Business Spotlight: Wild Rose’s Home Furnishings

By Reeve Washburn, Art Walk Coordinator

As with many things in life, you need to give yourself the freedom to walk in and have a good look around before you can really get to know a place. That was the case with my first visit to Wild Rose’s, maybe 10 years ago, drawn in by the cool purses in the window. “They’re made from recycled plastic water bottles!” owner Leighann Davis told me, which sealed the deal for a purchase. I then saw the breadth of the store’s offerings – upscale refinished antique furniture, inventive upcycled home design pieces, and a unique range of jewelry, the majority from local artisans. A clear reflection of a love of beautiful things, and careful curation. Leighann has been sharing her vision for creative living with West Seattle for 20 years, with an open invitation to come explore.

“My store is my voice.” Leighann Davis, Owner, Wild Rose’s Home Furnishings

Discovering the Old and the New

Leighann had always wanted her own business since childhood, and credits experience gained in every job and volunteer opportunity as building blocks for how she runs the store today. In addition to being satisfying – and keeping pace with Junction rents – it continues to be fun, which fuels her. She loves the daily discovery, working with local artists, craftspeople and consigners, and loves sharing that delight with her customers. They are always surprised by the variety in the store.

From the early days, Leighann envisioned the Junction being as it is today — full of energy, and residents who chose this neighborhood because it feels like home. They like to shop local and they “get” the mix of treasures at Wild Rose’s. Just like herself, Leighann sees that shoppers are careful what they choose to have in their homes and lives. They love clean lines, mid-century modern, and not a lot of clutter in their spaces. The pieces need to have meaning, and style. With her front-row seat on daily strolls, the Farmers Market and Summerfest, Leighann has a privileged perspective and is excited to see where West Seattle is going.

Art Walk as a Community Circle

Wild Rose’s has been an exhibiting business in Art Walk since its beginning, at least 16 years. In Leighann’s opinion, Art Walk is one of the best things we have in West Seattle: “It’s like a circle.” It gives local artists, new or regulars, an opportunity to show their art for free. It’s a fun night for art lovers and those in search of Happy Hour. People come in the store, they see the art, maybe even purchase the art. Leighann gets to show off her store in the process and make some new friends. She loves to be a showcase for her artists, especially those who never thought to show their work until she reached out. And it always brings a smile when a piece sells — the artists are always so happy, even the veterans.

Megart at Wild Roses
Megan Simmons at Wild Rose’s in April 2019

The featured artist for Art Walk’s Spring quarter is a perfect example: Megan Simmons, a local West Seattle resident and graphic designer who is relatively new to abstract painting, will be showing at Wild Rose’s in April. Leighann loved the vibrancy in Megan’s work and wanted to exhibit it prominently, knowing it would speak to her customers. Megan’s art will be up for the entire month, but Leighann hopes folks will come by for the opening reception at Art Walk, Thursday, April 11, from 5pm to 8pm! It will be a great night to get to know each other.

You can learn more about Wild Rose’s new, consignment and upcycled home furnishings and lifestyle design on their Instagram and Facebook pages. You can contact Leighann by email at or by phone: 206.935.2780.

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