ArtsWest February Artists

Isolated Narratives begins February 1st – March 7th, 2009 and includes photographer John Armstrong, mixed media artist Jimm Nawrocki and oil painter Michelle Anderst. Wine and cheese reception with the artists on February 12th from 6-7:30pm. Isolated Narratives was curated specifically to complement the concurrent stage production at ArtsWest, Well (Jan 21 – Feb 15) and its exploration of the dynamics of memory, emotions and irony.
After graduating from Southern Oregon School of Fine Art in 2004, Michelle Anderst moved to Seattle to pursue her career in fine art. Her enigmatic paintings represent the everyday urban scene, usually including figures. The bold use of color and broken planes of existence draw you in to explore these evocative memories in oil. John Armstrong is a Seattle photographer with a keen eye for irony and smart juxtapositions. Often photographing in urban areas, his lush hand-printed black and white photographs provide a little levity and laughter this winter.

Jimm Nawrocki received a BFA from the Chicago Art Institute and has since became a long time resident of West Seattle. East coast sensibilities resound in his expressionist works on paper. Utilizing digital technology, a transformation of ideas and feelings are created by manipulating the color, texture and size of various layers. Contemplative additions of collage elements to the surface of his prints include various found objects, wire and newspaper which give a multi dimensional depth to each image, literally and philosophically.

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