Keller Williams April Artists Bilonda Mireille Pappas and Janet Cooper

Bilonda Mireille Pappas Artist Bilonda Mireille Pappas is an abstract painter from the Democratic Republic of Congo who presently lives in Seattle. Inspired by just about anything that surrounds her, varying from moods, to her young daughter. Her favorite medium to paint with is oil. Anything from bold bright colors, to soft neutral and black and white colors. She wants her paintings to make people go WOW! She loves to express herself through her art and hopes that each piece of art that she creates can bring some joy, a good feeling, a memory, optimism or even a smile, and then what she has set out to accomplish will have succeeded. Each blank canvas is a new beginning! Janet Cooper Jewelry Artist Janet Cooper knows that every stone has its own meaning and unique expression. Her passion is to turn them into beautiful expressions of jewelry. Janet loves creating jewelry and seeing someone enjoy her creations. She will work with you to create your own special piece from something old or from the gemstones that she finds. She is also happy to provide you with information on the specific healing properties and other information regarding the stones in your jewelry.

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