Sterling Images November Show

The Peace Duckies have arrived! It’s Thanksgiving at Sterling Images
Gallery (“SIG”). Along with the exquisite art of our current artists,
John Cerminaro, Xavier Lopez, and Ron Sterling, you will find a new
species of animal called the “Indiepilgroturk Ducky.” The Lulu Duckies
of West Seattle stand in solidarity with all those who participated in
that first Thanksgiving event but, especially, their cousins, the
turkeys. “Ducky” Holiday cards and three 2010 Ducky calendars are
available, including “Peace Duckies 2010.”

Mr. Cerminaro is the world famous principal hornist (french horn) of the
Seattle Symphony whose art can be described as “sublime kandinskyesque
miniatures.” Mr. Lopez, who is a “veteran” of over a hundred shows and
many different art forms, will show pieces from his “pop-surrealism”
world. Ron Sterling, SIG’s founder, presents delightfully quirky ducky
images and many other fine photographic prints. Children are welcome.
Eats and drinks will be available.

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