Business Spotlight: Rebecca Mitsui

By Reeve Washburn, Art Walk Coordinator

A Servant’s Heart

In today’s world, it’s rare to find someone who is genuinely interested in helping others, for the joy it brings to all involved. Rebecca Mitsui, real estate broker and team leader, has forged a wonderful balance between what she gives back to the West Seattle community and the top-notch service she and her team provide to their clients. She’s got an impressive set of stats: living in West Seattle for over 30 years, practicing real estate in West Seattle for 18 years, Five Star Real Estate Agent Award Winner in Seattle Magazine for 3 years running, and a line-up of 9 artists for 2019 Art Walks before the year even began.

What sets the Mitsui Real Estate Group apart is their service. You will notice their URL is, and it’s more than a nod to the First Class airline cabin – Rebecca worked with Alaska Airlines, known for excellent customer service, earlier in her career, so she has first-hand knowledge of what it means to deliver quality service with good value. Her group helps clients with most everything they need to buy or sell their properties – from recommending lenders to general contractors to proven processes to help get the house ready to sell. Talking with Rebecca, you feel the same calm that her clients experience, fueled by her energy and passion.

Special Focus on Seniors

Rebecca has fond memories of visiting her grandmother at her retirement home and seeing how important it is to have a high quality of life in later years. Her grandmother was the star, entertaining the others, bringing light to those lives around her. In 2018, Rebecca put those wonderful feelings into action and joined the West Seattle Senior Center Board as well as the Kenney Foundation board, a locally-owned CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community). Entertainment with a purpose is her driver with the Senior Center: Her group is a sponsor of Rainbow Bingo with MC Sylvia O’Stayformore and her drag queen troupe on jello-shot duty; and they were also a lead in the Senior Center’s Halloween benefit, “Voodoo on the Bayou,” at The Sanctuary in 2018 – join them at the event again in 2019! At the Kenney, Rebecca is part of the three-year capital campaign for their guaranteed care fund, for residents’ peace of mind.

With this special focus on what it means to age, and live well into our later years, Rebecca has become a designated Seniors Real Estate Specialist for the 50+ market, completing classes in what makes the senior market tick, and how Baby Boomers and their predecessors in the Silent Generation communicate. Rebecca commented on how it’s a welcome return to “old fashioned” real estate practices, if that suits her clients! She will meet face-to-face, sign hard-copy documents (vs. e-signatures), and ensure all questions and concerns are addressed with care and empathy.

“We are all going to age, we will all be there. The future can be with seniors as well as (other high priorities like) children.” Rebecca Mitsui, Managing Broker, The Mitsui Real Estate Group

The Need for Art

2018 was also Rebecca’s year for joining the West Seattle Art Walk, going swiftly from participant to partner, given the well-priced partnership fee and marketing exposure that provides great value to her group’s business. She brings the same love of helping people to the artists she represents, many of whom are new to exhibiting, or less experienced with how to effectively market and sell their work. For her and her team, it’s natural to help another “small business” – and they get to enjoy the beautiful art that graces their office walls all month long. She makes a point of getting to know each artist better, being part of their opening night celebration, and helping them grow and create awareness.

February’s artist is Dulcinea Moran, who will be showing new works entitled FLORA from 5-8pm on Valentine’s Day. The team hopes you will come visit to see how the office transforms from working space to gallery space, and enjoy the artist reception.

Plugged into Community

In addition to her face-to-face relationships, Rebecca volunteers bi-weekly real estate insight on Chris Davies’ Street Talk KOMO AM1000 radio talk show, Sundays 9-11am. She’s part of a team of four agents and a loan officer who prepare in advance for a topic, then also take top-of-mind questions from listeners. She invites anyone interested in her special brand of service to come visit, email or follow the team on social media – but tuning in on the radio show works as a great introduction as well!

Public Service Announcement for West Seattle Businesses: Rebecca and team are very interested in infusing Art Walk energy for their stretch of California Avenue SW, closer to the Morgan Street Junction. There are currently three participating Art Walk businesses within a block, but they would love to have restaurants or other service businesses join the Art Walk to give art lovers even more of a reason to come visit the South end of California. Reach out to the Art Walk team to discuss how you can join up!

You can learn more about the Mitsui Real Estate Group on their Website, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook pages. Contact Rebecca by email at or by phone: 206.935.6262.

You can read about the January Business Spotlight: Inner Alchemy on the Art Walk Blog.





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