Business Spotlight: Northwest Art & Frame

By Reeve Washburn, Art Walk Coordinator

Welcome back, Northwest Art & Frame! We are thrilled to have Dan Reiner and his business return as Partner for the West Seattle Art Walk. While they will not be exhibiting artists, they are always there for the artist in all of us! You can visit during regular business hours. 

When I walked into Northwest Art & Frame, Dan Reiner was at a work table, gluing together a frame. This hands-on business owner – since 1969, when he bought the business from Hi-Yu Arts & Crafts – got his start there as a part-time framer in the mid sixties. Given how much the Junction is changing these days, it was both fascinating and encouraging to learn the history of this iconic West Seattle business and how it is thriving. Dan Reiner is a link to West Seattle’s past and is very engaged in its future.

Yesterday + Today

Northwest Art & Frame has one of the largest original store fronts on California Ave SW, and very enticing window displays – I always think of it as a creative person’s candy shop. The space was formerly occupied by True Value Hardware, and Dan acquired shops to the north and south to house the framing workshop, offices and storerooms. Retail runs in Dan’s blood – it’s what he knows and does well – and his vision is to succeed. Not without some trial and error, of course: he’s been able to build by bringing in what works. Most West Seattle residents are familiar with the extensive greeting card selection, which Dan says is how so many shoppers are introduced to the store. He recalled when he decided to bring in a single rack of $.85 cards back in 1990. They sold immediately, so he doubled his order, and continued to grow cards into today’s signature offering. Dan was sure that the internet would negatively impact his card business, but has been favorably surprised with constant, if not increasing, sales.

“It’s the human connection that people want. They enjoy the experience of looking through hundreds of cards for just the right one.” Dan Reiner, Owner, Northwest Art & Frame

Trends Built on a Solid Foundation

Just as Northwest Art & Frame is on the leading edge of retail trends – where else will you buy your sassy socks, PNW swag or calligraphy guides? – they are also a stalwart provider of high quality goods and services. They cater to serious artists, with 29-year store veteran Art Manager Chris Costan there to help with any questions about supplies. They also have five full-time framers (which tells you a lot about sales volume), including Jen Shwanitz who has worked in the frame shop for 31 years.

All this is inspired by Dan’s vision for staying relevant for our community. He observes that new Junction residents like to stroll in the evenings, before or after taking in a meal or a performance at ArtsWest. He keeps Northwest Art and Frame open from 9:30am to 6pm for passersby or last-minute school project needs.

Silent (but Vibrant) Partner  

Northwest Art & Frame is an Art Walk Partner, but doesn’t exhibit like other businesses throughout West Seattle. According to Dan, they tried to put on a show years ago, but there was too much visual competition with the retail displays. With the support of Partners like Dan and his business, the Art Walk is able to fund ongoing programming, artist education and workshops and community outreach collateral. It’s good for local business and local artists.

Dan thinks Art Walk is “fantastic.” In his opinion, artists need exposure and shouldn’t have to enter into a consignment arrangement with a gallery just to get their work shown. With the monthly debut of new art, service businesses can beautify the walls of their offices, and people can come out to meet new friends or bump into neighbors. Dan say it’s a wonderful way to bring creativity into our lives, while keeping connections with our community strong. Which pretty much sums up Northwest Art & Frame’s contribution to everyone in West Seattle.

You can learn more about Northwest Art & Frame on their Website, Instagram or Facebook pages. You can contact Dan by email at or by phone: 206.937.5507. 

12 thoughts on “Business Spotlight: Northwest Art & Frame

  1. I love this shop. I always leave with something I never intended to buy. Best part of shopping at Northwest Art and Frame is running into old friends, including Dan.


  2. Since the first time I’ve seen that store I knew I had to work there. meeting Dan was an experience, he was a wonderful and strong man. after our interview he hired me right away. it was a great experience working for him. met so many people. we had lots of fun, always glad to see him when I come by. I will never forget Arlene,, Carla and Debbie – those were my favorite girls – that we all worked together, it was really fun. they knew how to order the spectacular items for that store when I was there. it was so nice. I want to thank you Dan for always being happy to see me when I come in your store. always be a fun place to come to see it anytime and thank you for the fun times at that store. Always, Alice Himmelman


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