Business Spotlight: Inner Alchemy

By Reeve Washburn, Art Walk Coordinator

A Sanctuary for Spiritual Adventure

When you come through the door, you feel creative energy and a joyful sense of possibility. Inner Alchemy, Treasures and Transformation, located on 35th Ave SW and SW Webster, is a community-based business where you are invited to come and be curious, explore and expand your most authentic self. The space, now in its second year, is an emerging hub for holistic practitioners and those who are interested in trying unique modalities like reiki, sound healing, healing mediumship, or attending regular events of meditation, drumming circles, kundalini and yin yoga. The idea for the space grew out of owner and founder Maari Falsetto’s own need for community, a yearning that has given voice to the creativity of a collective of artists in West Seattle.

inner alchemy 4
Maari Falsetto and Inner Alchemy

Maari, a licensed Spiritual Practitioner (RScP) through the Centers for Spiritual Living in Seattle, has built her business to be a foundation and support for those who work with Inner Alchemy. Known as a Tribe, Inner Alchemy practitioners provide 25 different modalities that bring love, thriving and joy to those they work with. The idea of healing is at the core of their work, in one-on-one or group sessions. As Maari described, we need to balance the time and energy we spend in the virtual world with positive, restorative activities, nurtured by tapping our own inherent power to heal.

“The Art Walk has been a part of the fabric of the Inner Alchemy community from the very beginning.” Maari Falsetto, owner, Inner Alchemy

Art Walk as Inspiration

Maari loves what art brings to the world, and knew she wanted to be part of the West Seattle Art Walk once she started her business. In fact, her grand opening celebration in November of 2017 was planned to be part of Art Walk, as a community party to meet the neighborhood. Each month features a unique theme expressed in the works exhibited – recent themes were “Generosity” and “Identity” – and the spotlight artist or artists hold a conversation about the theme before the party begins. For those curious about what Inner Alchemy has to offer, there are complimentary experiences like essential oil hand massages, demonstrations about intuitive art, or tarot readings. The retail space has a wide variety of inspired art and locally curated gifts, jewelry and self-care products.  

“Creativity is within all of us, when we choose to make the time and space for it.” Maari Falsetto, owner, Inner Alchemy

Meaningful Connections Between Artists and Business Owners

Inner Alchemy’s creative mission is three-pronged: to empower artists to show their work; to inspire artists to create new work; and to help businesses support artists’ efforts while building community. Maari attributes their vibrant Art Walk experiences to be a result of the intentional work shared with her Inner Alchemy Artist Collective partners Tami Bensen and Costinel Anciu to create an environment where emerging and established artists can flourish and West Seattle can gather. Maari’s vision is to create a new Art Walk nexus with the businesses, restaurants and cafes in her neighborhood, guiding their startup process by Inner Alchemy’s learnings.

January Theme: Nourish

For so many of us, January is a time when we want to make change. Often that means a change in diet, but for many it is need to fulfill deeper meaning, like being loved, being seen or being appreciated. Inner Alchemy’s monthly Art Walk theme “Nourish” supports that need for change from spiritual, physical and inspirational perspectives, with experiences as well as exhibited works. Inner Alchemy will host three chefs creating unique pieces of culinary edible art, with fun, delightful plays of color, texture, and flavors. Guests can enjoy gorgeous still life photographic portraits of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as complimentary mini sessions with practitioners of reiki, hypnosis, tarot and aroma-touch hand massage.

Maari invites West Seattle to come visit on January 10th, from 6-9pm, for the sheer joy of this month’s theme and expressions, to meet your neighbors and to get to know the Inner Alchemy Tribe better. She also encourages artists to become part of their artist collective – just email Maari at to learn more.

You can discover more about Inner Alchemy on their Website, Instagram or Facebook pages.

Visit Eventbrite to learn more about the three chefs contributing to January 10th’s Art Walk.

  • Address: 7354 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126
  • Hours: Monday–Thursday 10am-4pm; Friday closed; Saturday 10am-3pm; Sunday closed
  • Sessions with Practitioners are by appointment, 7 days per week (just ring the doorbell!). 
  • Phone: (206) 932-3461

16 thoughts on “Business Spotlight: Inner Alchemy

  1. This is a beautiful place were people can find themselves. I know what this has done for our daughter Tami Bensen who is going on to help other in there lifes. We are so proud of her.
    Mom & Dad


  2. This is wonderful Maari
    Thank you so much for sharing the success of your dream
    Haven’t been over yet but now I am sure to visit this center of spiritual growth


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