April Art Walk

Art Walk is this week! Thursday, April 8, 5pm ’til late. Good thing we have brought back our Walking Maps because there are so many new bars, restaurants and cafes are offering “Art Walk Specials!” Check out our Facebook post for more info. More and more businesses are open and showing art, either during business hours or on 2nd Thursday evening. Be sure to note below which is which, and come on out on Thursday night!

Continuing for April: Live broadcasts! Our Team will be covering some of the receptions. Join in on our Instagram and Facebook accounts! Check out the social accounts of your favorite exhibiting business – they may be live, too!

We also want to remind our Art Lovers that this event is powered by our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants. Thank you for all you do to celebrate our vibrant art scene in West Seattle!

Click here to view the Google map for businesses that are open and exhibiting.

(Post image by Taylor De Ponte, showing at Canna West Culture Shop)

Spring 2021 Art Walk: April 8, May 13, June 10

Featured Q2 Artist! Congratulations to Jenna Roby whose lovely original watercolor, These Small Hours, graces the new poster AND walking maps, available in participating businesses this week. You can see Jenna’s work in April, May and June at Viscon Cellars.

About the Artist

As a creative watercolor artist, Jenna strives to create beauty out of the chaos. Jenna’s paintings are created by vibrant washes of watercolor mixing together to create unique and unpredictable combinations. Then she molds and shapes the image and slowly builds while still highlighting the chaotic first layers. Life is unpredictable, live free.. paint free.

Jenna has been teaching watercolor for the past 6 years at many wonderful locations such as Bellevue College, South Seattle Community College and Daniel Smith in Seattle (current).


Brought to you by the Admiral Neighborhood Association

West Seattle Grounds

2141 California Ave SW

Austin Picinich INDOORS + RECEPTION, 5-8pm

Happy Hour at West Seattle Grounds from 5PM-8PM! Always Free Hot Cocoas for kids! Don’t forget to wear your mask!

Artist Statement: I am a 16-year-old acrylic on canvas painter merging realism with my imagination and using bright colors that pop. I have been an avid painter since the age of seven, but just recently started my own business. I took my passion to the next level by tackling large-sized paintings, and my biggest work to date is a 12-foot long by 4-foot tall tropical triptych – although prints of my work are available at many sizes and prices.

This is my first ever month in the West Seattle Art Walk, and I am so excited to be at West Seattle Grounds! I have a wide range of pieces from big to small that will be showing, so stop by to see them all.

Special Feature! Austin will be painting live at West Seattle Grounds during the art walk evening on April 8th from 5-8pm. Come by to see him working on his next painting!

Learn more about Austin’s work at his Instagram, Facebook and website.

Zelda Zonk

2210 California Ave SW

Mindi Katzman BUSINESS-HOURS ONLY, 12-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

These pictures are encaustic monoprints.
The images have been drawn directly on a hot plate,
paper placed over the wax, and burnished. Each is unique.

Fun Fact! Mindi has also put up West Seattle’s First Little Free Art Gallery:https://westseattleblog.com/2021/03/west-seattles-first-little-free-art-gallery

Note from Mindi: You can see more of these prints at Zelda Zonk through April, at my studio by appointment, or on my website: mindikatzman.com or Instagram: @mindikatzman. Please contact me : Mindi@mindikatzman.com

West Seattle Runner

2743 California Ave SW, Suite #101

Art for the Tender INDOOR+RECEPTION 5pm-7pm

Learn more about Emily Juarez’s work at her Instagram.



Food and Drink Specials!

Please mention The Art Walk to receive any of our specials:

• 50% off 2nd pasta dish (to-go or dine-in)

• 50% off 2nd dessert (to-go or dine-in)

• $2 off wine/beer by glass (dine-in Only) 4pm till Late.

Welcome Road Winery

5910 California Ave SW Ste B

Deb McCarroll BUSINESS HOURS ONLY (Permanent collection)

Deb McCarroll’s bold work embodies the Northwest’s regional culture. Patterns are created with Seattle’s ubiquitous falling rain. Paper is integrated into wet paint and then set on fire. Metal leaf is frequently woven into scenes and selectively oxidized with acid to add patinas in glittering greens and browns. Local flora and fauna are painted in startling realism and then pared with raw abstract practices.

Learn more about Deb’s work at her Instagram, Facebook and website.

Deb McCarroll, coordinated by Welcome Road Winery




$1 off our famous milkshakes on Art Walk night!


Brought to you by the West Seattle Junction Association

Fogue Gallery

4130 California Ave SW

Featured Artist: Ruby LIndner INDOORS+RECEPTION 5pm to 8pm

The Weaving of Life’s Chapters Together

“I am a Stronger Here Myself” is the story of feeling apart in the world – a stranger in one’s own space and in the world at large.

“The Solitary Season” is the story of isolation or being alone in the world, where one is one’s own solace and comfort.

“Thoughts on the Faraway” is the story of looking out at the world beyond one’s own immediate surroundings and contemplating the larger beyond, the larger far away.

Learn more about Fogue Gallery at their website, Facebook and Instagram pages, and read more about owner Patti Curtis’ return home to West Seattle and the history of Fogue in our Business Spotlight on Fogue Gallery!

Featured Artists

Hotwire Online Coffee

4410 California Ave SW

Check back later for Art Walk details!



$5.00 House red & white, $1 off on-tap beers, 5pm to close.



$1 off glass of wine on Art Walk night!

Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Partner)

4505 California Ave SW

Marie Skoor INDOORS **NOTE** Business Hours until 6pm

Garden Reflections

“Garden Reflections,” is a small collection of work that has been entirely created during the past year of this pandemic. I was interested in revisiting the bright colors and textures of floral design as well as portraiture. Attention to detail with a return to Victorian elegance and beauty are the focus of these acrylic paintings. The natural world continues to feed my creativity and propels me forward on my artistic journey.

About me… I am an artist living and working in the Seattle area. After graduating from Evergreen with a B.A. in Fine Art I worked in graphic design as well as taught for a non-profit organization spearheaded by Dale Chihuly called “Seniors Making Art.” I now work in advertising and continue to draw, paint, photograph and produce art along with raising my daughter and our almost one year old Golden Retriever.  My art can be viewed at: www.facebook.com/SkoorStudio and on Instagram: @marietheartist10

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my work at: marietheartist@yahoo.com


4525 California Ave SW

PA Mathison INDOORS, 5pm to 8pm

Please note: Artist is not able to attend.

Like Spring, PA Mathison has returned to Capers Home! Come by during business hours, or this Thursday for Art Walk, 5pm ’til late, to see her lush landscapes and abstracts in Capers’ gorgeous spring home design settings.

Also in store: a Tea-themed pottery installation! View works of 8 Local artisans, through Mother’s Day (May 9).

Learn more about PA Mathison’s work at her Facebook, Instagram and website. Follow Capers on their Instagram for arrivals of new merchandise, sales and events!

Wild Roses

4529 California Av SW

Audrey Nightlinger INDOORS 11am-8pm


NIGHT, by design

A little play on words, a lot of truth 

I have always been a night owl – and always up late doing art

Art has always been a passion of mine

To me, art is therapy

For 2021, I have challenged myself to try one art medium each month to add to my artistic tool kit and potentially find a new favorite medium – hope you can join in on my journey

This year I am also participating in the April West Seattle Art walk at the Wild Roses Antique Shop on California Ave, on April 8th – although, my art will be displayed for the entire month in the store. I would love to introduce myself and give your more background on the art I have created! I’m looking forward to meeting you

My hope is that my art can inspire you to own the night and do the things you’ve always wanted to

The NIGHT is yours.

Learn more about Audrey’s work at her Instagram and website.



$6 glass pours 5-8pm, 15% off bottles.

BIN 41


10% off any purchase of $25 or more on Art Walk night.



Amanda Whitworth BUSINESS HOURS ONLY 9:30am-3:00pm

Artist Statement

I believe we are all born creative. That creativity is our soul’s way of communicating with the world. Our lifeblood, our truth, and our lighthouse guiding us home. 

A self-taught Wood Artist, I live in the Greater Seattle area and I am inspired by the Pacific Northwest. You can find my work on the following platforms:

Instagram: @_sawdustandsoul

Website: www.amandawhitworth.com

Email: amandawhitworthcreative@gmail.com

Currently taking commissions with a mid-May start date.

Snip It’s Haircuts for Kids West Seattle

4506 California Ave SW

Dr. Green and the Garden Kids INDOORS + RECEPTION, 5pm-7pm

Windermere Real Estate Hosted by Larry Johnson

4526 California Ave SW

Check back in Q2 for Art Walk details!



Food and Drink Special! $7.00 Art Walk Margarita – Just be sure to mention “The Art Walk Special!”


Click! Design That Fits

4540 California Ave SW

Naomi Amber Dawn INDOOR SHOW+RECEPTION 11am-6pm

Some thoughts from our friends at Click!

Naomi Amber Dawn’s mesmerizing digital collage work immediately captured our attention with its ethereal, dreamlike imagery.

A photographer by trade, Naomi took her childhood love of collaging to photoshop where she began crafting the surreal scenes that will adorn our walls for the next month. The collection debuts Thursday 4.8.21 during West Seattle Art Walk.

Enchanting flower fields, intergalactic skylines, orcas among the clouds, and magical, majestic mountains are just a few of the subjects explored in the show. It truly is the stuff of dreams and colorful imaginations and will be available to view in-store and online through the first week of May.

Learn more about Naomi’s work at her Instagram.



$5 glass of house red or white, 3-9pm, on Art Walk night.



$1 off of a beer on Art Walk night.

Brookdale West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

4611 35th Ave SW

Jeanne Durban, Brookdale Resident WINDOW SHOW

Reception: 4PM – 6PM Wine & Art on the Front Patio!

With The Brush of My Hand

Jeanne’s love for making art may have started with someone else loving her elephant. She remembers drawing an entire circus tableau at age 8, complete with trapeze performers and an elephant, and discovering everyone loved it. Motivated for more, she designed a black-and-white cow with its tongue sticking out and udders in the wrong places, which her mother hung and prized. Jeanne was hooked. She took all the art classes she could find at school. In college she enrolled in a drawing class but soon found her medium to be oils. Jeanne paints plenty of outdoor scenes: patios, gardens, churches in Cabo San Lucas, the Baja California town where she lived for 20 years. Each is a labor of love.

Learn more about life at Brookdale at their Instagram location page.


Brought to you by the Morgan Community Association

Canna West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

5435 California Ave SW

Taylor De Ponte INDOORS+RECEPTION, 6-7pm

Mediums: acrylic paint, ink, polymer clay, decoupage

With a background in acrylic and watercolor portraiture, Taylor brings her comfortable, colorful chaos to a mixed-media approach that is braided between childhood whimsy and the cynicism of adulthood. 

Although she maintains her professional life as the owner of a Seattle pet care company and as a pet portrait artist for many of her clients, Taylor understands the importance of new artistic enterprises, and in this case, with a series of tangible mediums donning subverted expectations; the celebration of life and its tiny, everyday failures.

Learn more about Taylor’s work at her Instagram and website.

West Seattle Cellars

6026 California Ave SW


Artist Statement For most of my life I have felt a special connection with nature and believe that we all have a symbiotic relationship with the natural world.

Photography is my means of expressing the beauty and necessity of nature’s diversity in our daily lives. I attempt to capture this experience through my lens, allowing you the same opportunity. These particular photos embody the amazing variety of species in nature.

Due to restricted traveling I have been focusing on photographing primarily in West Seattle.

Learn more about Mark’s work at his website.

Please contact Jan at West Seattle Cellars for purchase details.

Viscon Cellars


Jenna Roby INDOORS + RECEPTION 5-8pm

See featured Q2 artist Jenna Roby’s beautiful works in person at the newly reopened Viscon Cellars!

A note from Ben Viscon:

We are finally allowed to open up for wine tastings….at a limited capacity… but open nonetheless. We will be open Saturdays from 1-4pm for tastings, glasses and bottles for now. The painting of our Tasting Room was done by Lindsay Peyton Art. I love that piece of art!

Call Ben to place your order and learn about pick up times! (206) 419-0468



Hope Angel INDOOR + RECEPTION 5-8pm

Hope Angel Fine Art

Please note: due to an unforeseen family emergency, the artist will not be present this evening.

Artist Statement: I am a local Pacific Northwest artist who specializes in ready to hang, acrylic on canvas paintings. My diverse and varied work ranges from seascapes and landscapes to abstract flowers and bridges to seasons and people, and much more. Often I surprise myself with the finished product. Painting in my cozy, eclectic art studio in Seattle, WA since 2017, I enjoy adding unique perspectives to my designs to make each piece truly memorable. I love to explore the disappearing element of empathy through ironically colorful expressions. Let’s start a discussion – email me anytime.

Learn more about Hope’s work at her Instagram and website.

Mailbox West

6523 California Ave SW


Another chance to see featured 2020’s Q4 artist Glenda Wiebel!

About the Artist

Glenda is a watercolor artist who has lived in West Seattle for over 20 years. She loves the immediacy and fluidity of watercolor. The pieces in this show reflect the variability and flexibility of the watercolor medium on traditional cotton paper.

Flooring Plus NW

6523 California Ave SW

Dennis James Brandt INDOORS 5pm-7pm + BUSINESS HOURS 10am to 7pm

Whoretense Spacepillow

A collection of large format sci-fi airbrush works priced to sell, some BTLM Portraits in watercolor, a dozen 8×8 oil pastels on wood, and Gilda my vintage art van!

Learn more about Dennis’ work at his Facebook, Instagram and website.

The Building

4316 SW Othello St

Check back later for Open Studio news!

Learn more about host PRDG Architecture + Design at their Instagram and Facebook pages, and website.

GREATER WEST SEATTLE: Gatewood & Arbor Heights

Brace Point Pottery & Gallery with Alki Arts

4208 SW 100th St

Warren Pope Sculpture: INDOOR+RECEPTION 5pm-8pm Meet the Artist!


Warren Pope makes sculptures.
Stretched and painted canvases over wooden structures are akin to skulls, waves, clouds or fish.
Tangles of wire are ephemeral yet substantive structure out of chaos.
Foam core assemblages resemble architectural models or mini labyrinths.
Always, they satisfy an emotional artistic design quotient as well as challenging the intellectual, political or entertainment aspect of a subject.
African Stories, Politics of Society, Triumph of Technology
Sometimes, the sculptures conflict with each other.
Sometimes, they create a synergy.
Sometimes, they are just fun.

Learn more about Loren Lukens and Brace Point Pottery at his Instagram and Facebook pages and website. Learn more about Diane Venti and Alki Arts at her website.

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