TILA Real Estate June Artists Machel Spence & Noelle Congdon Music by DJ Darwin

Nature Walk..a look into the Wild side of the NW
Join us for an artist’s reception with dessert and wine bar

Machel Spence has been a resident of West Seattle for 12 years, originally from Florida she is a zoologist and a lover of everything nature has to offer. She has been a beach naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium for 7 years now & an avid photographer. “I am really horrible at following directions or reading manuals so I completely learned how to use my camera just by pushing random buttons and finally figuring it all out (took me many years!)

Noelle Congdon
Although I have a punctuated history of working in two-dimensional media – prints, drawing, scientific illustration …and a tattoo or two – more recently I’ve tended toward Relief Sculpture, cast in concrete and/or bronze that can be enjoyed alone or as architectural elements in pillars and walls, post caps and decorative framing, etc .

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