Arts West Gallery Presents October Zombie Exhibition


From October 5 through November 7 ArtsWest Gallery presents local artists: Kate Vrijmoet, Shaun Doll, Paul D. McKee, and Daniel John Williams in the new gallery exhibition WTF?! Guys & Dolls & Zombies. WTF?! explores the funny side of fear with adrenaline-seeking zombies, freakish fetish dolls, pretty and pink deer heads with lipstick and ne‘er do wells with knives alongside the theater production of Evil Dead: The Musical.

Kate Vrijmoet’s large paintings of zombies skydiving and riding roller coasters speak to the extreme adrenaline high found when watching horror movies. Her artwork is a direct correlation to the flesh eaters found in ArtsWest’s theater production of Evil Dead: The Musical.

Shaun Doll creates fetish dolls from a variety of materials including wood, hand-forged nails, beeswax, graphite, glue, doll parts and chicken bones. Doll draws on the mystery of these protective tools for devilish contemporary issues that seem outside of our control.

Paul D. McKee questions the American Dream. Using the “trophies” of masculinity and hetero-normative households such as taxidermy and chandeliers, his installation in the front gallery at ArtsWest presents deer heads with bedazzled antlers and a controversial color of lipstick amidst decorative décor with a definitive twist. McKee is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts and holds an MFA from Wichita State University.

Daniel John Williams’ portraits are a colorful collaboration between him and his models, who are mainly family and friends. Costumed characters in pirate hats and large bunny suits are delightfully drawn in dark, velvety lines of charcoal with ethereal blends of pastel for a truly unique take on malevolence and beauty.

Calling All Zombies! Indulge in some demon-themed drinks and join these artists in a playful poke at fear during the opening reception onOctober 14th from 6-9pm. This 2nd Thursday ArtWalk will be a fun event with haunting hors d’oeuvres provided by Elliot Bay Brew Pub. ArtsWest plans to give out devilish prizes for the “World’s Best Dead” zombie costume contest including a pair of tickets to Evil Dead: The Musical. Eric Pope , leader of the Seattle Zombie Walk, will be judging the contest and announcing the winners DEAD at 8pm!

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