Art of Music @ August Art Walk

Happy Swing and Jazz with Sweet Harmonies!

Join us for the very first performance in the Art of Music series next Thursday, August 8, 6pm! Drop by the KeyBank Triangle (adjacent to the all-way crosswalk at the corner of California SW and SW Alaska) and enjoy the jazzy vocal stylings of How Short, featuring Andy Short (guitar/vocals) and Josh Hou (accordian/vocals).

“We like to sing old standards that make us happy, and play arrangements of more recent tunes as well.” Andy & Josh, How Short

Music can evoke passion, emotion, and joy. The Art of Music provides an opportunity for aspiring musicians to combine the appreciation of visual arts with the appreciation of musical expression. This special event, presented by the West Seattle Junction Association, was created to complement Art Walk for the benefit of ALL Art Lovers.

How Short will perform two family-friendly 45-minute sets starting at 6pm and finishing at 7:40pm, with a 5-10 minute break between.

Learn more about the August 8 performance at our Facebook Event.

Mark your calendar for September 12 Art Walk, with the next performance in the Art of Music series!

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