May Art Walk

Join us, rain or shine, for May’s Art Walk! We can’t promise blue skies but we can promise beautiful, colorful art work as you stroll though our community. The Art Walk this month will be on Thursday, May 12, from 5-8pm (check venues for specific times).

Art will on display at over 30 participating businesses and you can enjoy a wide variety of “Art Walk Specials” at 13 bars, restaurants and cafes (Check out our Facebook post for more info). So grab a Walking Map at any of the participating businesses below to plan your route!


Special This Month! Two businesses are having their once-a-quarter Art Walk Reception! This is a new option for businesses who prefer to put their energies toward one event a quarter, and who may be off the beaten track. But on really great tracks! Please make a special effort to visit Lake Washington Physical Therapy on Alki Point to see their special group show “Sky,” and The Grove West Seattle Inn in the Alaska Junction as they celebrate their 10th anniversary with a community party and the chance to meet artist Kate Blairstone who designed their just-debuted custom wall paper! See Business Spotlight for more details.


Please note: We will be updating the businesses and their artists as the week goes on. Please check back before May 12, Second Thursday evening!

Can’t Join on May 12? Our photography team will be covering some of the receptions and will post photos and a recap in a post Friday, May 13, on our Facebook account. Check out the social accounts of your favorite exhibiting business – they may post photos or video, too!

We also want to remind our Art Lovers that this event is powered by our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants. Thank you for all you do to celebrate our vibrant art scene in West Seattle!

Click here to view the Google map for businesses that are open and exhibiting.

(Post image by Aramis Hamer whose art is on display at Compass Real Estate in May)

Walking Map for May 12 Art Walk!

Featured Q2 Artist! Congratulations to Sonya Rupnick, @sonyaseattle, whose charming, cheeky slice-of-life animal portrait Nice Legs graces the new poster and walking maps. Sonya is represented in West Seattle by Fogue Gallery. See her work in April, May and June, 2022, during business hours and on Second Thursdays. 

Some thoughts from Sonya!

“These paintings are little stories from a world where animals live a cozy, rural life, but one which is also sometimes unexpected and surprising. I try to portray them as living real, interesting lives, which we only see a portion of in each vignette. Each one has its own secret backstory. I want you, the viewer, to make up your own stories about them, and I want you to see yourself or people you know in them.”


Brought to you by the West Seattle Junction Association

Lake Washington Physical Therapy

2141 California Ave SW

Collection of Artists INDOORS+RECEPTION 7pm-8pm

Please note: Artists are not able to attend reception


“‘Sky’ is a collection of seven artist’s interpretation of the sky. Each artist was asked to make an image about the sky, including the night sky, cosmos or atmosphere. The variety is wide, and the imaginations are big. All the artists live in the Seattle area.” – Barbara Fugate, artist and curator



Food & Drink Special! $1 off our famous milkshakes on Art Walk night!


Brought to you by the Admiral Neighborhood Association

West Seattle Grounds

2141 California Ave SW

West Seattle High School Students’ Show INDOORS+RECEPTION 5pm-8pm

West Seattle High School’s student artists are hosting an art show the month of May at Seattle Grounds Coffee house.  Please come and see what they have been creating.  We are so excited to share our artwork with the community.   

Zelda Zonk

2210 California Ave SW

Kylie Mitroff INDOORS SHOW & RECEPTION 5pm-9pm

My name is Kylie Mitroff, I’m a satirical, surreal, exploratory artist / human sharing my visions ~I create detailed surreal illustrations and paintings, often finding inspiration in old quirky phrases or idioms, but not limited to it either.. inspiration is * e v e r y w h e r e* 🙂 I also make wire wrapped crystal and gemstone necklaces!  I hope that my art can inspire others, and bring joy, contemplation, laughter, and conversation ~

Learn more about Kylie’s work at her Instagram , Facebook and website.

Seattle Dive Tours

4217 SW Admiral Way

Preston Graves INDOORS AND RECEPTION 1pm – 8pm

I grew up in Tempe, Arizona and lived there for twenty years. A lot of my knowledge about drawing came from my grandma Betty when I was a kid. Formally, I learned to draw at Mesa Community College before going to school and earning a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I received a MFA from the University of Oregon in Eugene in 2005 and currently live and work in Seattle. I am a volunteer beach naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium and I am a scuba diver. I love exploring the cold emerald waters of the Salish Sea.
My work is informed by the biological curiosities I encounter while searching the intertidal zones and old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. Passages of pattern and growth habits of nudibranchs and lichens become the vocabulary I dwell on in creating these landscapes. I’m interested in the abstract relationships of a system where mark is form and resulting spaces are unfamiliar walks through unexplored terrains.

Learn more about Preston’s work at his Instagram and website.

The Good Society Brewery and Public House (PARTNER)

2701 California Ave SW, Unit A


Claire is a self taught artist who began her creative journey acting and building sets for her local theatre. Claire’s process involves multiple watered down layers of acrylic, charcoal and pastel shavings, and ink. This collection is inspired by water and related themes: depth, chaos, and faith. 

Learn more about Claire’s work at her website.

Molly’s Bottle Shop

3278 California Ave SW Suite C

Nahshon Joshua INDOORS + RECEPTION 2pm – 8pm

A multi-discipline artist, Nahshon Joshua explores figures with themes of Fantasy, Sci-fiction, and Religion. Using these 4 ingredients, Nahshon reconstructs socio-political issues into new stories.

The Kansas City native received a B.F.A. from Kansas State in ’20. There they became a two-time recipient of the Art Department Merit Scholarship. In June ’20, Nahshon moved to Seattle and 9 months later released the debut painting collection: Remember Our Protectors

Learn more about Nahshon’s work at their Instagram and website.



Food and Drink Specials!

Please mention “The Art Walk” and ask your server about the rotating Art Walk Specials!

Inkberry Tattoo

3278B California Avenue SW

Inkberry Tattoo has cancelled their show for this month. Please join them in June!

WEND Jewelry

3278 California Avenue SW

Deanne Belinoff INDOORS+RECEPTION, 12pm-8pm

Show name: Indra’s Net

Legendary artist Deanne Belinoff, 80 this year, has been a professional artist for 60+ years. She is the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts Visual Arts Fellowships and several Artist Trust grants. Her work is held in major public and private collections including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the King County Public Art Collection. WEND is beyond grateful to have several pieces of her work on view and for sale through June 2022. Do not miss this opportunity.

Learn more about Deanne’s work at her Instagram and website.

Tracy Mintz of Green Branch Studio is WEND’s Art Walk pop-up artist. She’ll be sharing her beautiful nature-inspired ceramics and linens with the world. 

Follow WEND space’s art conversation at their Instagram or Facebook page.

Learn more about WEND Jewelry at their jewelry-specific Instagram and website.

Welcome Road Winery

5910 California Ave SW Ste B

Deb McCarroll BUSINESS HOURS ONLY (Permanent collection)

Deb McCarroll’s bold work embodies the Northwest’s regional culture. Patterns are created with Seattle’s ubiquitous falling rain. Paper is integrated into wet paint and then set on fire. Metal leaf is frequently woven into scenes and selectively oxidized with acid to add patinas in glittering greens and browns. Local flora and fauna are painted in startling realism and then pared with raw abstract practices.

Learn more about Deb’s work at her Instagram, Facebook and website.

Deb McCarroll, coordinated by Welcome Road Winery


Brought to you by the West Seattle Junction Association

Doll Parts Collective

4448 California Ave SW

Melissa Misoda INDOORS SHOW AND RECEPTION 5pm- 8pm

Melissa is a local glass artist who creates one of a kind colorful glass vessels out of her Westwood area studio. She has been blowing glass for just over 28 years, as well as teaches glassblowing at Sammamish High School in Bellevue.

Learn more about Melissa’s work on her Instagram, Facebook and Website.

Follow @dollparts on their Instagram.

4130 California Ave SW

Stacey Sterling INDOORS SHOW AND RECEPTION 5pm – 8pm

Salish Sea

Alki Beach resident Stacey Sterling shares her series of underwater landscapes and calming seascapes all featuring the Salish Sea. “I am fortunate to live close enough to the Salish Sea to swim and get instant inspiration. I paint seascapes to sea life. I love translating the colors and images I see from above and below the water. With my paintings I hope to trigger a bigger love of the ocean and help save the beauty and biodiversity of the oceans”- Stacey Sterling

20% of Stacey’s art sales through May 15th benefit the non-profit SR3- Washington’s 1st dedicated marine animal hospital.

Learn more about Stacey’s work at Fogue’s Instagram, Facebook or website.

Enjoy meeting and sharing a glass of Champagne with our Fogue Gallery Artists and discussing their new work.

Learn more about Fogue Gallery work at their Facebook, Instagram , webpage or youtube video. Read more about owner Patti Curtis’ return home to West Seattle and the history of Fogue in our Business Spotlight on Fogue Gallery!

Also, new art from our Fogue Gallery artist members!
Masks and vaccinations required

Featured Artists


4413 42ND AVE S

Lars Gesing INDOORS+RECEPTION 5-10pm

Lars will have crowd-favorites as well as some brand-new, never before shown works on display in his new gallery just a block off of California Ave. Come by for refreshments, get to know Lars and revel in the beauty of Mother Nature!

Learn more about Lars’s work at his Instagram, Facebook and website.

John L. Scott

4445 California Ave SW

Anne Anderson, Sandy Nelson and Elsie Nelson Brown INDOORS SHOW + RECEPTION 5-8pm

May 12, John L. Scott will be hosting three local artists for the West Seattle Art Walk at our office in the West Seattle Junction.  Sandy Nelson, a resident of north Seattle as well as her daughter, Elsie and Anne Anderson of North Bend. 

–  Returning for her third show at the West Seattle Art walk, Sandy works with multiple media including paint, silk-screening, and three dimensional art.  I can’t wait to see what she has for us this week.

Learn more about Sandy’s work on her Facebook page.

– Elsie, wowed Art walk attendees last November with her linoleum prints.  She continues to grow in her artistic skill, experimenting with various media to express her passion.  She is delighted to show several expressions of her growing skill set at the event.

– Anne Anderson is an artist who has transitioned from Silk “Canvas” to Oil Painting and now concentrates her efforts working creating innovative jewelry designs working with natural Gemstones. For the Art Walk Anne will be displaying her current palette of finely crafted Jewelry. Paintings: Since 1991, I have focused my creative energy on luminous, vibrant silk paintings. After 26 years and 1,700 paintings, I decided to completely change mediums. In 2015 I expanded to oil painting and am now predominately applying my energy to this very challenging medium. Oil painting is entirely different than silk painting and the change has been a challenging growth opportunity, invigorating me on all levels. Oils open up the opportunity for an outpouring of detail and personality, something I have missed in the silk painting arena. My current body of paintings features enduring creatures, curious, vulnerable beings that want to be loved and admired by everyone. Jewelry: Creating jewelry with natural, valuable, and unusual gemstones has been a passion for many years. I love to “paint” the empty canvas of a woman’s decollete”.

Learn more about Anne’s work at her Website.



$5.00 House red & white, $1 off on-tap beers, 5pm to close.



$1 off glass of wine on Art Walk night!


4502 California Ave SW

Jordan Kay INDOORS + RECEPTION 6pm – 8pm

Refreshments provided

Jordan Kay is a West Seattle-based award-winning freelance illustrator and designer. Her Instagram handle is @msjordankay. Framed and non-framed prints will be for sale.

Learn more about Jordan’s work at her Instagram and website.

Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Partner)

4505 California Ave SW

T. Frick Art INDOORS + RECEPTION 5pm-8pm

Artist will be debuting a new acrylic paint pour series at the show.


T. Frick is a self-taught artist and female entrepreneur. She is a licensed Landscape Architect with a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Art has always been a key part of T’s life, even as a young child. But it was her training in the architectural field that advanced her drafting, sketching, and painting style. Growing up, T. could be found wandering the backwoods with one of her resident pups or when indoors, she occupied her time with drawing, painting, or other creative hobbies. Her love of nature and the outdoors led to a career in design. When not working, you’ll typically find her creating – colors, shapes, textures, and movement creatively come to mind, manifesting into abstract, typically landscape or floral visions. T. will tell you she dreams in trees. They just seem to end up on the canvas! No painting is ever planned. She begins with freedom of expression and movement, mark-making with no preset destination. After multiple sessions, a painting will eventually begin to reveal itself and navigate towards its intended vision. T. is currently working in oil and cold wax, acrylic, and mixed media in an abstract, expressive style. Her paintings are typically smaller in size with larger works on the horizon. Commissions at any scale are available upon request. Check out T’s website and join her on an artistic journey through her diverse array of artwork! EMAIL:

Learn more about T.Frick’s work at her Instagram and Website.

The Beer Junction

4525 California Ave SW

Babs Fulton INDOORS + RECEPTION 5pm to Close

Babs acrylic paintings display her love of modern/pop art combined with science, Seattle architecture, math, high tech, English slang, all mixed together with a quirky fun outlook on life. 

Learn more about Babs’s work at her Instagram, her Website and Facebook.

Capers Home

4511 California Ave SW

Leon Lowman INDOORS SHOW + RECEPTION 5pm until late

A plethora of artists at Capers in May *featuring Leon Lowman* who will be with us to meet and greet you!  Leon’s rich, saturated abstracts are a treat…you won’t want to miss the color, and nuance of each piece. And don’t miss the artists of the The West Seattle Garden Tour…

Capers is pleased to be hosting the artists from The West Seattle Garden Tour: winning artist Amy Ferron, Lorrie Brogan, Linda McClamrock, Rohini Mathur, and Tracy Wallschlaeger. C.A. Pierce’s work is here till the end of the month; catch her while you can! And finally, we continue to host small bodies of work by Evan Hilsenberg-Riley.  Don’t miss her ferries! 

Wild Roses New & Vintage for Your Home

4529 California Av SW

Linda McClamrock INDOOR SHOW+RECEPTION 6pm-8pm

New works for spring – florals, books, birds and landscapes – all made with paper and Linda’s trademark attention to detail. Her beautiful giclee prints will be available too, including six new designs. 

Learn more about Linda’s work on her Instagram, Facebook and website.



Aramis Hamer INDOORS+RECEPTION 5pm-8pm

I create my works of art using acrylic paints. I made the decision to pursue my art career after leaving my hometown in Chicago and moving to Seattle in 2013. With the support of my family and husband, Andy, I dedicated myself to art . I, now, pride myself on being a full-time, professional artist where I get to spend my days creating the world I want to see.

Learn more about Aramis’s’s work on her Instagram, Facebook and website.

Discovery Shop


Laurel Donkervoet INDOORS+RECEPTION 5pm-7pm

Laurel Donkervoet is a Washington native, born and raised in Puyallup. She moved to Seattle to attend school at Seattle Pacific University seventeen years ago to study apparel design and has been here ever since. She’s lived in West Seattle for the last ten years with her husband and three children where she spends her free time exploring the beautiful world of watercolor painting.

Learn more about Laurel’s work on her Instagram and website.



Priyanka Parmanand INDOORS+RECEPTION 5pm-7pm

Spring Love

Just in time for Spring, this show has bright and vibrant florals. It goes together with the warm vibe of Darby Winery where everything seems cozy and joyful; where people meet and make memories. Where they share moments of laughter and love!

‘Mother’s Day’ cards and bookmarks available too.

Learn more about Priyanka’s work on her Instagram, Facebook and website.



Art Walk Special: $2 off tasting flight during West Seattle Art Walk, 5-8pm. Reference this special when you reserve your tasting table.

T. Frick McNamara INDOORS+RECEPTION 5-8pm

During Art Walk, bin 41 wine has a wine tasting available by reservation! We’ll be sharing a medley of NW wines with you including a new Pinot Noir Blanc! Email us to schedule a tasting appointment. Available times are every half hour from 5-7 pm (note, we are open an hour later for art walk). Tasting fee is $15 per person ($10 on a purchase of $30 or more).

Spring Flowers

Studio News! New floral series mixed media paintings will be debuting at Art Walk. A perfect pairing with a Bin41 Wine for the loved ones in your life.


T. Frick Art – paintings
T. Frick is a self-taught artist and female entrepreneur. She is a licensed Landscape Architect with a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Art has always been a key part of T’s life, even as a young child. But it was her training in the architectural field that advanced her drafting, sketching, and painting style. Growing up, T. could be found wandering the backwoods with one of her resident pups or when indoors, she occupied her time with drawing, painting, or other creative hobbies. Her love of nature and the outdoors led to a career in design. When not working, you’ll typically find her creating — colors, shapes, textures, and movement creatively come to mind, manifesting into abstract, typically landscape, visions. T. will tell you she dreams in trees. No painting is ever planned. She begins with freedom of expression and movement, marking making with no preset destination. Sessions in, a painting will begin to reveal itself and navigate towards its intended vision. T. is currently working in oil and cold wax, acrylic, and mixed media in an abstract, expressive style. Her paintings are typically smaller in size with larger works on the horizon. Commissions at any scale are available upon request. Check out T’s website and join her on an artistic journey through her diverse array of artwork!

Learn more about T. Frick’s work at her Instagram, Facebook and website.




Envisage Peace

Envisage Peace is a body of work by Georgia Barber that is an emotional response to the attack on the Ukraine in February of this year. Included in these works are pieces honoring great Ukrainian Americans Maya Deren – an ode to her fabulous silent 15 minute film ‘At Land’ and an ode to Nudie Cohen – the great  Ukrainian American who created the image of Country Music with his intricate embroidery and legendary tailoring. Georgia believes her purpose as an artist is to override the ugly in the world with beauty, other images include her ‘Molotov Peace Angel’ dropping love bombs, spirit flora protecting the empty homes of those forced from them and a rolling tank firing plumes of flowers. Georgia creates these pieces with painted and mounted washi paper combining and collaging her original lino cut pattern prints. Her patterns stem from her mixed culture of Māori and English blending kōwhaiwhai with William Morris influences. You can see more of Georgia’s work at Anchored Ship in Ballard and Burien Press. 

Learn more about Georgia’s work on her Instagram .



Jake Prendez INDOORS 5pm-7pm. Business hour display only.

Jake Prendez is a renown Chicano artist and scholar. He is the owner and co-director of Nepantla Art Gallery on the border of West Seattle and White Center. Jake creates art with a specific focus on themes relating to Chicana/o culture, activism, social justice, pop culture, and satire. His artistic style ranges from indigenous iconography, social realism, portraiture, to colorful pop art.

Learn more about Jake’s work at his Instagram, Facebook or Website.

Row House

4203 SW Oregon St


Art for the Tender

Emily is a local West Seattle artist that has been featured at multiple Art Walks in the past few years! 

Learn more about Emily’s work at her Instagram account.

The Grove West Seattle Inn

3512 SW Alaska St

10th Anniversary Celebration! Meet the Artist Kate Blairstone & View Custom Wall Paper! INDOORS+RECEPTION 5pm to 7pm

Bubbly & Nibbles! Tour the property! Gather with neighbors!

The Grove, managed by Columbia Hospitality, is a boutique gem with modern amenities, retro flair and nods to West Seattle landmarks and culture, as seen in the guestroom photography. The Grove is taking their property to the next level, commemorating its 10th anniversary with the most fabulous decor update possible: custom-designed wallpaper! The Grove commissioned Kate Blairstone, a talented residential and commercial wall coverings illustrator and designer based in Portland to create a wallpaper just for The Grove.

The Grove’s wallpaper is engaging and uniquely West Seattle: A paddle boarder gliding among a pod of frolicking Orcas; a majestic totem pole, the Alki Statue of Liberty, and the Easy Street sign on a small island populated with native trees; and best of all, an octopus riding a Surrey bike. The vintage appearance of thoroughly modern visuals adds incredible charm and flair to the cozy comfort of every guestroom.


Meet Artist Kate Blairstone at The Grove’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, Thursday, May 12, 5pm to 7pm, as part of the West Seattle Art Walk. Kate will discuss her custom designed wallpaper as part of the event. Learn more about Kate’s work at her website and Instagram.



Food & Drink Special!

10% off during Art Walk until closing.

Click! Design That Fits

4540 California Ave SW

Katie Dean INDOORS + RECEPTION 4pm-8pm

Learn more about Katie’s work at her Instagram.

Windermere West Metro Real Estate, brought to you by brokers Shari Kruse and Sally Hardwick

4526 California Ave SW

Greta Barrier Burco INDOOR SHOW+RECEPTION 5pm-8pm

Compositions in Color

West Seattle artist Greta Barrier Burco will be displaying her magical realist acrylic paintings. The show will feature landscapes, street scenes, and still lifes inspired by her travels and her imagination. Greta has exhibited her work in solo and group shows in Pacific Northwest galleries and juried exhibitions. She is also an educator, and has taught art and science in the public schools.

Learn more about Greta’s work at her website.

Jet City Labs

4546 1/2 California Ave SW (Enter in alley behind The Campbell building, 2nd floor)

Artist Pop Up Event! Betty Zou Art, Chas Redmond, The Clay Cauldron, and Katie Dean Art INDOOR SHOW and RECEPTION 5pm-8pm.

Betty Zou Art: I make art for the home. Using bold, vibrant colors, my painting are modern and often joyful. I paint whimsical landscapes, modern designs on terracotta pots and bold abstracts. Learn more about Betty’s art at her Instagram and website.

Chas Redmond: Molten crayon art on canvas and copper plates. Art produced is both colorful and enjoyably abstract. Learn more about Chas’s art at his Facebook page.

The Clay Cauldron is a small, private pottery studio that will be offering classes for up to 4 students at a time. Open studio time, kiln firings, studio use and private instruction options available. Learn more about the Clay Cauldron at their website.

Katie Dean Art: Katie is a printmaker who creates colorful imagery from hand carved linoleum blocks that originate from hand drawn sketches. Her main subjects are floral, landscape, and most recently, figurative. She prints her multi-layered block pints on a letterpress in Tacoma, WA. Learn more about Katie’s art at her Instagram, Facebook and website.

Learn more about Jet City Labs at their Facebook, Instagram, and website .



Food and Drink Special! $7.00 Art Walk Margarita – Just be sure to mention “The Art Walk Special!”





Please note: Artist is not able to attend.

My artwork combines ink line drawing and oil painting on unprimed wood surfaces. I paint on off-cut wood because each piece possesses its own distinct composition that offers unanticipated challenges in the process of both drawing and painting. Unlike traditional paper, canvas, or digital space, scrap wood has no standard, blank white default setting. The human body has the same experience as wood, it never exists as a neutral, static object without context. Both are always aged and dynamically aging, rich with unique imperfections, random dimensions, and unexpected varieties of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures

See more of Eric’s art on his Instagram and website.



Food and Drink Special! $1 off of a beer on Art Walk night.



Food & Drink Special! $6 AW cocktails, $ 5.50/2 beers (Stella, IPA bottle), $3.50 assorted hard seltzers, $9.95 classic burger ‘n brew, $19.95 large Mimosa pitcher. 


Brought to you by the Morgan Community Association

Canna West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

5435 California Ave SW

Brandi Bryan Designs INDOOR SHOW 5pm-7pm

Artist Statement: The world is full of many forms of expression. Some people use words or music to communicate. Brandi uses her paint brush. Her art speaks to the eye in the same way music reverberates the ears… both communicating from her heart and emotions to your own. An artist that is self-taught, passionate, emotional, and driven for greatness. Miss Bryan uses eloquent, bold strokes reflective of the raw beauty of the world around her. Talented and authentic evoking the history of a life lived full. Each moment captured with the power of an expressive canvas and dramatic smear of color combinations. Her range knows no bounds. To own a work by her would be to have a timeless piece of her soul, as she puts herself completely into each work of art.

Learn more about Brandi’s work at her Instagram and Facebook

About Featured Vendor: Healthy Roots® Hemp provides hemp-derived full-spectrum hemp extract oil products that are made to improve health, help ease aches and discomfort, and enhance day-to-day life. Our team believes in and embodies our mission wholeheartedly. We are seasoned in all avenues, from the cultivation of hemp to formulating recipes with extensive knowledge on all forms of cannabinoids, providing an incomparable product for the market. From your pets to your grandmother and everyone in between, we have something for everyone.

West Seattle Cellars

6026 California Ave SW

We have returned to regular weekly wine tastings on Thursday evenings. At our Art Walk event on Thursday, May 12, we will be pouring a selection of Greek wines from different regions around the country.

Priyanka Parmanand INDOOR SHOW 5:30pm-8pm

Priyanka Parmanand is an artist with Women Painters of Washington Gallery, located in the Columbia Tower. She has over a decade of professional art experience including participating in and curating exhibits, public art projects, murals, and corporate paint events.  She is also the founder of Crimson Canvas Arts, a company that mentors budding artists and is present in more than ten schools on the Eastside. She has recently been featured in the Seattle Times and in PublicDisplay.ART, a One Reel publication showcasing local artists. Of her work, Priyanka says: The complexity and boldness of abstract art has always spoken to me. My work is a blend of expressionism and impressionism. I work with acrylic paints with texture and surface being an important aspect of my work. I work in a simple and spontaneous way with palette knives, moving back and forth loosely across the painting surface. I use vibrant colors that push and pull each other to completion. I paint florals because they reinvigorate Hope, the fundamental belief for human existence. It is an expression of all that is different while unifying this diversity through a common denominator of human feelings.  Plus, they are comforting, healing and bring smiles.

Learn more about Priyanka’s work at her website.

Viscon Cellars


Pam Hemmerling INDOORS + RECEPTION 5pm-9pm

Becoming an artist later in life and without formal training, I have found that the creative journey surprises and brings joy in unexpected ways. I primarily paint figures, portraits, and abstracts using acrylic paint but rarely start on a smooth canvas. To build up layers and texture I use vintage book paper, fabric, and other ephemera. Living in West Seattle for the past 25 years I continue to be inspired by the ordinary beauty found in each day. Through my art, I hope to touch the viewer in a meaningful way, forming a connection by sharing a compelling narrative of vulnerability and strength.

Learn more about Pam’s work at her Instagram and website.

Peel & Press

6503 California Ave SW, #1899

Welcome to our newest Art Walk restaurant! Half-price Appetizers on Art Walk Night!

Mailbox West

6523 California Ave SW

Karen Johnson, Glenda Weibel and Laurel Donkervoet BUSINESS HOURS ONLY 9am-6pm

About the Artists Please note: artists will not be present as exhibit is business hours only.

Karen Johnson

I’m fascinated with exploring the biodiversity of our world. My goal is for my art to serve as a reminder to us all that the world is full of many wonders, and we should share it wisely. My current work is all created on an iPad Pro, mostly just using a finger or two directly on the screen, sometimes using a stylus for detail work. My graphic design background is evident in my art — I thrive on colors, shapes, patterns and textures. Fluid strokes and a sense of movement are the basis for my style. 

Calendars and notecards of my work will be available.

Learn more about Karen’s work at her Instagram , Facebook and website.

Glenda Weibel

Glenda is a watercolor artist who has lived in West Seattle for over 20 years. She loves the immediacy and fluidity of watercolor, but has recently been exploring ways to free watercolor paintings from being framed behind glass. Several of the pieces in this show are done on archival tissue paper and mounted on a canvas and finished with varnish. This technique maintains the freshness of watercolor, yet sets it free from glass. She also enjoys using traditional watercolor paper and some of those are also in the show.

Laurel Donkervoet

Laurel Donkervoet is a Washington native, born and raised in Puyallup. She moved to Seattle to attend school at Seattle Pacific University seventeen years ago to study apparel design and has been here ever since. She’s lived in West Seattle for the last ten years with her husband and three children where she spends her free time exploring the beautiful world of watercolor painting.

Learn more about Laurel’s work at her Instagram and Etsy Store.

Floors Plus Northwest, LLC

6959 California Ave SW

Closed for Art Walk this month. Check back next month!

The Building

4316 SW Othello St

Check back later for Open Studio news!

Learn more about host PRDG Architecture + Design at their Instagram and Facebook pages, and website.


Rain City Clay

4208 SW 100th Street

Rain City Artists’ Show INDOORS SHOW & RECEPTION 5PM-8PM

Studio artist members of Rat City Studios will be displaying some of their works. 

Artists: Meg Barclay, Christian Pearson, Betina Blaine, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Lene Sangster, Sandra Graf, Rose Woodard 

Rain City Clay offers clay classes for all levels, a firing service for local potters, & private artist studios. We are a vibrant creative community passionate about working with clay. Our offerings are aimed at cultivating imagination, bringing people together, and facilitating a space where everyone has a place to foster their creative side in West Seattle, WA.

Learn more about Rain City Clay at their Instagram, Facebook and Website.

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