November Art Walk in Pictures

This post’s banner represents all that is special about the West Seattle Art Walk: Artists, Neighborhood coordinators, Business owners, Art Curators, Art of Music musicians. Your work and commitment to small business and the arts powers our events! And last night’s event, while colder and quieter than last month’s, was a chance to come inside, get cozy, and reconnect. All businesses are getting ready for a vibrant holiday season, and everywhere we went, folks were shopping and chatting happily. The warm glow of the Art Walk businesses was beckoning!

As always, there was art and music from Admiral down through Morgan Junctions, with a record three Art of Music venues. Joshua Dennis entertained an enthusiastic crowd at the popular Beveridge Place Pub. Kristen Marlo at John L. Scott Real Estate West Seattle, a return performer from Muse Fest in February, provided the soundtrack to their art exhibit. Singer Sarah Brunner at West Seattle Grounds recently completed a several months long tour in over 20 states.

Art Walk night is also a time for celebrations. Virago Gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary with special offerings. West Seattle Realty commemorated their grand opening of their new Admiral location with great turnout, spotlighting local legend Desmond Hansen’s office wall mural, his creative legacy of street art in West Seattle and his work with youth. Many more businesses held receptions with refreshments and our food and drink establishments like Otter on the Rocks were buzzing with “Friday Eve” activity.

Our team of volunteer Art Walk photographers did a wonderful job of capturing the ambiance of the evening as well as the art and artists. Thank you, Carole, Meagan, John, Michelle, Jill and Reeve. We couldn’t do this without you! If you weren’t able to come out, we hope you take a moment to check out photos of the receptions below or on social media. Or, better yet, come see the shows yourself. Most of the artwork featured will be up all month long, so do find time to visit these venues.

We want to thank all our generous partners for the support they bring to the West Seattle Art Walk –Northwest Art and Frame, The Good Society Brewery, Verity Credit UnionCanna West Seattle, Quail Park, COMPASS Real Estate, our media partner West Seattle Blog and our printing partner Sky Printing.

Did you take any photos? Tag us on Instagram (wsartwalk) or use our hashtag #westseattleartwalk on your photos. Please like or follow us to stay up to date!

[Featured photo counter clockwise from left top: Yolanda Galery Art at Talarico’s, Audrey Zemke, Morgan Neighborhood Coordinator and Rebecca Woodhouse at The Building, Kassie Hennessey, Curator at Capers, Tracy Cilona, Owner of Virago Gallery, Alyssa Kaliszewski, Co-owner of Doll Parts Collective, Joshua Dennis, musician at Beveridge Place Pub ]

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