A Tribute to Frances

Frances. What comes to mind when you think of her? We’ll start. 

Her smiling eyes and infectious laugh. 

Her creativity, expressed in her jewelry design, careful curation of the style on display at Click! Design That Fits, and her abstract painting. 

Her loving friendships and kindness toward everyone who walked through the doors of the shop. 

Her strong support of West Seattle business, the Art Walk, and the Arts Council. 

The world lost the beautiful energy that was Frances Smersh, co-founder of Click! in the Alaska Junction, on September 4, 2021, when she died from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. In the six and a half years since her diagnosis, Frances spent much of that time in the heart of our community – behind the counter at Click!, painting in her studio, hosting Art Walk receptions, exhibiting her own work at Click! and Providence Mount St. Vincent, and spending time with her many friends and loving family. We knew then that every day with Frances was a gift, and we know now that our memories are her gift to us.

The West Seattle Art Walk sends love and light to John Smersh and the entire Click! family. We are truly heartbroken by the loss of Frances.

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