A Young Journalist’s Impressions about Art Walk

Editor’ note: We welcome the fresh voice of 14 year-old Shyla Durante to the WS Art Walk platform. Please enjoy her take on October’s Second Thursday event!

Walking with maps in hand, the community of West Seattle celebrated local artists sharing their creativity and work at the October Art Walk. After the many challenges businesses have faced due to the pandemic, the Art Walk was back and better than ever with over 50 places to visit at their most recent event. 

On October 14th, the West Seattle Junction provided an exciting and cozy environment for artists to share their work with the community. This also gave attendees the chance to visit the local bars, restaurants, and cafés offering their ‘Art Walk Specials.’

Those attending the West Seattle Art Walk found it to be an amazing and fun experience meeting the artists, seeing their work, and learning about their creative process.

Artist Profiles

Kierstan Craft, creator and owner of KCraftArt, was one of the featured artists at the Art Walk, showing at Flying Apron. Her artwork is what she describes as high contrast color with a hint of sparkles and abstract dripping, covering “from the highest of the Greek gods, to the astrological signs, to the unknown gods.”

Through her art, she wants people to feel inspired to learn. “These stories of good and evil and overcoming are inspiring in themselves,” Kierstan said. “I’m hoping that my art can help people to overcome and be inspired as well.” 

Another talented artist sharing their creations at the Art Walk was Katelyn Williams, founder of Chaos Coven, a shop with affordable, handmade, cyberpunk, laser cut jewelry. Katelyn started making jewelry at a military base in Arizona.

Katelyn said that they love making jewelry and love seeing their customers excited to wear her jewelry. She makes sure that before any item is sold, customers genuinely like it. 

Many businesses in The Junction opened up their doors to host artists including the vintage store, ‘Doll Parts Collective’ , a female owned, sustainability-focused collective. Founders Becky Bacsik-Booke and Alyssa Kaliszewski invited Chaos Coven to collaborate with them. According to Katelyn, she “couldn’t resist.”  She said that Becky and Alyssa are two talented, crafty, kind entrepreneurs who fit right in with the city.

Inspiration to Create

Kierstan Craft encourages aspiring artists or those who feel the need to create to just do it! “It’s the best feeling to look at something and know that you can do it,” she said. She loves to read about people from different cultures and be inspired the way she hopes to inspire her audience. 

“Creating is good for the soul and can be an incredibly useful way to express those inner feelings and ideas we sometimes cannot put into words,” Katelyn said. The goal, she added, should always be to enjoy something and have fun with creating.  

The Art Walk also celebrated the return of ‘The Art of Music’ with award winning Singer-Songwriter Larry Murante and the jazzy quartet, Byron Street Swing at the two venues, Verity Credit Union located in the Junction and Soprano’s Antico in Admiral. 

Milestone for Art Walk

This October’s event made history with the most participating businesses and sponsoring partners: over 50 businesses and eight sponsors.  After having to go virtual because of the pandemic, this was a huge come-back for the West Seattle Artwalk.  The amazing turnout proves it isn’t just the Alaska Junction holding walks anymore; the other Junctions, Admiral and Morgan, are joining in, supported by the neighborhood associations.

As a local teenager, attending the Art Walk and being able to meet face to face with the artists was truly an inspiring and thought provoking experience. When talking to both Kierstan and Katelyn I learned a lot about what they do and why they do it. I loved hearing what they had to say and looking at their work. Seeing everyone gather at events like this was very special, especially after the hectic year of the pandemic. This month’s event proved West Seattle’s resilience as well as its creative community and people who support it. 

Hi! I’m Shyla Durante, a 14 year-old journalist born and raised in Seattle, WA. I have been writing ever since I can remember and am very passionate about it. I write to inspire, inform and entertain people. I’m all for self expression and learning new things so being able to attend the West Seattle Art Walk and write a piece on it featuring two amazing artists was an honor.   


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