Business Spotlight: Founding Partner Canna West Seattle + Culture Shop

By Reeve Washburn, Art Walk Coordinator

We are rerunning our Business Spotlight of founding Art Walk partner Canna West Culture Shop to show our ongoing support of this woman-owned and -managed business. Visit Canna’s booth at Summerfest July 15-17, and at Alki Arts Fair, July 23-24. Canna’s brick and mortar stores on California Ave SW are open seven days a week, 8:00am-11:30pm.

Canna West Seattle is built on a simple idea: be a trusted place where the community can come to learn – and leave in a better mood. Founder and CEO Maryam Mirnateghi firmly believes that a positive experience with cannabis starts with a positive experience at purchase. This long-time West Seattle resident is committed to providing that – with high-quality products backed by caring consultation. In Maryam‘s opinion, cannabis is a social product by nature that deserves a strong, supportive community. She and Canna’s staff of “budtenders” are building that community every day with their human approach, and smiles on both sides of the counter.

Neighborhood Industry Expert

Maryam opened Canna in early 2016 after several years of dispensary ownership and navigating the complexity of Washington State retail cannabis licensing. She is a passionate advocate for medical marijuana, and is intimately involved in product sourcing for the dispensary as well as the Culture Shop across the street. Canna has a certified medical consultant and medical program manager on staff, and all the products that patients seek and need. The goal for the entire staff is for visitors to feel comfortable and well taken care of, whether they are new to cannabis or a seasoned “cannasseur.”

In an industry that is becoming more male-dominated, Maryam sees her role as vital to leading the way for other women to shape the role of cannabis in our culture. She forges her path against the imbalance, such as how women-owned cannabis businesses get $1 million in funding relative to men’s $38 million, and works actively to counteract downward pressure from suppliers, competing businesses and investors. She feels “it’s a shame, robbing society of the potential” women have to offer the cannabis industry.

“I learn something new every day.” Founder and CEO Maryam Mirnateghi, Canna West Seattle

We Are All In This Together

Since the cannabis industry is still so new, Maryam and her staff see every day as a fun chance to learn and grow with the business. New industry regulations finally allow research, yielding evolved perspectives and innovative products to share with Canna customers. The team regularly meets with suppliers to vet new products, placing a priority on organic, all-natural and U.S.-grown items, for the health and enjoyment of their customers. With the current public interest around – and proliferation of – CBD products, the Canna team feels it is important for people to be aware of the potential for purchasing an item that will not perform as promised, or would color your experience negatively for future purchases. Canna sees safety as an integral part of the cannabis experience and uses that as a key criteria for selecting which brands to carry. It’s this balance of expertise and inquisitiveness that keeps things fresh for all involved with Canna.

Tight Knit Community

Canna customers have always been a great mix of people, says Maryam, and give a lot of love and support to the business. With the growth of West Seattle, and a large influx of new customers, she sees Canna as a way to bring the new residents into the cultural fabric of West Seattle. There isn’t a lot of cannabis competition within West Seattle proper, but enough for the consumer to make a choice. Loyal repeat customers know the Canna point of difference, and the fact that many have followed Maryam to West Seattle from her previous businesses is a great testament to the caring service and great product line-up.

Art + Cannabis Culture

Canna is a founding partner of the West Seattle Art Walk, based on Maryam’s legacy with Art Walk when she ran Keller Williams in the Junction. Like with cannabis, she sees Art Walk as a way to bring community together. Maryam loves how it’s such a good fit for the Culture Shop which promotes a healthy lifestyle and wellness through authentic CBD and hemp products, art, apparel and lifestyle items.

The Culture Shop is managed by musician and artist Nina Wasankari. With her colleague B.e. Dahlia, a long time local music promoter, together they curate artists and media to communicate the human experience through vitality, joy and passion. Many art lovers are directed across the street from the dispensary by the budtenders, and others walk from the Junction on the Second Thursday to see the unique mix of art and cannabis culture. Nina and Maryam welcome all to visit Canna West Seattle and the Culture Shop to explore all the new ways to enhance their lives, at Art Walk or any time!

Check Out Canna This Summer

Canna will be at the West Seattle Summerfest (all-ages event) on July 15-17, at booth #63, next to Easy Street Records. The following weekend you can find Canna at the Alki Art Fair, July 23-24 right by the main stage. Follow Canna on Facebook and Instagram for more event details, and come say hello!

Canna West Seattle Dispensary is at 5440 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98136. Canna West Culture Shop is directly across the street at 5435 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98136. See website for more details.

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