March Art Walk

Welcome to the West Seattle Art WalkThursday, March 14, 5pm to late (hours vary by location; see below).

Our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants are excited to welcome the community to stop by and join in celebrating our vibrant art scene. See the listing below for all businesses hosting art in March. For restaurant specials, click here.

This post will be updated as we receive more artist details. Check back again. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as those pages get updated more frequently.

(featured image by Mary Maki Rae)

Winter 2019 Walking Map (January 10, February 14, March 14)

Congratulations to Genna Draper, whose painting is featured in our Q1 print materials.

Pick up a hard copy of our printed walking maps at any of our participating Art Walk businesses or click here to view the Google map.

In the Junction:

John L. Scott Real Estate (Art Walk Partner)

4445 California Ave SW

Ross Swartwout, 5-9pm

Artist’s Statement: Ross Swartwout is a Seattle resident with a passion for creativity and art. He is Senior Art Director at Artitudes Design Inc., a local design agency, and pursues his passion for painting whenever he has a chance.

In his latest show of works, entitled Resurface, he explores his passion for nature, in particular the ocean. Additional significance is brought by additional works on display that have been in his personal collection for years, some shown prior others never before. Enjoy!

“We are tied to the ocean.
And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch,
we are going back from whence we came.”
-John F. Kennedy

If you are interested in any of his paintings or would like to request a commissioned work of art, please contact: Ross Swartwout, 206-427-5886

Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Partner)

4505 California Ave SW

Tim McGuire Photography, 5-8pm

Tim brings together his passion and  enthusiasm for the outdoors, fitness, and travel and combines that with his artist’s eye, his personal and professional  know-how and his laid-back personality to collaborate successfully with like minded clients.

As an avid rock climber of over 20 years, Tim still loves to climb (though not as hard as he used to), trail run, hike, camp, mountain bike, ski, sea kayak and travel the world. Tim shoots for fine art prints and paints fine art in acrylics and oil. Tim always makes time to exercise, loves coffee, and wine, and paddling his sea kayak with his wife, Amy, on the Salish Sea which surrounds their home and office in West Seattle.

Learn more about Tim at his Instagram page and website.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 11.42.19 AM
Tim McGuire at Verity Credit Union



4525 California Ave SW

Cathy Woo, 5pm ’til late

Artist Statement:
“It is not sufficient to be passively present in Nature.”
Walking in Nature has always been Cathy Woo’s physical adventure. Painting has become her philosophical adventure. She paints the patterns of Nature. She walks with artist eyes. The combination of the two practices is the way Cathy Woo explores the world in which she lives. When she walks, she absorbs patterns, shapes, spaces, arrangements, values and colors. Walking releases Cathy from her linear, rational mind. It induces a “creativity trance” which provides insights more enlightening than any she could come up with by way of stationary concentration and effort…

Cathy Woo at Capers Home

Wild Rose’s

4529 California Av SW

Group Show: Marilyn VanCleave Ullin and Robert Spears, 5-8pm

Marilyn Van Cleave Ullin Marilyn was raised on a farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley where her interests in nature and the pristine beauty of the Pacific Northwest began. Her affinity for art and art history led her to study at Oregon State University and the University of Washington. Marilyn Settled in West Seattle and through business, traveled the world extensively. This exposure to the beauty of other cultures fueled her creative desires. After graduation she furthered her art studies at Pratt Fine Arts Center of Seattle and was tutored by the late artists Rusty Russell and Art Louie. Their influence can be seen in her use of brilliant colors and heavy textures. Some of her contemporary pieces are “tumble” paintings. She designs these paintings to involve the art connoisseur in the creative process. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, those pieces are painted with the intent of being hung in more than one direction allowing the viewers interpretation to be expressed.

Learn more about Marilyn’s work at her Facebook page or website.

Robert Spears Robert was born and raised in Montana and is a long time Michigan, and now part time Alki Beach resident. He is a retired Communications professional and award winning photographer passionate about capturing images that reveal what the eye cannot see, nor the mind comprehend, unless time is stopped and the image reproduced for further observation. In recent years he has been fortunate to travel extensively and participate in Creative Composition classes with renowned Seattle based photographer Art Wolfe. Some of the principles and techniques learned through these experiences have helped the photographer create spectacular panoramic images, landscapes, sunrises/sunsets, and wildlife photos in locations all across the country.

Learn more about Robert’s work on his Facebook or Flickr pages.


Virago Gallery

4537 California Ave SW

Mia Dungeon, Opening reception, 5-8pm

Midnight Oasis

A self-proclaimed Hermit Crab, Mia Dungeon lives and works out of her 1986 Toyota van. Navigating ever-changing landscapes, her work is a sponge to the constant influx of the vast visual stimuli innate to life on the road. The windshield of this 6’x8’ live/work space on wheels provides a viewing portal that frames her transient experiences that Mia translates into Surreal paintings.

Her most recent series “Midnight Oasis” was inspired by, and created in, Mia’s time spent in the Mojave Desert between Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and the West Coastline of Southern California. This series is infused with desert flora and fauna from the Saguaro Cacti, Date Palms, Golden Poppies, Greater Roadrunners, California Quail, and nights in natural mineral pools under the desert stars.

Exhibit runs March 6-31. Learn more about Mia’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages and her website.

RE/Max Junction

4400 SW Alaska St

Robert Spears Photography, 5-8pm

Robert Spears was born and raised in Montana and is a long time Michigan, and now part time Alki Beach resident. He is a retired Communications professional and award winning photographer passionate about capturing images that reveal what the eye cannot see, nor the mind comprehend, unless time is stopped and the image reproduced for further observation. In recent years he has been fortunate to travel extensively and participate in Creative Composition classes with renowned Seattle based photographer Art Wolfe. Some of the principles and techniques learned through these experiences have helped the photographer create spectacular panoramic images, landscapes, sunrises/sunsets, and wildlife photos in locations all across the country.

Learn more about Robert’s work on his Facebook or Flickr pages.

REMAX Junction presents (2)
Robert Spears at Re/Max Junction


ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery

4711 California Ave SW

Mary Maki Rae, 6-7pm

Sweet Reverie

Artist Statement: My aim as an Artist is to create Art that is beautifully strong and graceful. Art that will inspire and delight with the magic of color and the beauty of the simple joys of life that make all of us the happiest: Flowers in the sunshine, bright-colored fruit & table settings, green landscapes with lush trees and birds, the sea with sailboats in the distance, and flowing figures painted within dream-like settings. Art that is at once simple and meaningful and will last!

At this time I am rather “Flower Obsessed” and I enjoy observing and working from real flowers and plants, brought in from outside and placed around the studio on tables and near my paints and palette. Bright mid-morning daylight is preferred, one that intensifies the vivid colors contained in the bouquets. I never really arrange the flowers in a certain way in a vase, instead I choose each flower individually, and paint them one by one in an original composition on the canvas. I’m also inspired by found objects that possess a bold shape, pattern, or texture.

On a prepared white canvas (ranging from 10”x10” up to 30”x40”) I paint in my subject matter exclusively with acrylic paints for backgrounds and details (sometimes utilizing sponges, stencils, or other artist’s tools.) Often to finish – I add more details of something totally unexpected. I feel that Art is always needed to lighten our lives, now more than ever.

Learn more about Mary’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages, and her website.



Karen Mason Blair, 5-9pm

New Photography Unveiling at 6:30: “All About Alice”

Karen Mason Blair is unveiling a never-before-seen photograph of Layne Staley of Alice In Chains at March Art Walk! She will also be celebrating Jerry Cantrell’s Birthday with a special display.

Karen Mason Blair is unique as a female photographer of the Grunge era, capturing in her work the essence of bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. She had unparalleled access to the biggest names of Seattle’s music scene in the 1990s, and a way with her subjects that made them relax in front of her camera for more authentic images.

As always she will have prints and order goods for sale. Learn more about Karen’s work at her website.
Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 11.38.46 AM
Karen Mason Blair at Easy Street
Karen Mason Blair at Easy Street Records


West Seattle Art Nest

4138 California Ave SW

West Seattle Art Nest Community, 5-8pm

Splatter Art Collaborative

We have stripped the walls of the splatter room and created panels of all shapes and sizes. This work is the culmination of countless artists of all ages over the span of years. Please join us in celebrating the art of our Art Nest community and family!

Learn more about West Seattle Art Nest’s work on their Instagram page.



Windermere Real Estate Hosted by Kim Tingley & Jacey Frangos

4526 California Ave SW

Whitney LaRene, 6-9pm

Kim Tingley and Jacey Frangos, Realtors with Windermere, are pleased to present featured drip paint and mixed media artist, Whitney LaRene.

Drip painting is a technique that involves dripping paint onto a surface from a pallet knife from a distance, letting the paint land where it lands giving the painting a unique texture and boldness.

She compliments this technique with either thick playful strokes of colorful acrylic on canvas or with splashes of watercolor on wood surfaces which she then seals with a glossy finish. Most of her work is inspired by the fluid shapes commonly found in nature and her surroundings.

Whitney LaRene has been active in the art community in Seattle (selling and participating in art walks) since 2013. She participates in one night pop-up art exhibitions where she demos her drip painting in front of an audience and other art venues in the Seattle area. She won RAW’s Artist of the Year award for visual artist for 2014.

See more of Whitney’s work on her Instagram and Facebook pages, or her website.

Click! Design That Fits

4540 California Ave SW

Christopher David Ryan, 5-8pm

CDR makes art constantly, sometimes quite literally covering the walls with the narrative of his hyperactive imagination. His characters embrace, they reach out to one another, and they reflect the small truths of daily life; sometimes with irony but never with sarcasm. A cosmic enthusiast and deep thinker, CDR literally tries to make the world better through art — promoting peace & love in vibrant color and without self-censure.

CDR is a partner at More & Co. He sometimes moonlights as Atmostheory, and he produces spacey soundscapes under the name Symbolized, and also operates Satellites + Telescopes, a weekly podcast featuring DJ mixes of “diverse sounds for inner space explorers”. He makes his home in Freeport, Maine.

Learn more about Christopher’s work on his Instagram page, and his website.

Wallflower Custom Framing

4735 42nd Ave SW

Cariña Booyens, 5-8pm

All That Glisters Isn’t Gold 

Paintings and poetry reflecting on the themes presented in Shakespeare’s play, “All that glisters isn’t gold” by William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, 1596.

Come check out Booyens’ work at our West Seattle Artwalk celebration! These works will be displayed at The Shooting Gallery March 2nd-31st.

Learn more about Cariña’s work on her Instagram page.

Cariña Booyens at Wallflower Custom Framing

In Greater West Seattle:

QSpace Gallery & Studio

3800 California Ave SW Unit B

Michael Jardine, 5-9pm

Canna West Seattle  (Art Walk Partner)

5435 California Ave SW

Skylar Fleming and Axe HAKA, open at 11am and close at 8pm on Art Walk night.

Group Show where beautiful avant sculptures spark imaginative storytelling.

Skylar Fleming: Learn more at her Instagram.

Axe Haka (Art by HAKA) – Learn more at their Instagram and website.:

Viscon Cellars


Amy Stone Art, 5-9pm

Artist Statement: I have been painting and drawing my entire life. I have a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Art Education from Hofstra University, but it wasn’t until my family and I relocated from New York to Seattle that I began to create art daily.

I am drawn to the idea of balance and imperfection and how that translates to the paper or canvas. Without knowing this was my goal, someone recently told me that my work reminds them of the Japanese term Wabi-Sabi. Wabi-sabi represents Japanese aesthetics and a Japanese world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. We are forever growing, changing, learning, transitioning and it is difficult to find a balance of wife, mom, artist, friend, daughter, niece, cousin, aunt, and me. This idea is translated to my work as I strive to create a balance of color, texture, movement, and energy. One can say that an artist’s work is never done, and mine is certainly never perfect, but we should all seek to find beauty in life’s imperfections.

You can explore more of Amy’s art on her Instagram.


Renee Walden – Edward Jones

6017 California Ave SW

Nancy Hom/Sunlan Designs, 5-8pm

Sunlan Designs features work by jewelry artist Nancy Hom The name is inspired by her mom, Sun Lan Hom. Nancy’s mother taught her how to sew and knit at a young age. Late at night, she watched her mom make costume jewelry during off hours to extend the family budget. As an adult, Nancy became a fashion designer and mixed her passion for textiles, nature and metal working into her collection.

Stop by to see the Empowerment Crown at this March West Seattle Art Walk. Created for a Tiara show in Seattle in 2018, the crown has just returned from a month long show at the Emerge Gallery in Greenville, NC.

10% of Sunlan Designs sales from the WS Art walk will go to Mary’s Place to support local women in need.

Learn more about Nancy’s work at her website.

Office of Rebecca Mitsui (Art Walk Partner)

6021B California Ave SW

Heather Brincko, 5-8pm

Artist Statement:

Eyes open and hands ready to pounce on whatever materials are around, Heather Brincko couples experience with an enjoyment of trying things for the very first time (weee!!!) on her journey through the crossroads of art and wellness.

Heather’s main motivation for art-making is wellness.

Working with and past the voices that say it’s not good enough.

Tuning out the world and simply creating. Art-making as meditation.

Encouraging others to join the art-making/wellness journey and conversation is the goal.

To add fuel to that fire, Heather founded ART WILL SAVE YOU with her Aunt and fellow artist, Kim Obbink, to promote the health and wellness benefits of all things art.

Capturing the beauty in life exactly as-it-is, Heather is also a documentary family photographer. Fleeting. Candid. Authentic. Raw. Moments. Ahhhhh I just love to freeze them for all of time.

Learn more about Heather’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages and her website.


Inner Alchemy, Treasures and Transformation

7354 35th Ave SW

Debbie Bianchi, 6-9pm


“Be a seeker of everyday magic!”

Inner Alchemy explores **MAGIC** this month.

We are excited to host Debbie Bianchi, a self taught artist, who was born and raised in West Seattle. Debbie loves to share her perspective of what is beautiful with fellow lovers of art and creativity. Free birds dance across the canvas among fanciful, fairy tale inspired blossoms, trees and landscapes. Freedom of motion speaks to her and Debbie tries to capture this sense of magic and indulgence in her work. These creations grow from acrylic paint, paper, charcoal and pastel.

Enjoy the magic of Inner Alchemy with complimentary mini sessions of polarity, reiki, hypnosis, intuitive art and tarot card readings and great shopping, sips and nibbles.We create a shift in consciousness as we dance in honor of the earth and celebrate our uniqueness. These paintings serve as a visual reminder of our inherent magnificence and our essential connection to the divine feminine within.

Be sure to RSVP on EventBrite.


2 thoughts on “March Art Walk

  1. We had such a lovely evening visiting all the locations with artist exhibits, except for those further south (my spouse comes home after 6 pm). What talent and willingness to share about their art amongst the artists! Thank you West Seattle for supporting this event!!!


    1. Thank you, Ruth! We hope you can make it to the South businesses next month — they have so much to offer, and are wonderful experiences all their own. Maybe start South and work your way North?!


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