August Art Walk

Welcome to the West Seattle Art WalkThursday, August 8, 5pm to late (hours vary by location; see below). We are excited to announce that Art Walk now extends all the way from Alki to Gatewood – warm welcomes to Locust Cider & Taproom and the artist community of The Building as new exhibiting businesses! And “kanpai!” for Mashiko’s  new deal of $1 off draft beers and small featured sake of the night with your meal, when mentioning “Art Walk Special.” Please plan visits to these enticing venues into your Art Walk wanderings, perhaps with a jet pack, Jump bike or scooter.

The August 8 Art Walk also is the debut of our Art of Music series, with the jazzy tunes and vocal stylings of How Short, starting at 6pm by KeyBank. See our post for more details.

Our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants invite the community to stop by and join in celebrating our vibrant art scene. See the listing below for all businesses hosting art in August. For restaurant specials, click here.

This post will be updated as we receive more artist details. Check back again. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as those pages get updated more frequently.

(featured image by Stuart Judd)

Summer 2019 Walking Map: July 11, August 8, September 12

Q3 Walking Map Front  Walking Map 2019 Q3 (back) v3

Congratulations to Whitney LaRene, whose painting is featured in our Q3 print materials. Her work will be on display – and for sale – at Flying Apron in August, and Hotwire in September, 2019.

Pick up a hard copy of our printed walking maps at any of our participating Art Walk businesses or click here to view the Google map.

New to Art Walk: Gatewood Satellite!

The Building

4316 SW Othello St

Welcome our newest participating Art Walk businesses! “The Building” is an exciting community of tenants that practice a wide variety of the creative arts, from architecture to fiber art, encaustics to lighting design. 

Featured August Artist: Gustavo Penengo, PRDG Architecture + Design

From Gustavo: Join PRDG for our next monthly studio open house in conjunction with the West Seattle Art Walk on Thursday, 8/8. PRDG in partnership with the other artists that call “The Building” home, will open their studios to the public that evening.

You can enjoy architecture, painting, photography, fiber arts, music and much more. We will have nibbles and refreshments available for you to enjoy as you peruse our space as well as the other creative studios in The Building (4316 SW Othello St, Seattle, 98136).

Meet our staff, ask us your most challenging design questions, check out our architectural models, or just come by and hang out. Children are welcomed, too. Plenty of street parking available.

Learn more about PRDG Architecture + Design at their Instagram and Facebook pages, and website.


PRDG Architecture + Design
The Building on SW Othello
The Building on SW Othello
Flora Carlile-Kovacs, Flora Felt Design
Work by Shaun Doll, NW Encaustics

New to Art Walk: Alki Satellite!

Locust Cider & Brewing Co.

2820 Alki Ave SW

Welcome our newest participating Art Walk business! 

Barrett Martin, 5-10pm

Barrett Martin has been studying Soto Zen for almost 25 years. He also holds a master’s degree in ethnology and linguistics, but is perhaps best known as the drummer for the rock bands Screaming Trees and Mad Season, as well as being a Latin Grammy-winning drummer/percussionist, composer, and producer who has performed on over 100 Rock, Blues, Jazz, and World music albums. His work can be heard on albums by REM, Queens Of The Stone Age, Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Walking Papers, Tuatara, Blues legend CeDell Davis, and recording sessions that range from the Peruvian Amazon, to Brazil, Cuba, Jerusalem, and the Alaskan Arctic.

Learn more about Barrett’s work at his Instagram and Facebook pages and website.

Barrett Martin at Locust Cider & Brewing Co.
Locust Cider & Brewing
Locust Cider & Brewing Co.

In the Junction:

John L. Scott Real Estate (Art Walk Partner)

4445 California Ave SW

Karen Dedrickson, 5-9pm

Karen’s fascination for the Outdoors came from her childhood. Hiking with her father and four brothers; camping trips and fishing with hikes through the sage covered red hills of New Mexico, back roads of Japan, Hawaii, Utah, to the mossy forests of the Hoh River. But when she watched her dad compose Nature with his Leica she was shown another way to see.

Her art career began with oil and pastel in her twenties—inspired from her own photography. In her late forties she dedicated herself to a 2 year atelier program at Gage Academy to deepen her skills in landscape painting. Then realized she’d rather paint the life force of nature. Show her reverence and feelings— Sumi-e gave her that way. An Ancient Asian art form; painting black ink on rice paper. It opened her imagination—expressing more with less. Karen doesn’t have to travel far—often she finds her favorite subjects in her own backyard of Bellevue.

Her whimsical birds and landscapes are seen in homes around the Seattle area, from Tacoma to La Conner and as far away as San Francisco to Washington DC. Nature keeps Karen close to the Earth and its life force is a constant reminder of seeing the “world in a grain of sand”.

To find out more about Karen’s work, visit her website.

Karen Dedrickson at John L. Scott
Karen Dedrickson at John L. Scott
Karen Dedrickson at John L. Scott

Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Partner)

4505 California Ave SW

August artist info to come!


4519 California Ave SW #1

Alexandra Penglis, 5-8pm

Originally from the Bay Area, Alexandra Penglis premiered “Landscapes” at her Seattle University BFA Exhibition. This series explores the aesthetic relationships of nature’s seasonal variations through digitally manipulated double exposures. These illusory photographs were created by blending single images, moments of time, forms, and landscapes together to construct beautiful, surreal worlds.

Learn more about Alexandra’s work at her Instagram page and website.

Alexandra Penglis at Rosefit
Alexandra Penglis at Rosefit
penglis at rosefit
Alexandra Penglis at Rosefit



4525 California Ave SW

Steffanie Lorig, 5pm till late

Steffanie Lorig has explored many different aspects of the creative arts; she is as comfortable creating an abstract painting for a Napa Valley winery as she is writing books for children, designing a brand for a national movement, or illustrating a mural for a high-end shopping area. She is an award-winning designer and founded social enterprise, Art with Heart, an organization dedicated to helping children in crisis through the power of creativity. After serving as CEO and creative lead for Art with Heart’s portfolio of healing books and trainings that helped over 155,000 children worldwide, she left the organization in the hands of new leadership in order to concentrate on other creative endeavors. She is the author of 11 books, is a painter, consultant, and workshop facilitator that believes in the power of art to heal.

Learn more about Steffanie’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages and her website.

Steffanie Lorig at CAPERS Home

Wild Rose’s

4529 California Av SW

LeeAnn Sylves, 5-8:30pm

Come enjoy the textural mixed media works of this progressive artist!

LeeAnn Sylves at Wild Rose’s
LeeAnn Sylves at Wild Rose’s

Virago Gallery

4537 California Ave SW

Alicia Brown, 5-9pm

Exhibit Opening! Brown uses traditional painting techniques and iconographic references to examine contemporary issues of cultural identity, race, beauty and social status.

Artist Statement: The idea for the title of the show is borrowed from the essay, The Caribbean: Culture or Mimicry? By Derek Walcott. “What if the man in the New World needs mimicry as design, both as defense and as lure? We take as long as other fellow creatures in the natural world to adapt and then blend into our habitats, whether we possess these environments by forced migration or by instinct.”

The body of works explore the nature of ‘lure’ and the role it plays in adaptation. Exhibit runs through August 31st.

Learn more about Alicia’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages, and website.

Alicia Brown at Virago Gallery
Alicia Brown at Virago Gallery



Check back in the Fall for new exhibits!

RE/Max Junction

4400 SW Alaska St

Chuck Lysen, 5-10pm

Chuck is a long time resident of West Seattle! His artwork embodies the best parts of the Pacific NW. Learn more about Chuck’s work at his website.

Join Broker Tamarra Henley for Art, Tapas, Beer and Wine! Enter to win tickets to a Seahawk’s preseason game vs. the Raiders!

Chuck Lysen at RE/MAX Junction
lysen remax
Chuck Lysen at RE/MAX Junction



Whitney LaRene, 5-9pm

Featured Q3 Artist! Whitney LaRene is a drip painter. Drip painting is a technique that involves dripping paint onto a surface from a pallet knife from a distance, letting the paint land where it lands giving the painting a unique texture and boldness. She compliments this technique with either thick playful strokes of colorful acrylic on canvas or with splashes of watercolor on wood surfaces which she then seals with a glossy finish. Most of her work is inspired by the fluid shapes commonly found in nature and her surroundings. Whitney LaRene has been active in the art community in Seattle (selling and participating in art walks) since 2013. She participates in one night pop-up art exhibitions where she demos her drip painting in front of an audience and other art venues in the Seattle area. She won RAW’s Artist of the Year award for visual artist for 2014.

Learn more about Whitney’s work at her Facebook and Instagram pages and her website.

Whitney LaRene at Flying Apron
Whitney LaRene at Flying Apron
Whitney LaRene at Flying Apron

Northwest Art & Frame

4733 California Ave SW

August artist info to come!

ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery

4711 California Ave SW

August artist info to come!

West Seattle Art Nest

4138 California Ave SW

Community Collage Mural: Finishing Touches and Viewing Party 5-8pm

West Seattle Art Nest, along with the Summer Fest community, created three panels for to beautify the West Seattle Walk Through, and have a small bit of work remaining on the final panel! We will be collaging the Griffey from Lincoln Park. All three panels will be hung in the Junction in September!

Art Nest community mural project at Summer Fest
Art Nest community mural project at Summer Fest
Art Nest community mural project at Summer Fest


West Seattle Smile Co.


Check back in the Fall for new exhibits!

Hotwire Online Coffeehouse


Ken Vensel, 5-8pm

Artist Statement: I am a professional Graphic Artist by trade, but for the past 10 years my passion has been the art of photography. Photography allows me to indulge three of my favorite pastimes; love of the great outdoors, the companionship of fellow enthusiasts, and creatively documenting special places and moments with my camera.

Learn more about Ken’s work at his website.

Ken Vensel at Hotwire Online Coffee

Windermere Real Estate Hosted by Kim Tingley & Jacey Frangos

4526 California Ave SW

August artist info to come!

Click! Design That Fits

4540 California Ave SW

Amber Leaders, 5-8pm

Amber Leaders is a Seattle artist who draws inspiration from Mid Century Modern design. Her work incorporates simple shapes and bold colors often found in the Mid-Century Modern era. She is passionate about color, shapes and creating a joyful feeling of “nostalgia” with a modern twist.

Learn more about Amber’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages and website.

Amber Leaders at Click! Design That Fits
Amber Leaders at Click! Design That Fits
Amber Leaders at Click! Design That Fits

New to Art Walk: The Junction!

Washington Management Co. Real Estate

4544 California Ave SW

Stuart Judd, 5-8pm

Welcome our newest participating Art Walk business!

Please Join us at Washington Management as we share with you one of our masterpieces, Stuart Judd. Washington Management Co. Real Estate residents are 62 and older, residing in HUD Housing. We are excited to share with West Seattle Art Walk the amazingly talented artists within our apartment communities.

About the artist: Stuart Judd calls himself a Romantic Symbolist and uses bright, and wonderfully vibrant colors in all of his pieces. His first and only show was in September 1978. Stuart won his first art award in 1948 when he was 15 years old and at 20 had a one man show in a New York Art Gallery.  Stuart was a world traveler, with many visits to India, there he is known as Jinadeva, which means Divine Conqueror, which was given to him by one of his Teachers, Bhagwan, who explained that it really means Conquer Yourself. For Many Years, Stuart has lived on Capitol Hill as a resident of Washington Management. His paintings have been in a storage and have not been seen by anybody in years. He shared his story and paintings with the site manager, who encouraged him to come out and share his works with West Seattle.


In Greater West Seattle:

Canna West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

5435 California Ave SW

Kimberley Leo, Extended hours on Art Walk night. Closing at 8pm

Canna West Culture Shop hosts a casual artist reception, providing complimentary refreshments. Extended store hours closing at 8pm.

Artist Statement:

I am inspired by natural shapes, crystals, the moon, ebb and flow, and the cycle of life. This work allows me to live in the moment and provides an escape. When I am creating I am one with the moment and when I am not creating, I am dreaming about my future pieces. Crafting my art soothes my soul and makes me feel complete. Creating these pieces is therapy for me. The process of working with resin intrigues me because of the precise need for measurement when mixing the resin and the limited application time involved with each piece. I feel a certain stress because of the minimal work time before the resin begins to set. But this stress leads to a hopeful anticipation and excitement to see how the resin takes shape and flows on its own before settling down and curing. Resin does what it does and that may be why I am so obsessed. Even the most well thought out plans change, as the resin does its resin thing. It is because of this that I love working in this medium. The unpredictability mirrors life but it all works out in the end. I also love the freedom to experiment with color, line, crystal, stone, glass, gold-leaf, glitter, and basically anything I choose to mix into the sticky medium. The final result, a shiny, sparkly, treasure to the eye.

Learn more about Kimberly’s work at her Instagram and website.

Kimberley Leo at Canna West Culture Shop
Kimberley Leo at Canna West Culture Shop
Kimberley Leo at Canna West Culture Shop

Viscon Cellars


Nikki Hobensack, 5-8pm

Nikki Hobensack is a south Seattle based visual artist and freelance fashion designer originally from Southern California.
Color has always evoked a visceral experience for her and she loves to capture that in her work. She is endlessly inspired by nature and the color palettes found not only right outside but also from more exotic regions around the world. Her work blends natural, geometric and design elements taking inspiration from her background in fashion and textile design.
Nikki is a self-taught artist who started exploring with acrylic paints in her basement apartment in Washington, D.C. ten years ago. Since then, she has created her art with acrylics, watercolor, ink and pencil on canvas, paper or wood.

Learn more about Nikki’s work at her Instagram and website.

Art Walk Special! No tasting fee for Art Walk participants.

Nikki Hobensack at Viscon Cellars
Nikki Hobensack at Viscon Cellars
Nikki Hobensack at Viscon Cellars
Nikki Hobensack at Viscon Cellars
Nikki Hobensack at Viscon Cellars

Renee Walden – Edward Jones

6017 California Ave SW

Vanessa Ly-Nguyen, 5-8pm

Artist Statement: Originally a Boston-based artist, I’ve taken some time away from art after moving to Seattle a few years ago to adjust to this new lifestyle. Upon seeing the great outlets artists have in this creative city, I’d love to get involved with this community and promote expression and diversity that are so special to Seattle.

Most of my mediums are ink on paper and stencil / spray painting (especially on skate decks), but my growing interest as of late has been to explore the many surfaces a pen can touch. My subjects revolve around the concept of merging organics and mechanics, a play between how different elements interact with each other. Influenced by my architectural background, I enjoy the detail-oriented techniques of fine linework and composition. With each new art piece, I find my “style” and “content” constantly changing to adapt to the emotions we surround ourselves with; all of which I would love to share with this community!

Learn more about Vanessa’s work at her Instagram page  website.

Vanessa Ly-Nguyen at Renee Walden/Edward Jones
Vanessa Ly-Nguyen at Renee Walden/Edward Jones
Vanessa Ly-Nguyen at Renee Walden/Edward Jones

Office of Rebecca Mitsui (Art Walk Partner)

6021B California Ave SW

Check back this Fall for more exhibits!

Inner Alchemy, Treasures and Transformation

7354 35th Ave SW

Becky MacPherson, 6-9pm

Feathers and Keys: Art Show & Community Party

About Becky MacPherson in her own words:

I have been an artist and an animal lover for as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood, drawing was one of my favorite past times, rivaled only by my love of animals and the outdoors. When I wasn’t drawing I could be found up trees and in oceans, or sitting for hours waiting for a chipmunk to come out of its hole (I was convinced it wanted to be my new best friend). Since art is complementary to most things, I most often combined my two loves into one blissful activity- drawing animals and the natural world.

As an adult, I have continued this combination of animals and art. I combined the art training I received through St. Mary’s College of Maryland and the Mitchell School of Fine Art in Baltimore with the extensive training in animal communication and energy healing I received through Communication with All Life University into an amazing day job.

My vision for my work as an artist and animal communicator is to make a difference for those who may not have a voice. I connect with each animal with the intention of capturing the essence of that animal’s Being- either for painting to raise money for conservation or to help the animal’s person understand them more deeply. I ask each animal to guide me in sharing what it is that makes them unique and wonderful.

My greatest heartfelt desire is for animals (and their people too!) to find in me an understanding and compassionate ally and friend. It is truly a dream come true to bring all of this into my work as a conservation artist and animal communicator.

We will be offering complimentary mini sessions in Akashic Record Channeling, Hypnosis and Reiki, Animal Communication along with sips and nibbles at our monthly Art Walk and Community party!

Learn more about the show at the Facebook Event, and be sure to RSVP on EventBrite.

Becky MacPherson at Inner Alchemy
Becky MacPherson at Inner Alchemy
Becky MacPherson at Inner Alchemy

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