn more about Layne’s work at their website.

Learn more about Patri’s work at their website.

Learn more about Lezlie’s work at her website.

Learn more about Loren Lukens and Brace Point Pottery at his Instagram and Facebook pages and website. Learn more about Diane Venti and Alki Arts at her website.

Loren Lukens at Brace Point Pottery

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