Sterling Images January Featured Artist Ryan Henry Ward

Along with the “regulars” showing at Sterling Images Gallery, we will be
featuring Ryan Henry Ward (, nominated by Seattle
Weekly for the 2009 Seattle Muralist of the Year.
We are honored to be able to represent Ryan and display his art in an
environment which is as fanciful and special as his art. Come on by and
be delighted by it all. Our “regulars” who, well, cannot really be
called “regular” are John. Cerminaro (world famous principal horn for
the Seattle Symphony Orchestra whose art can be described as “sublime
kandinskyesque miniatures”; Xavier Lopez (“veteran” of over a hundred
shows and many different art forms showing pieces from his extraordinary
“pop-surrealism” world, featuring the series “Into the Deep End”); and,
Ron Sterling, showing fine art photographs, many from the pre-digital
world of film. Please feel free to drop in as early as 4 p.m. to the
gallery. We have a new series of greeting and note cards based on the
Chagall ceiling fresco in the older Paris Opera House. Drinks and eats
will be served. Happy New Year (watch out for the disco ball at the

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