January Art Walk

Art Walk is back on Thursday, January 14, 5pm ’til late! It’s a new year, and more and more businesses are open and showing art, either during business hours or on 2nd Thursday evening. BUT some Art Walk veterans are taking a break in January. Be sure to note below which is which, and come on out on Thursday night!

Continuing for January: Live broadcasts! Our Team will be covering some of the receptions. Join in on our Instagram and Facebook accounts! Check out the social accounts of your favorite exhibiting business – they may be live, too!

We recognized that not everyone is quite ready for full-on Art Walk, either businesses, artists or Art Lovers. So we will continue to take it slow. Let us know what you think and what was the most comfortable for you. We also want to remind our Art Lovers that this event is powered by our participating artists, businesses, and restaurants. Thank you for all you do to celebrate our vibrant art scene in West Seattle!

Click here to view the Google map for businesses that are open and exhibiting.

(Post image by Carolyn Autenrieth, represented in West Seattle by Fogue Gallery)

Winter 2021 Art Walk: January 14, February 11, March 11

Featured Q1 Artist! Congratulations to Linda Foster whose alcohol ink on clayboard “Bursting Through What Divides Us¨ is our featured art for Q1. Her work is on display at the new Fogue Gallery during business hours in January, February, and March.

About the Artist

Linda Foster has waited a long time to make art. A few years ago, she retired from a career she loved, education, and, before that, was a professional writer. She’s always had great support from her husband Jim, whose response to her latest career in art was, “Go for it!” Linda’s two current passions are spending time with grandkids and making art, and the ultimate is when the two are combined. She loves spending time in nature, especially Washington state forest and ocean beaches. Viewers will find these are recurring themes in Linda’s art, which is often abstract or impressionist landscapes. Her primary media are alcohol inks and acrylics, but she also enjoys pottery and hand-building clay. According to our featured artist, “I am nothing but grateful for a life that is so good.”


Brought to you by the Admiral Neighborhood Association

West Seattle Grounds

2141 California Ave SW


Happy Hour at West Seattle Grounds! We will have mulled wine being sold for our ArtWalk event tomorrow from 5PM -8PM. Always Free Hot Cocoas for kids! Don’t forget to wear your mask!

From the Artis: My work is inspired by Japanese woodblock prints and East Asian imagery. I worked in a tattoo shop for a few years and decided that I did not want to continue on that path. I continue my study of Asian art and imagery through the vernacular of watercolor/acrylic painting.

Learn more about Jake’s work at his website and Instagram page.

Zelda Zonk

2210 California Ave SW

Glenda Wiebel BUSINESS-HOURS ONLY, 12-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

Another chance to see 2020 Q4 featured artist Glenda Weibel whose watercolor on archival tissue paper “Almond Blossoms” was on our posters for Q4.

About the Artist

Glenda is a watercolor artist who has lived in West Seattle for over 20 years. She loves the immediacy and fluidity of watercolor, but has recently been exploring ways to free watercolor paintings from being framed behind glass. She achieves this by painting directly onto archival tissue paper and mounting them on a canvas, finished with varnish. This technique maintains the freshness of watercolor, yet sets it free from glass. 

Welcome Road Winery

5910 California Ave SW Ste B

Deb McCarroll BUSINESS HOURS ONLY (Permanent collection)

Deb McCarroll’s bold work embodies the Northwest’s regional culture. Patterns are created with Seattle’s ubiquitous falling rain. Paper is integrated into wet paint and then set on fire. Metal leaf is frequently woven into scenes and selectively oxidized with acid to add patinas in glittering greens and browns. Local flora and fauna are painted in startling realism and then pared with raw abstract practices.

Learn more about Deb’s work at her Instagram, Facebook and website.

Deb McCarroll, coordinated by Welcome Road Winery


Brought to you by the West Seattle Junction Association

Fogue Gallery

4130 California Ave SW

Grand Opening Art Walk Reception! INDOORS 4:30pm to 8pm-ish)

Fogue Gallery features 15 artist members, all over the age of 50, displaying and selling original fine art and jewelry in a 2-story storefront in the Alaska Junction neighborhood. “All of the art in the gallery features local Seattle artists, whether they are emerging, established or reemerging artists. All the work is professionally executed, original and affordable. “Art should be accessible and not intimidating”, says owner Patti Curtis. “It’s about connection and what speaks to the individual, you can’t go wrong with any of our selections.”

Learn more about Fogue Gallery at their website, Facebook and Instagram pages, and read more about owner Patti Curtis’ return home to West Seattle and the history of Fogue in our Business Spotlight on Fogue Gallery!

Featured Artists

West Seattle Art Nest

4138 California Ave SW

Check back later in 2021 for Art Walk details!

John L. Scott West Seattle

4445 California Ave SW

Check back later in 2021 for Art Walk details!

Hotwire Online Coffee

4410 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!

Verity Credit Union (Art Walk Partner)

4505 California Ave SW

Erika Bell INDOORS Business Hours until 6pm

Please note: Artist will not be present.

Erika Bell is a musician, maker, and self-taught visual artist from Seattle, Washington. Nicknamed “eBellz” by her community, Erika’s works stretch across the performing arts – creating and collaborating with some of the best in the biz of hip hop, soul, gospel, and reggae music – to the visual arts of sketch, paint, and handmade jewelry and fashion design.

With love of God and a goal of self-discovery at the center, Erika always seeks the purpose in her work and experiences. It’s with this passion that she operates as a teaching artist in Seattle Public Schools and the Manager of West Seattle’s Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. Channeling this energy through her community work and art, Erika endeavors to amplify the voices of the marginalized, elevate Blackness, and share the healing power of art.

Learn more about Erika’s work at her Instagram, website and online shop.


4517 California Ave SW, unit A

Check back later in 2021 for Art Walk details!


4525 California Ave SW

Reeve Washburn INDOORS + RECEPTION, 5pm to 7pm

E S S E N C E  //  S T R U C T U R E

Artist Statement

I like structure. I’m good with order and great with routines. It grounds me and is calming. When I started painting, it was scary to be loose and free with my technique, even though I wanted to be in that visual space. Structure in my compositions provided stability, or, dare I say it, a measure of control. The more I explore, the more I understand the duality of my expression, and embrace the contrasts. Depths and surfaces. Constraints and freedom. Complementing and opposing. 

Where structure started as guardrails or creative hand-holding, it is now a launch point. Textured backgrounds of patchwork blocks. Canvases divided into tatami mat inspired panels. Overlaid grids and frameworks. I’m more comfortable with making the unknown known. I’m learning that structure can hold us up, versus hold us in.

About the Artist

I’ve been in the business of creating for many years, first as a graphic designer, then as a project and account manager of brand design. Being artistic has always been a given in my life, and being part of the creative process has always been very satisfying. At a career juncture in 2018, I joined the West Seattle Art Walk as a way to engage more deeply in my community. The experience has been transformative in so many ways. I have been inspired by the participating businesses and artists, their stories and their work. I’ve tapped into my own curiosity to paint and stepped past reluctance to go beyond my comfort zone. I’ve gained more confidence in self-expression. It is exciting to share my own vision with others!

Learn more about Reeve’s work at her Instagram, Facebook and website.

Wild Roses

4529 California Av SW

Wild Rose’s is open business hours, always with wonderful art on the walls, but is taking a break for January’s Second Thursday. Stop by when you are next in the Junction during business hours or for the Sunday Farmers Market!

RE/Max Junction

4400 SW Alaska St

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!




Visit Flying Apron to see Kevin’s work live during business hours 9:30am to 3:00pm!

Art of Kev

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I have some new works in this November art walk: Some continuing themes, and a new set I’m currently working on called ‘Mid-Century Folding Lounge.’ Please enjoy these new works, and please visit my facebook page ‘Art of Kev – Kevin Ducoing’ or my Instagram ‘@pleasecallmekev’ 

Learn more about Kev’s work at his Instagram and Facebook pages.

ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery

4711 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!

Bakery Nouveau

4737 California Ave SW


Sheila Lengle is a West Seattle artist whose work you may recognize as it has been chosen for the West Seattle Garden Tour poster art in 2012 and 2018. She finds peace and contentment during these challenging times by cuddling her three kitties (Jake cozies with the artist under his portrait), keeping her yard in rural beauty, and is helping build a carport to replace the one she lost during the snows of 2018. With tongue-in-cheek she describes her graphically whimsical style as being informed by coloring book and paint by number art. Her show is hung on the high walls of Bakery Nouveau.

Learn more about Sheila’s work at her Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also read about the 2018 West Seattle Garden Tour and Sheila’s winning piece at the Art Walk Business Spotlight post.

Snip It’s Haircuts for Kids West Seattle

4506 California Ave SW

Welcome to Snip It’s, our newest participating Art Walk business!

Edimbo Lekea INDOORS + RECEPTION, 5pm-8:30pm


Born of Congolese parents, Edimbo Lekea (born Lucien-Edimbo Lekea) is a “Franco-Congolais” artist painter born in a small town of Creil, France. It wasn’t until the early ages of 5 to 6, that Lucien got to develop his creative skill through various sketches. From there, it would be an on and off relationship. After moving to Kent, WA in 2003, Lucien was exposed to so many different cultures.

Within the African diaspora, there was a saying that Black folks didn’t know there history enough or at all. Being so fascinated with different sound in black music (from reggae, Rumba, Hip Hop, jazz, Old School R&B, zouk and other genre), Lucien decided to take it upon himself to unearth the mystic of Black History, and merge it into the his Paintings. In 2015 that Lucien started The NDI movement (Natty Dread Illustration) for 1 soul purpose, to create a sanctuary were Blacks could find/learn about themselves and also learned about their cousins from across the oceans.

Learn more about Edimbo’s work at his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Windermere Real Estate Hosted by Kim Tingley & Jacey Frangos

4526 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk details!

Click! Design That Fits

Click! is closed until after Art Walk for their annual January break. Be sure to check back later this month for new featured home design, art and jewelry!

Brookdale West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

4611 35th Ave SW

Tribute to Resident and Artist Al Houston VIRTUAL ONLY

Al Houston and his wife Joyce lived in West Seattle for over 60 years, with his last years at Brookdale. Al left us in early December 2020, at the age of 93. He leaves a legacy of beautifully rendered landscape paintings which are gracing the walls at Brookdale, for residents to enjoy. Please pay tribute to Al’s talent and the joy he brings to his neighbors, family and friends.

Click this link to see a video of Al’s final show.


Brought to you by the Morgan Community Association

Canna West Seattle (Art Walk Partner)

5435 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk event details!

Doll Parts Collective

6016 California Ave SW, Suite C


Maayan’s art will be up all month, and for sale on the website. Come by during regular business hours!”

Maayan is a Seattle-based multidisciplinary designer with a flair for color-filled unconventionalism.

Shopping Tip! Maayan’s prints are also for sale on our website!

Learn more about Maayan’s work at her Instagram and website.

We welcome Doll Parts Collective, a member of the Morgan Junction neighborhood, to Art Walk! Learn more about them in the words of their co-proprietors, Alyssa and Becky:

“Doll Parts Collective – where creativity and sustainability collide – specializes in vintage clothing and home decor, with a focus on ethical shopping practices and creative concepts! We are excited to be part of the neighborhood and can’t wait to meet the local community! Not comfortable being around strangers yet? We are offering private personal shopping appointments or curbside pickup of our online items as an alternative. To book, folks should check out our website – wearedollparts.com!”

West Seattle Cellars

6026 California Ave SW

Ellen Zrimsek, INDOORS 5pm-7pm

Please note: Artist will not be present on Art Walk Night.

West Seattle Cellars will have Ellen’s work on display during business hours. Be sure to visit to view her beautiful encaustic works!

Ellen works with encaustic and mixed media. Her works focus primarily on natural subjects inspired by her travels and explorations into wild places. She finds the encaustic process both simple and complex, fascinating and limitless. Working with wax and heat allows mystery to co-create the finished product.

Please contact Jan at West Seattle Cellars for purchase details.

Learn more about Ellen’s work at her Instagram.

Viscon Cellars


Check back later in 2021 Q1 for Art Walk event details!

A note from Ben Viscon: “I am not open for tastings. Based on the Governor’s mandate, wineries cannot be conducting wine tastings in an inside setting. I have been having folks schedule times to pick up wines only.”

Call Ben to place your order and learn about pick up times! (206) 419-0468

Paper Boat Booksellers

6040 California Ave SW

Check back in 2021 for Art Walk event details!

Mailbox West

6523 California Ave SW


NEW! open until 6pm on 2nd Thursday Art Walk!

Another chance to see featured 2020’s Q4 artist Glenda Wiebel, this time in the southend, and with smaller scale images!

About the Artist

Glenda is a watercolor artist who has lived in West Seattle for over 20 years. She loves the immediacy and fluidity of watercolor. The pieces in this show reflect the variability and flexibility of the watercolor medium on traditional cotton paper.


Caffe Ladro

7011 California Ave SW #1954

Check back in 2021 for more Art Walk Details!

The Building

4316 SW Othello St

“The Building” is an exciting collective of tenants that practice a wide variety of the creative arts, from architecture to fiber art, encaustics to lighting design. Thank you to PRDG Architects for hosting each month.

Look for news about February shows!!

GREATER WEST SEATTLE: Gatewood & Arbor Heights

Brace Point Pottery & Gallery with Alki Arts

4208 SW 100th St
<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong><em>Loren and his fellow artists will be back in Q2. Look for updates closer to that time!</em></strong>Loren and his fellow artists will be back in Q2. Look for updates closer to that time!

Learn more about Loren Lukens and Brace Point Pottery at his Instagram and Facebook pages and website. Learn more about Diane Venti and Alki Arts at her website.

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