Art & Music at Windermere Real Estate

Kim Tingley, Realtor at Windermere, is proud to present featured artist Michael Angelo Caci. The ” 5 Buck Band” will be also playing lively music to go along with the Art Walk this month!
Artist Statement:
“A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness, in fact he creates new appearances of things.” – Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 
“For those of us who believe in physics, this separation between past, present and future is only an illusion.” – Albert Einstein

Michael sees the image as a metaphor of passage of movement-through-moments in the larger context of a heroic journey, a vehicle for expressing an obscured relationship to beauty, to persona, to identity and the big question of our ultimate fate (no, really).

Join us the 2nd Thursday of every month for the West Seattle Artwalk. Stop by Windermere, pick up a map, have a snack and a bev, and enjoy a wonderful community event! 

Hope to see you soon!

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