April Showers Art Walk

The Art Walk is April 13th from 5-8pm (check venues for specific times).

Come April rain or shine make sure to visit all our wonderful business venues to view our amazing group of artists. As always, make sure to visit our wonderful sponsoring eateries for food and drink as you check out the artwork in our neighborhood.

Art will be on display at 40 participating businesses and you can enjoy a wide variety of “Art Walk Specials” at 15 bars, restaurants and cafes (Check out our Facebook post for more info). So grab a Walking Map at any of the participating businesses below to plan your route!

This post’s hero artwork by Micky. Micky is showing this month at West Seattle Grounds.

Please note: We will be updating the businesses and their artists as the week goes on. Please check back before Second Thursday evening!

Can’t Join on April 13th? Our photography team will be covering some of the receptions and will post photos and a recap in a post on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Check out the social accounts of your favorite exhibiting business – they may post photos or video, too!

We also want to remind our Art Lovers that this event is powered by our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants. Thank you for all you do to celebrate our vibrant art scene in West Seattle!

Click here to view the Google map for businesses that are open and exhibiting.

Walking Map for April 13th Art Walk!

Featured Q2 Artist! Congratulations to our second quarter featured artist Astha Malik. The West Seattle Arts’ Council loved the vibrancy of the colors and the intrigue of the graphics of this image. Astha will be showing her art at Verity Credit Union this April, Jet City Labs in May and John L. Scott Realty in June.

Muse Fest

Also this month there will be a Special Music Festival During the West Seattle Art Walk on April 13!

Make plans now to attend a special event, free of charge: Muse Fest: The Power of Women’s Voices will be part of the next Second Thursday Art Walk on April 13! This musical extravaganza is presented by The Art of Music and local musician Sue Quigley and will feature musicians performing at 10 businesses within the Admiral District, Alaska Junction, and Morgan Junction. 

These free admission performances will run concurrently from 6:00 to 7:45pm, with one 15-minute break midpoint, at some of your favorite participating Art Walk businesses. We have descriptions for each musician in the post below to help you in planning where to visit. Spend all evening at your favorite venue, or try to visit as many as you can! Many of the venues are food and drink establishments offering “Art Walk Specials,” so ask your server for the deal to make your evening complete.

Download the Muse Fest Flyer as a Save the Date, and stay tuned for more details as the event approaches!

View the artist’s location on the map and then scroll below to the venue they are playing at for more info!

West Seattle Musefest Walking Map 2023


Thank you to the following Supporting Sponsors:

Admiral Neighborhood Association

Contact:  info@admiralneighborhood.org

Beth G Homes

Contact: 206-462-4444; info@bethghomes.com

Morgan Community Association

Contact:  mocacnc@gmail.com

Thank you to Our Patron:

Darby Winery


Brought to you by the West Seattle Junction Association

Lily’s Salvadoran Restaurant

2940 SW Avalon Way

Food & drink specials during the Art Walk include $2 off any liquor/beverage or a free empanada dessert with purchase and is available 5-8pm.

Izaya Colson INDOORS SHOW + RECEPTION 5pm – 8pm

Visit Lily’s not just for their wonderful cuisine but to see their large wall mural depicting the city of Guazapa where the owner, Lily, grew up. Below is the description of the art murals:

The inspiration for this painting was to replicate a peaceful, small city in El Salvador, called “GUAZAPA”. Lily, owner of “LILY’S SALVADOREAN RESTAURANT”, was raised in Guazapa before moving to USA in 2004 and then to Seattle in 2007. One of the first and most important things to notice is the woman in the lead. She is wearing a blue and white dress to represent the El Salvador flag. In the center of the painting is the lifeline river “RIO GUAZAPA”. A river like this is where Lily’s family would wash clothes and bathe. The yellow flowers in each corner of the painting are the national flower, called “FLOR DE IZOTE”. Unlike flowers which face up, these face down, almost as if they are relaxing. They vary in color from vibrant yellow to soft off white. One the far right, you will see the national bird El Salvador, called “TOROGOZ”. Lily recalls how the birds would sometimes peck at her window, which she found humorous. She felt a friendly connection the the birds, as if they were very aware of each other’s presence.

Look closely at the mountain in the background, you might see the “sleeping lady”. This mountain view is only visible from some angles. When the civil war started in 1979, the fighting was fierce in Suchitoto on the other side of the mountain. Many people fled Suchitoto for the safety of Guazapa.

The painting took ten full days of hard work to realize, from building the frames, painting and installation. Izaya’s intention is for the viewer to feel as if they are stepping into Lily’s world, to experience where she’s from and the things that made her happy. This captures the place where Lily learned about herself and shaped how she relates to the community, family, food, and her culture.

Learn more about Lily’s Salvadorean Restaurant at their Instagram and Facebook pages.


Brought to you by the Admiral Neighborhood Association

And Arlen Jewelry

4130 California

And Arlen Jewelry will not be participating in the April and May Art Walk. Look for a new show in June!

West Seattle Grounds

2141 California Ave SW

West Seattle Grounds is pleased to host visual artist Micky, as well as Muse Fest musician, Sheryl Wiser.


Muse Fest Musician: Carly Ann Calbero

Genre: Folk Rock

Carly Ann Calbero built her sound on Brandi Carlile, Pike Place Market, and the immersive music scene of the Pacific Northwest. Her powerhouse vocals and dynamic playing led to a spot in a national ad campaign for M&M’s, a final spot in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Street-To-Stage competition, and a headlining spot as the winner of NWMF’s Emerging Artist program. She is currently writing new music and regularly touring the West Coast.

Carly Ann Calbero
Photo Credit: Caedmon Calbero

The Nook

2206 California Ave SW

Small craft cocktail bar specializing in house infusions and light snacks. Banana Bread Old Fashioned for $12!

Zelda Zonk

2210 California Ave SW

Rhonda Porter INDOOR SHOW & RECEPTION 4pm – Closing

Rhonda Porter lives in West Seattle and basically paints anything that makes her smile. She draws from places she and her husband have traveled to their own back yard.  Rhonda attended Gage Academy of Arts, focusing on painting with acrylics. She enjoys painting murals, on black velvet and has even dabbled with mosaics. 

Learn more about Rhonda’s work at her Instagram , Facebook and Website.

Pizzeria 22

Art Exhibit + Art Walk Special! Free Happy Hour size pizza with purchase of any appetizer or pizza.

Linda Kemp Scheiber INDOORS 4pm-9pm

Still Life with Meadow Lark Lemon

Linda Kemp Scheiber is a native NW artist that has been showing her pastel and oil paintings in the Puget Sound region since the 1990’s. A graduate of Seattle’s Burnley School of Art she worked professionally as a graphic designer. She studied with Ron Lukas and Henry Stinson. Her works have been shown in galleries and restaurants her in Seattle and The Gallery of Great Things and Up Country in Hawaii. She is also my mother which makes her the greatest artist in the history of Pizzeria 22 gallery.



Food and Drink Specials! Please mention “The Art Walk” and ask your server about the rotating Art Walk Specials!

Soprano’s is pleased to welcome Muse Fest musicians, SAPPHIRE CITY

Genre: Alt-pop/RnB

SAPPHIRE CITY is producer/multi-instrumentalist Theresa Ambat and singer-songwriter Rosario Araceli. This Seattle-based alternative pop/RnB duo began as two friends writing music remotely during the pandemic and are now set to release their first EP sometime in 2023.  SAPPHIRE CITY has only just made their stage debut but is already making huge waves in the local scene, having performed with artists such as Seiichi and Rocky Sandoval. The two lifelong musicians have found freedom in taking large departures, both sonically and lyrically, from their usual works. As Rosario pushes the boundaries of her songwriting to unapologetically provocative lyricism and Ariana Grande-esque vocal layering, Theresa ventures into larger-than-life pop production, lush with ear-catching instruments and glittering embellishments to house her RnB reminiscent chords. In this process, SAPPHIRE CITY has sharpened their craft with sleek aesthetics while refusing to compromise the vulnerability that drew them to music in the first place.

Otter on the Rocks

4210 SW Admiral Way

Art Walk Special: $2 off specialty cocktails on Art Walk night

Otter on the Rocks is pleased to welcome Muse Fest musician, Megan Krantz Project .

Genre: Folk/Pop/Acoustic

Megan Krantz is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and a Seattle original. She blends a smooth, silky vocal style into her guitar playing and continues to wow audiences with authentic realism. 

Spotify | YouTube

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 10.59.23 AM

West Seattle Realty (PARTNER)

2715 California Ave SW, Suite 105

West Seattle Realty is pleased to host visual artist, Patrick Robinson, as well as Muse Fest musician, Caitlin Patterson.

Patrick Robinson INDOORS SHOW & RECEPTION 5pm-8pm

I’ve been making photographs since I was 12. My heroes such as Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ernst Haas, and Richard Avedon taught me to embrace MY view and wed it with the camera, and the most current technology.  To me in photography it’s all about perspective and light. Just like life. You might find this worth reading: https://patrickrobinson.net/blog/2012/10/why-i-create . I’m the editor of www.westsideseattle.com and I also have a podcast called Patrick Robinson Points of View.

Learn more about Patrick’s work at his Facebook and Website or West Seattle Realty Art Show Instagram.

Muse Fest musician: CAITLIN PATTERSON

Genre: Folk/Soul/Singer-songwriter

Caitlin Patterson is a singer-songwriter based in Seattle Washington. Her music represents different seasons of her life, and the lessons learned throughout. She often draws from nature in her writing, and her music incorporates spiritual themes. Caitlin’s music is folksy, soulful, and acoustic. Her writing is melodic and reflective. She is influenced by artists such as Brandi Carlile and Rachel Price of the soul band “Lake Street Dive”. Caitlin is also a music teacher.

Apple Music | Spotify

The Good Society Brewery and Public House

2701 California Ave SW, Unit A

Ben Calhoun INDOORS SHOW & RECEPTION 5pm-8pm

A Change in Scenery

Throughout the pandemic and into the “now-times” I’ve changed much of my artistic style to incorporate the landscapes and beauty of the Pacific Northwest into my already existing abstract flow. Landscapes that focus on the changing coasts, bodies of water and skies, flowers that bring bright color to our long grey months, and contrasting lines and movement. These pieces are my love letter to sunshine, the birds and the bees, and the things that grow all around us. 

Learn more about Ben’s work on his Instagram and website.

Molly’s Bottle Shop

3278 California Ave SW Suite C

Megan Carroll INDOORS + RECEPTION 5pm – 8pm

Megan Carroll is a Canadian born artist, currently living in West Seattle with her husband and two children. This is her artist statement: I am a mixed media artist who makes expressive, abstract paintings and soft sculpture. My work is a reflection of my relationship to color and form, with a focus on the way they interact with each other to create an emotive visual experience.
My artworks are created through a process of mark making, layering and experimentation. The result is a minimalist palette that combines colors and bold marks to express emotion and moods, such as calmness, peacefulness, urgency, or anger. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Fine Arts through Emily Carr University with a focus on invisible domestic labour and gender roles

Learn more about Megan’s work at her Website.

My Necessitea

3237B California Ave SW

My Necessitea will not be participating in this month’s Art Walk. Check back in May!

WEND Jewelry

3278 California Avenue SW

K. Lobdell INDOORS+RECEPTION, 12pm-8pm

Spring in Color

Spring in Color is a collection of explosive and textured abstract paintings by K Lobdell, a Pacific Northwest artist. She uses a special combination of cold wax and heirloom oil paints to create luscious nature-inspired wallscapes. “King Tide” has dozens of layers of encaustic wax, cold wax, pigments, inks and oil to create depth like you can’t believe until you see it in person. There are rich pockets of emerald green that shine like the reflection in water. No photograph can capture the depth of this unique painting. It is definitely a dramatic work. This piece is on a birch wood cradle panel and wired to hang on your wall with no fuss. 

Learn more about K. Lobdell’s work at her Instagram and Website as well as WEND’s Facebook.

Spiel Chocolate is our appropriately colorful and delicious pop-up. Handmade nature inspired jewelry is always waiting for you here. Visit us in person on Thursday night. Cheers! 

Follow WEND space’s art conversation at their Instagram page.

Learn more about WEND Jewelry at their jewelry-specific Instagram and website.

JETT Landscape Architecture + Design

3445 California Ave SW

Dianne Bellisario INDOORS SHOW & RECEPTION 5pm – 7pm

Born and raised on the east coast Diane Bellisario moved to the PNW at 19 and fell in love with the people and beauty of the area. After spending a majority of her career working in the high-tech industry, she decided to leave in 2019 and explore what the next chapter would be. A chance introduction to marquetry via an online (thanks Covid!) class, she fell in love with the materials and process.  She currently lives and works in West Seattle. 

Learn more about Dianne’s work on her Instagram and Website.

Welcome Road Winery

5910 California Ave SW Ste B

$1 off of glass pours

Deb McCarroll BUSINESS HOURS ONLY (Permanent collection)

Deb McCarroll’s bold work embodies the Northwest’s regional culture. Patterns are created with Seattle’s ubiquitous falling rain. Paper is integrated into wet paint and then set on fire. Metal leaf is frequently woven into scenes and selectively oxidized with acid to add patinas in glittering greens and browns. Local flora and fauna are painted in startling realism and then pared with raw abstract practices.

Learn more about Deb’s work at her Instagram, Facebook and website.

Deb McCarroll, coordinated by Welcome Road Winery


Brought to you by the West Seattle Junction Association


4413 42ND AVE S


Experience Lars Gesing’s award-winning fine art nature photography and bring a piece of the PNW’s beauty into your home or workspace! Come by Lars’s gallery — just a block off of California Ave, on the intersection of 42nd Ave SW and SW Genesee St.

Learn more about Lars’s work at his Instagram, Facebook and website.

John L. Scott

4445 California Ave SW

John L. Scott is pleased to host visual artist, Stephanie Scott, as well as Muse Fest’s musician Sheryl Wiser.

Stephanie Scott INDOORS SHOW & RECEPTION 5pm-8pm

During the art walk, Stephanie will be doing a live painting demo!


Using geometric abstraction and gold leaf, this collection explores bright memories through gradient color and shape. With vivid color and hard edges, the paintings brighten the spaces they exist in while subtly shaping the energy for the positive. Stephanie Scott is an abstract oil painter living and working in Seattle, WA. She received a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in 2012 and has been working as a professional painter since. Stephanie is the host of Brush Work podcast and live streams her painting process on Twitch. 

 Learn about Stephanie’s work at her Instagram and Website.

Muse Fest: Sheryl Wiser

Genre: Americana

Sheryl Wiser has crafted a soulful and uniquely )compelling style of music combining elements of Americana, roots, blues, jazz, folk, and rock. With her signature red Parker Fly guitar, she displays a dynamic range of percussive guitar work, coupled with a voice that embodies soul, depth, and passion. The Seattle Times calls her “a gifted singer and songwriter, who writes emotional, rhythmically stirring songs and delivers them with passion.”

Sheryl Wiser
Photo Credit: Pinehurst Photography



Food and Drink Special! $5.00 House red & white, $1 off on-tap beers, 5pm to close.



Food and Drink Special! $1 off glass of wine on Art Walk night!

4500 California Ave SW (corner of SW Oregon St)


Learn more about Jessica’s work on her Instagram, Facebook and Website.

Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Partner)

4505 California Ave SW

Verity Credit Union is pleased to host visual artist, Astha Malik, this quarter’s feature artist, as well as Muse Fest musician, Jean Mann.


Astha can not be present for the Artwalk but please come in to view her art and listen to the music of Jean Mann.

Astha is a proud woman of color. She creates women portraits in modern-day art form to celebrate women’s strength, beauty, and diversity. She leans on vibrant colors and vivid imagery to capture the essence and facets of women’s identity.

Learn more about Astha’s work on her Instagram.

Muse Fest: Jean Mann

Joining this month’s visual artist will be Jean Mann with her personable musical performance which is akin to sitting around the kitchen table, catching up on the news of the soul.

With eight CD’s in her catalogue, jean has toured regionally and nationally since 2000 and Europe since 2014. A genre-hopping, barefoot contemporary singer-songwriter, she sprinkles her concerts with tenor and acoustic guitars, baritone ukulele and harmonica. All to accompany a warm, texture-laden vocal style. 

Website  | Bandcamp

Genre: Lyric-driven alt-folk with an Americana twist 

jean mann

Quail Park of West Seattle

4515 41st Ave SW

Virginia B and Doug Peak INDOORS SHOW & RECEPTION 4pm-8pm

Driftwood Dreams

Virginia has studied and perfected her driftwood masterpieces over many years. You won’t believe the hidden world she finds in these random pieces of wood. We have a second local artist as well. Doug Peak will be showcasing two of his most recent bronze statues.

Capers Home

4511 California Ave SW

Colleen Monette INDOORS + RECEPTION 5pm-til late

Colleen Monette is fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a working artist. She was lucky to have several very creative careers: working in visual merchandising and owning her own floral studio and antique shop. Those detours were essential to me being who she is today. Colleen is a salvage artist and an encaustic painter. Her style, her aesthetic, is much like a historian or archaeologist, to preserve what she unearths. She loves the ancient; she swoons over beautiful penmanship. Her work explores her love for this antique ephemera, the beauty and the decay, working to merge together elements that are centuries apart to create a new history.

Learn more about Colleen’s work at her Instagram, Facebook and Website.

See more details about Capers at their website.

Wild Roses New & Vintage for Your Home

4529 California Av SW

Denise Currier BUSINESS HOUR DISPLAY ONLY 11am-6:00pm

Mae and Mr. Our Crows

Mae and Mr. “our Crows” and occasionally their babies are around every part of our day. They seem to know exactly where we are in the house at all times, weirdly. When we are outside they quietly sit on their perch we made for them. Mae loves watching our dog Chappie play and likes to engage with us whenever we are outside. She especially loves when I am making or creating something new, weather it is an art project or just working in the yard she is always right next to me with Mr. usually watching from above. I have learned all their clicks and banter and I usually talk to them daily.  I’m sure the neighbors think… I am a crazy crow lady! These crows are my inspiration for this show. ❤️

Making and creating is something I love to do. My next project is going to be called The faces of Nature. Amazing what you can see on a daily walk.  if I let my mind be free… that’s exactly when I start creating. 




Jake Prendez is a Seattle based Chicano artist and the owner/co-director of the Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery on the border of West Seattle and White Center. He also exhibits his art and lectures across the country. Jake’s work is an amalgamation of his life experiences. It is an expression of his Chicano background, his life lived between Los Angeles & Seattle, it represents love & heartbreak, oppression and resilience, laughter and tears. His oil paintings and digital artwork are created with a specific focus on themes relating to Chicanx and Indigenous culture, social justice, pop culture, and satire. 

Learn more about Jake’s work on his Instagram and Website. Jake is the co-director of Nepantla Galleries. To learn more about Nepantla visit their website.  

Discovery Shop


Heidi Randall INDOORS+RECEPTION 5pm-8pm

A Bird in the Hand

My bird collages reflect my appreciation for the natural world; specifically birds. I especially enjoy choosing the wallpapers that best fit their unique color and feather patterns, and fitting them together like puzzle pieces, after drawing their forms on canvas. 

Learn more about Heidi’s work on her Facebook page.

Easy Street Records & Cafe (PARTNER)

4559 California Ave SW

Artist to be announced

Food and Drink Art Walk Special: Happy Hour from 5pm-9pm on Art Walk night! $5.00 Draft & Wells, $7.00 Wine Pours.



Food and Drink Art Walk Special: $6 glass pours 5-8pm, 15% off bottles


Darby Winery Tasting Room welcomes Muse Fest musician, Kim Archer

Genre: Soulful Rock

Kim Archer is a life-long artist who draws, entertains, and holds crowds with her honest, soulful delivery. Whether she’s playing a premier venue with her award-winning band, or an intimate solo show, she never disappoints!  With guitar in hand, she commands the stage whether playing her own original songs or conjuring up a whole new vibe on a diverse set of your favorite covers. 

Kim Archer



Kevin Ducoing INDOOR DISPLAY 5pm-7pm



Vibrant Palette INDOORS SHOW + RECEPTION 4pm-7pm. Business hour display only.

Vibrant Palette Arts Center empowers artists with disabilities and raises the visibility of their work, to build a more inclusive arts community reflecting the talents of Seattle’s diverse population.

Learn more about Vibrant Palettes’s work on their Website.



Food & Drink Special!

10% off during Art Walk until closing.

Windermere West Metro Real Estate, brought to you by brokers Shari Kruse and Sally Hardwick

4526 California Ave SW

Windermere is pleased to host visual artist, Doug Early, as well as Muse Fest’s rock duo, Kim Virant and Kathy Moore.


I hope that my photography can take a person on a journey either by showcasing a foreign city’s highlights that peaks the individual’s curiosity, an unusual landscape that begs the observer to want to know more or through capturing a flower in bloom that brings a wonderful calmness and serenity for the viewer.

Learn more about Doug’s work on his Instagram and Website.

Muse Fest Musicians: Kim Virant and Kathy Moore

Joining Windermere’s visual artist this month with be the Muse Fest’s rock duo Kim Virant and Kathy Moore.

Kim Virant and Kathy Moore combine their unique histories and love of rock for a new project – K Square!

K Square

Jet City

4547 California Avenue

Artist Pop Up Event! INDOOR SHOW and RECEPTION 5pm-9pm.

Join us for the monthly edition of the collaboration between Clay Cauldron & Jet City Labs. A pop-up shop featuring creations from multiple artists in our new creative & event space at 4547 California Ave SW. Wine and snacks are provided by Jet City Laboratory. This event happens during the monthly West Seattle Art Walk (2nd Thursdays of each month). Located in the former Lika Love space. This event replaces the event typically held at Jet City Labs.

Please view our website post on the upcoming show: https://jetcitylabs.com/event/jet-city-cauldron-artist-pop-up-shop-2/

The Clay Cauldron is a small, private pottery studio that will be offering classes for up to 4 students at a time. Open studio time, kiln firings, studio use and private instruction options available. Learn more about the Clay Cauldron at their website.

Learn more about Jet City Labs at their Facebook, Instagram, and website .



Food and Drink Special! $7.00 Art Walk Margarita – Just be sure to mention “The Art Walk Special!”





Her painting styles are abstract, and the portraits are a cross between pop and realism.  The work reflects human connectedness, and inspirational people – positive energy is a strong influence in the work. Her works are part of the collections of several fine art galleries.



Food and Drink Special! $1 off of a beer on Art Walk night.



The Great American Diner & Bar is pleased to host our visual artist, Laura Hoynes’ work, as well as this month’s Muse Fest musician, Cami Voss.

Laura Hoynes ARTIST OPEN STUDIO 5pm-8pm

A Navy veteran, and painting since she was a girl, Spilling Colors artist Laura Hoynes is showcasing all of her bold, vibrant, unique, (mainly acrylic) art styles with tons of colors! With a love of all things galaxy, Laura has a knack for fun, and random art. Inspiration from her surroundings and then meshing ideas together, she is always on the lookout for her next creation!

Spilling Colors Art

Learn more about Laura’s work at her Instagram.

Muse Fest Musician: Cami Voss

Genre: retro country

Cami Voss (aka Cami MacDonald, Thistle Pistol, Rhonda Vous, or Cliff Claxton) is a piano player/singer/songwriter in West Seattle, WA.  From childhood, Cami has enjoyed listening to good ol’ iconic country music artists like Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, Bob Wills, and Patsy Cline. Over the years she has played in rock and blues bands, country and gospel groups, jazz and
swing ensembles, and has a B.A. in Classical piano performance. As the owner of West Side Music Academy, she’s still thriving on sharing her musical experience and style with students of all ages every day.  These days Cami is happily back to her roots, playing lots of old-timey country stuff with The Loose Heels and other musicians about town, and a little bit of harmonious, whimsical pop with Mannequin BBQ. 

Website | Youtube

Cami Voss

Food & Drink Special! $6 AW cocktails, $ 5.50/2 beers (Stella, IPA bottle), $3.50 assorted hard seltzers, $9.95 classic burger ‘n brew, $19.95 large Mimosa pitcher. 

Doll Parts Collective

4832 California Ave SW

Maritza Leon BUSINESS HOUR DISPLAY ONLY 5:30pm-7:30pm

The pieces will be available at Doll Parts Collective all of April.

The Introverted Potter

My art is inspired by color and affirmations. I began my clay journey during one of my saddest periods of life. When everything felt out of control, clay reminded me that it’s okay to let go. These pieces were created with sadness, playfulness, and anxiety. All with the intention of bringing some happiness and joy to life. 

Learn more about Martiza work on her Instagram.

Follow @dollparts on their Instagram.


Brought to you by the Morgan Community Association

Inner Space Designs

6031B California Ave SW

Inner Space Designs will not be open during the ArtWalk. Art work is visible through the Inner Space Design’s windows. Contact Andrea Bushdorf at andrea@innerspace-designs.com to come into the storefront to see the show in person during business hours.

Magadalena Cooney

Nature in Abstract Form

To learn more about Magdalena’s work see her Instagram and Website.

Canna West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

5435 California Ave SW

Brandi Quinn INDOORS SHOW & RECEPTION 5pm-8pm

Canna West Culture Shop and Canna West Seattle are excited to share the work of West Seattle’s own Brandi Quinn for April’s Artwalk. Brandi will be sharing new works and will be in store for Second Thursday to talk and demonstrate her techniques.

Artist’s Statement: My name is Brandi Quinn, born and raised in Florida, I have traveled and lived all over the eastern seaboard before making my move to Seattle in 2019 to further pursue my art career. As a self taught artist, I let my creativity flow and keep my mind and heart open when painting and usually end up with unique abstract creations. Mixed media including acrylic, spray paints, watercolor, pastels and more are mainly what goes into my works. I am passionate about relationships and the female form as well as self care through art therapy. I believe art is healing and has gotten me through many tough times. My goal is to convey passion and feelings of acceptance in a busy mundane world through pouring my heart onto canvas.

Learn more about Brandi’s work at her Instagram.

About Featured Vendor: Healthy Roots® Hemp provides hemp-derived full-spectrum hemp extract oil products that are made to improve health, help ease aches and discomfort, and enhance day-to-day life. Our team believes in and embodies our mission wholeheartedly. We are seasoned in all avenues, from the cultivation of hemp to formulating recipes with extensive knowledge on all forms of cannabinoids, providing an incomparable product for the market. From your pets to your grandmother and everyone in between, we have something for everyone.

West Seattle Cellars

6026 California Ave SW

Mark MacDonald INDOORS + RECEPTION 5:30pm-8pm

At this month’s Art Walk, on Thursday, April 13, we will be pouring wines from the Loire Valley of France at our weekly wine tasting. Come and try the wines while you enjoy the photography of Mark MacDonald!

Artist Statement: For most of my life I have felt a special connection with nature and believe that we all have a symbiotic relationship with the natural world. Photography is my means of expressing the beauty and necessity of nature’s diversity in our daily lives. I attempt to capture this experience through my lens, allowing you the same opportunity. These particular photos embody the amazing variety of species in nature. Due to restricted traveling I have been focusing on photographing primarily in West Seattle.

Learn more about Mark’s work on his Website.

Viscon Cellars


Viscon Cellars will not be showing an artist this month for Art Walk. Please check back next month!

Beveridge Place Pub

6413 California Ave SW

Food and Drink Special! West Seattle’s favorite pub! 37 taps of craft beer & cider, 100+ bottles, great wine & cider! Get $1 off draught pints and wine glass pours during Art Walks!

Beveridge Place Pub is pleased to welcome Muse Fest musician, Sue Quigley

Genre: Edgy alt-folk/singer-songwriter

Raised in the nuclear plains of Eastern Washington, Sue stole her sister’s guitar (abandoned for boys) at 13 and started writing songs about getting out of town and living another life. After graduating from college, fighting forest fires all over the west, and getting some heartbreak in, she settled in Seattle and started doing some open mics. It was finally after seeing mutual friend Brandi Carlile play that she got the guts up to put a band together and make an EP. Then a full-length CD  “Perfect Chaos”. The single “Paper Tiger” from that cd was Runner Up for Song of the Year (Songoftheyear.com). She was one of the Top 15 finalists in Carla DeSantis’ (Rockergrl) “Discoveries” Contest and has played the Viper Room in Hollywood,  showcased twice at SXSW in Austin, TX, and solo-toured the West Coast and Ireland. She has performed locally in her beloved Seattle at the Hard Rock, ConorByrne, Tractor Tavern, Crocodile Cafe, Showbox, and for 6,000 Seattle Storm fans as halftime entertainment.

Sue Quigley

Whisky West

6451 California Ave SW

Food and Drink Special! We are a whisky bar with a full bar including beer and wine with a very extensive food menu.

$2.00 off wine pours and $1.00 off draft during Art Walk.

Zeek’s Pizza

6459 California Ave SW

Food and Drink Special! $3 off any Large pizza, and $1 off beer pints and wine pours during Art Walk night.

Zeek’s Pizza is pleased to host visual artist, Katie Dean, as well as Muse Fest musician, Katrina Hope.


Katie Dean is a printmaker who is known for her vibrant color palette and botanical themes. Her linoleum block prints are influenced by her love of nature and need to explore open spaces. Katie’s most recent work stems from a desire to tell
stories. After getting back into figure drawing, I’ve begun using block printing techniques as a way to illustrate the
complex human form to compliment her current style. 

Learn more about Katie’s work on her Instagram, Facebook and Website.

Muse Fest Musician, Katrina Kope 

Genre: Downtempo Electronic 

With her different projects spanning many genres, from electronica, funk, reggae, trip-hop, R&B, or vocal improvisation; Katrina might tell you that her roots reside deep in jazz and blues. She found her mentors while studying at Cornish and gigging around the town. She’s graced some of the largest stages in the NorthWest, has eight albums under her belt and has garnered massive respect among peers for her voice and approach to improvisation and songwriting. She certainly has no fear of exploring new genres and material but seems to always find a home back with her piano and voice. Even if it’s just for a moment to breathe between her other projects.  Some of Katrina’s performances and compositions can be heard in: Purr Gato, ELYXR, The Blood Moon Orchestra, Good Co, Levels of Movement, Marmalade and of course, as Katrina Kope solo using Ableton, synths, and vocal effects.  Check out her latest single “Above and Beyond” – here on Bandcamp.

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Katrina Kope

Peel & Press

6503 California Ave SW, #1899

Food and Drink Special! Half-price Appetizers on Art Walk Night!

Mailbox West

6523 California Ave SW


Glenda is a watercolor artist who has lived in West Seattle for over 20 years. She loves the immediacy and fluidity of watercolor. She also had dabbled with acrylic and one of those pieces is included in this show. She also has original greeting cards available at the store for purchase. You may contact her by email at: grw4art@yahoo.com.

The Building

4316 SW Othello St

The Building will not be open for this month’s Art Walk. Check back in the future.

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