West Seattle Wine Cellars May Artist Joshua Gosovich

West Seattle Wine Cellars May Artist, Joshua Gosovich

Joshua Gosovich grew up in California’s Sacramento Valley and became interested in art in his freshman year in high school with his first art class. His artistic interest and skills blossomed when he transfered to a more art-centric high school. He was drawn to illustration and animation, an interest fostered by numerous classes, competitions, and juried shows. He earned and completed a scholarship at the Art Institute of Seattle in the study of computer animation and design, but after working in animation for a few years, decided he enjoyed illustration much more. Joshua currently works at the Seattle Art Museum and paints regularly.

“West Seattle Cellars’ free wine tasting on Art Walk night will feature Wines of Substance, out of Walla Walla, named one of the year’s “Hot Small Brands.” Come and sample their wines as you enjoy the art of Joshua Gosovich.”

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